Video: Inside Watch Dogs' rival factions

Ubisoft talks tech company Blume and hacker collective DeadSec.

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Meltic1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

the city looks so real. The AI in this game i Think is the best yet to come this year. Graphics no but AI yes

Evilsnuggle1492d ago

The more I see of watch dogs the more interesting it looks.

Meltic1492d ago

me2. The AI looks good. Graphic is ok but AI damn it looks good.

markyboy21811492d ago

def aint buyin that car section looked like a ps2 game:(

mafiahajeri1492d ago

Still think the hacking will get tedious.

markyboy21811492d ago

hahaha bet it will look worse then that by the time it's released lol what pisses me of is that ubi av denied its downgraded lol

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