How Oculus' Facebook Deal Will Kill Virtual Reality in Gaming

The news about virtual reality company Oculus, makers of the Oculus Rift, being bought up by Facebook for a whopping $2 billion yesterday has garnered some very important reactions across the video game industry. In a recent Polygon article, many developers seemed to be excited, but skeptical. That seems to be the solid general consensus across the board, but there is more to it than that.

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Hatsune-Miku1453d ago

Oculus isn't needed since morpheus will be the future of VR in gaming.

DoomeDx1453d ago

But isnt the Sony headset for PS4 only?

Majin-vegeta1452d ago

For now yes but it could come to other platforms.

Geekman1452d ago

@Majin Vegeta. The Playstation Brand symbol is ON the headset. How on EARTH would it come to other platforms?

What you doing, Geek?

Playing Sonys virtual reality headset on the Xbox One!

Good for you, Geekman. Good for.... wait a second.

Battlefieldlover1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@Geekman. My PS4 controller works with my PC games.... I think PS's Brand name is on it. Hang on... Yup, Sure is.

Dante811452d ago

The Logitech Driving Force GT has Gran Turismo and Playstation symbols yet it works perfectly with the PC.

AusRogo1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@geekman my playstation wireless headset has *the ps symbol on it.. but i can use it on computer.

MasterCornholio1452d ago


Wow your not very smart if you believe that a simple symbol will prevent playstation devices from working with other platforms.

andrewsqual1452d ago

@MasterCornholio He, like so many other people our there, think that if that is the way Microsoft does it, then everybody else does it the same way or worse. Never better in every single way.

levian1452d ago

It would be foolish for them not to make it compatible with PC at the VERY least

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marloc_x1452d ago

Perhaps sell Morpheus to Facebook to help with the restructure initiative?

BOLO1452d ago

Why would Facebook buy their VR if they already have Oculus? C'mon.

ArbitorChief1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Keep thinking that, I want to experience true VR and being able to mod and experience community made creations and Morpheus cannot do that due to the PS4 hardware limitations and it being a closed platform.

TheTowelBoy1452d ago

The question I have is will it stay an open platform because of this acquisition. I just want to know what FB really intends by doing this. I understand R&D but I WANT to know more about the rebranding.

MasterCornholio1452d ago

If you dont like Morpheus just buy access to Microsoft's VR beta. But since the Xbox One is even more limited your going to run into more issues on that platform.

Dante811452d ago

You think Sony won't capitalize on this? They can take advantage of this blunder and own the console/PC VR market, while FBOculus and MS are twiddling their thumbs.

Bodge1452d ago

Heh, hilarious joke man.

miyamoto1452d ago

Q: Who owns Facebook?
A: Microsoft

Microsoft is behind Oculus Rift acquisition to fight Sony!

Status: Corporate Investor
Founded: 1975
Location: Seattle, WA

Facebook stake: 1.6%
Value: $1.36 billion
Beaten in search by Google, and wary of Google's acquisitions in web video (YouTube) and banner advertising (Doubleclick) , Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (pictured) was willing to do whatever necessary to get in bed with Facebook, and seal the Seattle software goliath's foray into Web 2.0. Though interested in acquiring Facebook outright, an idea Zuckerberg nixed, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) opted for a complicated arrangement that included an advertising partnership and a small stake in the social network. Microsoft invested $240 million in the Fall of 2007 at what appeared to be a nosebleed $15 billion valuation, which garnered Ballmer a 1.6% position. Eager that the investment not appear inflated, Microsoft welcomed the participation of Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing in the Series D round. Terms also precluded Google from making an investment in Facebook. The deal looked pitiful when DST bought a larger stake at a $10 billion valuation less than a year later. However, Facebook's current $75 billion valuation means Microsoft's stake in privately-held Facebook has outperformed its own publicly-traded stock 5x.

- See more at:

M$ thinks they can buy success, eh?

annus1452d ago

Are you even reading what you are posting?

You say MS owns facebook with 1.6% stake, yet the first thing it says there is that Zuckerberg is at 28%, in fact MS aren't even there until 9th place.

That is not owning, and if you think this deal was done exclusively by MS I just.. I don't even know what to say, you fanboys are just plain stupid.

UltraNova1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


Even though they have a 1.6% of the shares it doesnt eliminate the fact that they are the strongest partner if not the most valuable of FB. Stronger means powerful and influential. Dont forget FB is on windows first and foremost.

