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InFamous: Second Son review | GamerVets

Is InFamous: Second Son deserving of your energy, or does it go up in smoke? We shine our bright neon lights on this title to see if it produces a spark for gamers. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4) 4/5

chimiku  +   176d ago
on the cons add how shallow the storyline was.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   176d ago
second son has better graphic but is not better then 1 when it comes to story.. no hate second son is a good game but better then 1 idk about that... but since when 4/5 is bad???
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DragonKnight  +   176d ago
1 is the best game in the series in my opinion, but SS has a good story as far as the characters go. Delsin and Reggie have such a great story together and that ending was bitter sweet. I don't think the story is shallow, it's just not to the standards that the first game set.

But that soundtrack though.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   176d ago
Heart Shaped Box?!?!?!!?

nuff said.

Great Game. True -Nex Jen-.
ltachiUchiha  +   176d ago
Amazing game & best looking console game to date. It shines in every area not just the main character & its an open world game which makes it more an achievement.
Boody-Bandit  +   176d ago
Con = Protagonist suffers from “doucheface”

gamervets, huh? SMH
Maybe I'm just reading too much into the name but naturally I'm insinuating the people from this site were older and have been gaming for ages.

I thought Delsin was an excellent character. I liked him even more than Cole. Troy Baker (Delsin) is definitely a better voice actor than Eric Ladin (Cole). At least in my opinion. Both characters were great but I preferred Delsin overall. I loved the way Delsin embraced his powers and couldn't get enough of them.
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Bathyj  +   176d ago
Agreed. Much preferred Delsin over Cole and Troy Baker had a lot to do with it.

Always liked him but have even more respect for him after watching the Last of Us Grounded, with that whole scene where he just poured his heart out and was almost in tears. Powerful stuff.
M1GO  +   175d ago
It was meant to be a joke... After E3, most of what I heard about this game was "It looks amazing but the main character looks like a douche"

I actually mention in the review that while he *may* look like a douche/hipster, he's actually not bad.

"One final note on presentation has to do with the main character himself. After Sony showed the first trailer during E3, fans of the series were abuzz because the main character “seems like a douche”. After beating the game, I wouldn’t go so far as that – in fact, he’s a likeable rogue, and way more interesting than Cole. It just goes to show that we’re all susceptible of judging books by covers."
No_Limit  +   176d ago
Great game! Best single player focus game I have played since Tomb raider. Next up on my List for PS4, MLB 14 and Watchdog!!
My_precious  +   176d ago
i tell you, i just play to the point i got 2nd power (to busy with DS2) and man, it's awesome, watching other ppl play is one thing but to be able control that power all by yourself is a different
DragonKnight  +   176d ago
Oh man, wait until you get the 3rd power. I'm telling you, Sucker Punch was definitely right to keep it a secret. It's way too amazing.
M1GO  +   175d ago
No spoilers, but I totally agree... In fact, the 3rd power being so great kinda made the 4th power a letdown...
Bathyj  +   176d ago
Wait til you have endless lightrun.

I cant look at a neon sign now without wanting to drain it.
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GentlemenRUs  +   176d ago
*Looks at OPEN neon sign in a shop window* - Can I drain it? :P

- Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it? Reply to why you disagree with me.
DragonKnight  +   176d ago
In the grand scheme, I still find InFamous, the original, to be the best game of the series. It had the best story, the best setting, great enemy variety, superb powers that you didn't have to think too much about, and (in my opinion) the best protagonist. I like Cole way more than Delsin for many reasons.

That said, Second Son is just such a beautifully colorful game. The relationship between Delsin and Reggie is storytelling done to an amazing degree. The powers are, in comparison to Infamous 1 and 2, very underwhelming and underpowered but also tons of fun, especially that third power.

But I personally believe the crowning glory of Second Son is its music. The soundtrack is just amazing, filled with tracks I can replay forever and not get tired of. I had a lot of fun playing Second Son. Going to go through a second time as Evil Delsin, maybe act like Rhino from Spiderman some more, and hope that there will be a DLC skin for Delsin using his awesome concept art in the future.

chaosx  +   176d ago
Finished the Good play through, and came away feeling more than a bit let down. The story was quite predictable and i found myself just going through the motions by the end just so i could say i got 100% complete.
Evil play through is much easier even on expert with no reason to be careful.
Fun game , no real challenge ,reminded me a lot of Dead Rising 3 without all the silliness.

also i agree with above.

DEEBO  +   175d ago
I really Don't want to be a evil character being a hero was so cool,spiderman was like this saving citizen's.But i got to see how those powers are being evil.

But i like saving people,i Would put rescuing people with the powers in the game if i was suckerpunch. Using neon running up a building to catch a falling person or smoke to free somebody from apc gun fire and explosive cars.
leemo19  +   175d ago
Its fun, addicting, visual stunning and great game but SP needs to add more things for the replay value. Once you 100% everything get the platinum there's not much to do afterwards beside DUP raids which don't do anything really. I like the Papertrail its a great idea but waiting on each part sucks. SP needs to add some new enemies that aren't DUP, add challenges/trick shot list to certain power moves to keep people playing more of this great game.
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