How Xbox One May Change Next Year

Although Xbox One has been on the market for only a few months, there are signs that some major changes might be in store for the console. Short-term changes could include some bug fixes, revamped social networking, and possibly even some new features. Long-term changes might result in a complete replacement of the Xbox One user interface. This article describes what changes Xbox One customers might realistically expect and why.

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Goku7811490d ago

Most likely for the better, because it cant get any worse.

thrust1490d ago

Why what is wrong with it now?

I think it is good bar a couple little bugs!

MasterCornholio1490d ago

The price is the only thing that I can think of. A console thats weaker than the PS4 should be cheaper than it in my opinion like how the Wii U is weaker than the Xbox One but its cheaper than it.

SixtyNine1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

There's nothing wrong with it as it is. Microsoft has been improving the system with updates more so than the rival console. Things'll obviously get better.

@Corn - The price of the console is reasonable. The specs within the PS4 and X1 are comparable. The same CPU, and the GPUs are based on the AMD 7xxx series. The PS4 GPU is better but it's not a significant difference.

p0tat0stix1490d ago

I'm assuming the commentators above me didn't read the article before jumping right into the typical banter.

Anyway, well thought out article. I would be interested to see Microsoft comment on that one.

GHOSTxx4201490d ago

I don't see any thing wrong with it. It never gives me any kind of problems

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MelvinTheGreat1490d ago

Talk shit om xb1 and no bats an eye, talk shit on ps4 and everyone loses their mind.
Gotta love n4g

Angeljuice1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Same response in every article, don't you all get bored of your own whining?
This site is full of MS crybabies!

The article simply points out that Microsoft may want a unified experience across PC, Mobile and Xbox platforms allowing the use of the same apps etc.

How is that a negative?

Yet again, Xbots go into full defense mode without reading first (no offense to the Xbox One fans who behave rationally, just those knee-jerk fools who read a title and complain.

NeoTribe1490d ago

Theres a higher ps fanbase than xbox fanbase so its no surprise you run into the situation of being a minority often. Its not only n4g. Reddit is ps dominated aswell. Most gaming sites for that matter.

MelvinTheGreat1490d ago


If you look at my comment history you'll see that im not a fanboy at all. I just think the double standard on this site are riduculous. People like goku781 are the plague of the industry.

Baccra171490d ago

Sony's the red-headed-step-child of gaming that was ragged on and hated everyday of last-gen. About time MS experiences 1% of that.

Kribwalker1490d ago

The force is strong on PSN4G for the PSBORE. Talk negatively about it, you won't

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Baccra171490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Sony is the red-headed-step-child of gaming that gets hated on every single god damn day. Last generation especially all anyone did was hate on Sony like there is no tomorrow. It's about time, and no surprise, that MS gets to feel 1% of that now.

SteamPowered1490d ago

So if you were beaten as a child are you going to beat your kids? Make sure they feel the 1% of pain you had to experience? Or are you gonna let your kids live their life?

ZombieDust1490d ago

What delusional fantasy land are you living in.

Either that or you have some intimate feelings for Sony.

No_Limit1490d ago

It will have more users and more games for it and a lower price. Duh!!!

You are starting your day early today, Maria, I see.

ABizzel11490d ago

The only real change they need is a price change. Everything else just needs modest improvements (marketing, brand image, etc...). It's not the most powerful, so the pricing should reflect that. Then all they have to do is focus on it's strengths, which are multimedia & online gaming, and build up exclusives.

I don't see the XBO being as successful as the 360, but it should still be a success, it's just going to be a longer road getting there with the higher priced consoles like Sony had initially with the PS3.

thrust1490d ago

Well it is selling faster and more then the 360 upto now, it's not doing bad.

MasterCornholio1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Compared to the PS4 it is.

Remember Microsoft cares about how the competition is doing. Sony and Microsoft cared about the Wii's performance which is why they developed Move and Kinect to compete with it.

ABizzel11490d ago

Stop using this excuse, the only reason it is "selling faster than 360" is because it had a better launch than 360. Starting it's first full year on the market the 360 sold faster than the XBO, the XBO just had the 2.1 million launch to boost it's number.

Bundi1490d ago

The Xbox one is already tracking ahead of the Xbox 360, so I can't see how you came to that conclusion that it will be less successful.
With more and more independent studios making Xbox One games and Microsoft open in new Xbox Studios, I can see the Xbox one possibly improving upon the 360 legacy, at least where games are concerned.

ZombieDust1490d ago

Currently the X1 is cheaper than the ps4 at most places. $450 with a free game works out to $10 cheaper.

GeraltofRivia1490d ago

Maybe we will be able to play games at 4k........ o wait never mind.

bababrooks1490d ago

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I bet it's hitting 1080p at 60fps though! :) to INFINITY and beyond dude......XII says hi.

NarcolepZZZZZZ1490d ago

"For instance, I would like to see live tiles or status icons that indicate controller battery status and hard disk space remaining."

I can check both of these things already?

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