Dear Ubisoft, I Already Have a Job

Ubisoft really have to stop filling its world with collectibles in a vain attempt to mask the fact that, while certainly pretty, their worlds are often as shallow as a shallow puddle on a hot day.

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mogwaii1452d ago

Lets hope watch dogs rectifies this.

Geekman1452d ago

According to Ubisoft you'll have things to do after you 100% it.

mrpsychoticstalker1452d ago

To the writer of this article:

Put the controller down and take a break.

AC is awesome as it is.

Clown_Syndr0me1452d ago

Ac4 was fine, the collectables were optional. Didn't even need them all to 1k/platinum it..

ShutUpDonny1452d ago

Funny article. Every time I play a game like that (not just Ubisoft games btw), I want to collect everything and get a platinum trophy! Never done it...

-EvoAnubis-1452d ago

I'm just not this type of gamer. I just don't feel the need to collect every single one of whatever the collectible items are in any given game. If something is right there in front of me I'll go for it, but if I have to go even slightly out of my way to get it then it ain't happening.

There are a few exceptions to that if the game is fun enough, but for games like AC4 I really can't be bothered.