I can definitely see why would MS want to go to Zuckerberg and 'steer him' into seeing the endless possibilities of a VR enterprise.

If this actually happened which is very plausible IMO its a way MS can fight Sony and its VR plan without even having to develop anything themselves avoiding the risk coming with it.

All this speculation will be confirmed when Zucky announces VR support for Xbox.

This way FB will be pushing and supporting the gaming side of Oculous via MS and their gaming ties, pleasing the already enraged early and future supporters of the currently RIP'ed RIFT VR.

As I said above all this is crude speculation/conspiracy theory... if you dont know MS and the way they operate. If you do (I would like to think I do) then all this is very very possible.

Dont just consume anything. Question everything.

starchild1452d ago

Facebook just acquired the leading VR company in the world. Why would they throw that all away just so people can look at Facebook in VR? It's absurd. They bought a VR company because they believe in Oculus's vision for VR, and, yes, that does include social networking apps in VR down the line.

But Facebook knows that gaming is the main impetus that will get VR off the ground. They know that game developers are uniquely positioned to bring the best VR content. And they know that PC gamers are the only people that currently have the sort of PC hardware that can drive a good VR experience.

To anyone with a brain and an ounce of critical thinking skills there is literally zero chance of Facebook scrapping Oculus's gaming plans in the near term.

And really, even in the long term, they have nothing to gain by blocking content developers from making games and other applications for the Rift.

The PC is an open platform and VR headsets are protected by few if any patents, so literally anybody can come into the VR market and compete. There is nothing stopping Microsoft, Sony, Google, Razer or Amazon from stepping in and bringing their own VR headset to market. Facebook knows this. The ONLY way they can become a dominant player in the emerging VR field is if they give people the kinds of VR experiences they want.

If Facebook was somehow stupid enough to limit the Rift to their social network applications or plaster adds in our gaming or movie-watching experiences you can be sure that the Rift would be dead in the water. Even far down the line this is the case.

It's in their interest to support gaming both in the near and long term.

MelvinTheGreat1452d ago

The problem is facebook wants to hse to connect. Theres not a doutb in my mind that facebook will intergrate social media into this thing. The dream was to get away from reality not connect to it

starchild1452d ago

Of course at some point they will expand VR into social networking, but how does that affect gaming? I haven't seen a single credible scenario in which it would benefit Facebook to limit gaming on the Rift in any way.

The Rift is a hardware device. Facebook hasn't even done the things people are claiming they will do to acquired sites like Instagram and WhatsApp and those are essentially software.

So sure, they'll make some kind of new social networking VR experience down the line that will include ads and it will take advantage of the Rift, but it won't change anything about gaming, which will already be well established on the Rift by then.

MelvinTheGreat1452d ago

Id *would have taken* oculus anyday of the weak because my computer is more powerful.

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ArbitorChief1452d ago

lol if anything, the Facebook deal will make Oculus a far bigger threat to the VR industry. There looking to expand VR into more than just gaming but still keep gaming a first priority.

SteamPowered1452d ago

Valve!! Come save us with your VR solution!!

porkChop1452d ago

Valve shelved their VR solution and instead chose to work with and back Oculus...

SteamPowered1452d ago

Valve showed thier VR at a conference a few months ago. I don't think it's stuffed in the back closet with the Xmas decorations quite yet. They could dust it off and start some steam developement.

porkChop1452d ago

Hopefully they do then, because Oculus for me is dead. Sony has said they may bring Morpheus to PC eventually, but if they don't then PC will still need a proper VR solution.

jhoward5851452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

The only way I'll trust FB if they hire someone who has a great amount of gaming experience and development to handle everything dealing with the oculus.

Its a proven fact that the success of a product can only be achieved with proper experience, with great financial backing of course. No one at FB knows anything about the core gaming market and that's a fact.

Had it been the casual market FB was taking on I would've thought differently.

dcj05241452d ago

It's literally The SAME EXACT people at Oculus Rift but 400 million dollars richer. How is that anything but good.

BitbyDeath1452d ago

I for one like that the creators of Facebook are expanding their horizons. You can't live on just Facebook forever. Especially when you have a ton of money that could go into starting new ventures and pushing the boundaries of technology.

But this jump really doesn't make sense, and looks to be one of those horse before the cart situations. I doubt much thinking went into this move aside from "this looks to be popular, lets buy it".

Facebook should really have gotten itself into the gaming scene first and then venture forth.

Looks like gaming will be changing soon with Steam, Amazon and now Facebook stepping up.

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