'Torchlight' Developer Runic Games Losing Its Founders

Runic Games, the developer of the 'Torchlight' series, is losing two of its three founders. In an announcement on the Runic forums, Travis Baldree announced that he and Erich Schaefer would be leaving the company in April. Considering that 'Torchlight' is often considered the true 'Diablo' successor due to its founders pedigree, this news may be of interest to both fans of 'Torchlight' and 'Diablo.'

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Flutterby1488d ago

Such a good game , I gave played the heck out of it that's a shame.

I wonder if the xbone fanboys will somehow connect this to Sony, that may seem silly but if you read some of the theories they gave thrown around you wouldn't put it past them.

zeal0us1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

This has nothing to do with Sony or Xb1, so why even bring them into this?

Hicken1488d ago

Because every time a dev leaves a Sony team, is a sign that Sony is doomed. Will this quell some of that nonsense, if those fanboys see that it's not unique to Sony, and doesn't spell disaster?

zeal0us1488d ago

Okay.... but Runic Games is not a Sony(or even Microsoft) developer. They are own by Perfect World.

Flutterby1488d ago

I see hickey gets it at least he got most of the points I was trying to make.

Hicken1488d ago

The point is that some are using Sony devs leaving to proclaim that Sony is in trouble, when in fact it's just a part of life in the industry.

Developers leave studios. It happens. But every time it's happened- and Sony has more, so it's nit surprising they lose more- it's been a sign of the end. Will those same people see this and perhaps adjust their thinking?

I doubt it. I imagine they'll ignore this story altogether, and continue right being trolls and fanboys.

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Bigpappy1488d ago

Wow. And you started out so good. Then bam! "Xbox fanboys". You do realize you are doing a huge disservice to the news in this article right. You are being very disrespectful to this article. You prefer to fight over PS4 losing developers. I thought you guys would have moved on by now.

3-4-51488d ago

Torchlight is awesome. Torchlight 2 is better, but I played 1 on 360 and 2 on PC, and this game style plays better with a controller.

Otherwise it's too much click click.

Love the art style though.

Flutterby1488d ago

Get over it big pappy and zealous , it was a jab at how stupid the fanboys have become, I don't know your history zealous but I know for one thing bigpappy is a troll himself so I can understand him getting salty about me bringing up the stupidity of trolls, if you aren't a troll I would guess you would agree with me and my point if you didn't misinterpret my first post.

Bigpappy1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Oh, I am the troll for you pulling a fame war from some dark smell hole.

Dude, there is nothing in the article that had anything to do with Xbox or PS. You might want to evaluate yourself any your love of your game console, before attacking others and calling them names.

There is a lot wrong with you from reading your comments. But calling names isn't going to fix any of it.

These guys are great developers. I played through the first on PC and then again on 360. I am not the type to replay games or rematch movies (can not commit the time). This game was just fun to play and I enjoyed it more with the controller. I was hoping for them to bring the sequel to 360, but it did not happen. I might have to go ahead and get the PC version at some point.

zeal0us1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I don't know anything about Bigpappy's history but if scroll up or down how many comments actually tried to link this to Sony? How many Xbox One owners or Microsoft fans on this very topic took the time to take a quick jab at Sony?
I doubt Runic Games will release TL2 on the 360(or even the XB1). Perfect World(Runic Game's Owners) now seem to be focusing on MMO(with cash-shops) and mobile gaming. Currently TL2 is $20 but I've seen TL2 get low as $5 on Steam. So unless you mind shelling out $20 then I would wait for the game go on sale.

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Agent_hitman1488d ago

This is sad, these people are great in making best games like Torchlight 1 and 2. It was the best diablo-like games that I've played this past decade..

zeal0us1488d ago

Torchlight 1 & 2 were indeed some great games. Have you tried Path of Exile? I hear that's nice diablo-like game as well.

zeal0us1488d ago

Will affect the future of Torchlight? I recall back in 2012 the dev team stated they had no plans for a Torchlight mmo and would like to move away from RPG in the futures.

Given Perfect World track record with love for cash shops, I guess they were not going to let that happen.