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Get One Year Of PS Plus At $35 Now

An exciting deal for PlayStation users has just been spotted: only $35 for one year of PS Plus subscription! (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

ccgr  +   609d ago
Sold out :(
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PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   609d ago
Sold out?? No more?
wannabe gamer  +   608d ago
back in stock i just got one.
lilbrat23  +   609d ago
Oh well
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Crazyglues  +   609d ago
The best time to buy this is every year on black Friday...

Plus was going for only $29.99* -- :)

||.........___||............ ||
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   608d ago
its almost as if i consider ps+ to be sold at 29.99 all year round because ill virtually never have to pay any more than that. same with xbl, most of the time.

$50-59 is for chumps.
DrSteveBrule2   608d ago | Spam
wannabe gamer  +   608d ago
dbl post
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TheSaint  +   608d ago
Majin-vegeta  +   609d ago
This is why i took BF deal and got 3 years for $90.So I'm set.
Sam Fisher  +   609d ago
Same here
GamingAngelGabriel  +   609d ago
That's not very sneaky of you, Samuel.
ThanatosDMC  +   609d ago
Crap, didnt know about that. :(
darthseth24  +   609d ago
same here.
GamingAngelGabriel  +   609d ago
Yeah, got a year on BF when I got my PS4. Should've gotten more but I'll stock up this year.
90Supra  +   609d ago
Yes sir......i loaded up on 5yrs worth

I'm all set...
ObiWanaTokie  +   608d ago
i loaded up on 10 years haha im the best, f*ck the rest!

you one uppers are sooooo goofy
aquamala  +   609d ago
no point submitting deals like this on n4g, by the time it's approved deal is dead
badboy776  +   609d ago
Question: Can you pile on yearly PSN cards?
Goro  +   609d ago
Yes, they're stackable
Tapani  +   609d ago
I added three months to my yearly JPN PSN subscription and it simply increased the total length by the same period.

Now, I won't say it works in every possible way, so do it with your own responsibility...But from the looks of it, seems like you can just top it up :)
DrSteveBrule2   609d ago | Spam
Soldierone  +   608d ago
Be careful, there are some cards that are not stackable.

Normally the answer is yes, but Sony made a few promotion ones that are not stackable. I saw one on Groupon or somewhere that said in fine print "cannot be activated if subscription is already active" and it expired in less than a year.
dazzrazz  +   609d ago
Expiration date is at the end of this month, what are they selling launch trials x12 codes ? 0_o
neoandrew  +   609d ago
This is a STEAL!
MAULxx  +   609d ago
Unavailable, dang it!
Ares90  +   609d ago
Aaaaand it's gone...
No_Limit  +   609d ago
How did this title made the front page when it is not even real news?

Having said that, it is a great deal as PSN plus hardly go on sale.
Pillsbury1  +   609d ago
I will just keep re-upping on Black Friday as they usually have deals but for now I have 2 years stacked.
MNGamer-N  +   609d ago
PS+ is so worth it, even at $50. It has already paid for itself a couple times over. Agreed, black Friday is the way to go.
Illusive_Man  +   609d ago
MultiConsoleGamer  +   609d ago
Amazing deal while it lasted.
TBONEJF  +   608d ago
good thing i read this. i get 10 percent discount. WHAT A STEAL :)
DoggyBiscuit  +   608d ago
I wish I would a known sooner I just paid 50 bucks for a year subscription
wannabe gamer  +   608d ago
It doesnt say out of stock when i view the page. and it let me place and order too.
wannabe gamer  +   608d ago
They must have got more keys cause i got mine just now
z-cba  +   608d ago
Just checked, Out of stock right now. I'll try again later. Here's hoping........
Ma1nframe  +   608d ago
I get PS+ for $29.99 NO TAX..here is now.

Wait until BLACK FRIDAY. Best Buy and others have PS+ for 29.99. My local WalMart said they price match any competetor. They had it on sale for $49.99 but priced matched when I showed them the Best Buy flyer and best of all I did not pay any tax. THATS how you get PS+ on the cheap
lex-1020  +   608d ago
$47.99 Now.

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