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Submitted by neil363 613d ago | review

Xbox Fitness Review – Should you cancel the gym membership? - TXH

Along with your new Xbox One you may well have gained a few unwanted pounds for Christmas and are considering ways to losing them. Should you opt for a gym membership or put the Xbox to good use by following the workouts on Xbox Fitness? Well, think no further and read on as TXH compare what’s available on Xbox fitness to the classes offered at the local gym. (Xbox Fitness, Xbox One) 4/5

Remy_S  +   613d ago
There's no game that will ever replace going to the gym.
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likeaboss302  +   613d ago
Correct however a lot of these fitness programs if followed offer good results.
WeAreLegion  +   613d ago
Depends what you want from the gym. If you're just looking to tone or lose weight, a video game can absolutely help you. Many of them use real trainers. Some of them even incorporate weights, if you're looking to gain muscle mass.
Chris558  +   613d ago
hell yea bros i love working out I never understand someone who jumps in front of the Tv like an idiot when he could go outside or hit the gym
Sitdown  +   613d ago
The difference between an exercise class at a gym and following an instructor on TV?
Chris558  +   613d ago
sitdown the only difference is being goddamn jacked best feeling in the world pumping the iron 5times a week being on diet caring for your lifestyle trying to be the best you can be .. and not doing crunches watching the goddamn kinect
tigertom53  +   613d ago
looking for kinect fitness friends gamer tag tigertomspill.
GentlemenRUs  +   613d ago
I go out on my bike for 60 mins everyday, It's FREE and you get wonderful fresh air!

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WeAreLegion  +   613d ago
I don't disagree, but it's 15 degrees outside here. I have to use the elliptical or play Wii Fit U. Lol.
GentlemenRUs  +   613d ago
Went out earlier, It started to sleet and I got soaked.

But, I loved it! It's that feeling you get for doing something real in life :P

Also, That is my new Signature for those people out there who do said things.

- Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it? Reply to why you disagree with me.
Priestwithgun  +   612d ago
if you don't go to gym to stay fit(which i don't) yep biking is better,i used to go out to play soccer even at 5 celcius and its fun
but if you go to gym,its worth a shot
Lou Ferrigno  +   613d ago
if you just want to loose weight and gain very little muscle in the proccess,then yes jumping around in front of your TV is great.. i did it a long time ago and lost considerable amount of weight , but i wanted more from my body so i upgraded and got a gym membership..Never looked back.

However,fitness "games" like these are very convenient for people that can't afford a gym membership for some reason or have a hard time getting the motivation to go to a gym..
I think that outdoors cardiovascular activity is the best but if all else fails,these alternatives are a great way for people to improve their lives imo least it's a start instead of getting obese and having health issues :)
Nes_Daze  +   613d ago
Most of the time nobody really takes these fitness games serious..but just to put this out there, there's more to fitness than just jumping around your living room..
ElementX  +   613d ago
I tried one of the 10 minute routines and it had me sweating!
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   613d ago
Wrong anyone here who thinks a game or any fitness game like this will give you awesome results is a fool.


80% of results come from diet and nutrition and 20% from exercise

You will never get the same results from a game than you would a gym.
Lou Ferrigno  +   613d ago
Wrong, it's 100/100

100% committed to diet
100% committed to exercise.
Nothing to it.. and you'll find that there are myriads of healthy tasty alternatives to "junk food".

Gym>anything but fitness games are a great start for people that never thought about fitness or don't have the time/dedication to get up and go..
RiPPn  +   613d ago
Xbox Fitness is pretty good overall, but there are some nagging issues with it.

For one, if it disconnects from live through your workout it boots you out of the program you're doing and you lose all your session goals.

Another problem is they do not have complete fitness programs, just a couple workouts from different series.

Third is Kinect, it's pretty good at tracking you, but sometimes you will be doing a series and it completely loses you for no reason and you fail the goal for that exercise.

And last Kinect again doesn't have a wide angle lense so if you are doing an oversize that has you going across the room it loses you.

Also how can they say this is only free for a year when all Xbox Fitness is, is a digital storefront to sell exercise programs. Are they really planning on charging you for Xbox Fitness, then again charging you for each individual program?
Qrphe  +   613d ago
Had not idea Xbox Fotness came with expensive equipment
DEEBO  +   613d ago
I like xbox fitness and just like anything in life you get what you put in.
gym membership is good but its what you doing with it is what is important.
CentennialBusiness  +   612d ago
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