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TheXboxHub reviews Xbox One big hitter, Titanfall.

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OculusRift1518d ago

Of course.. This totally isn't biased. /s

GamerEuphoria1518d ago

The Frame rate issue...did people just ignore it?

No_Limit1518d ago

What frame rate issue?..haven't even notice due to the rush of excitement and fun of the game in the heat of combat.

GamerEuphoria1518d ago

@No_limit. That's the most ridiculous reason for ignoring a clear fault with the game. Pipe down

ThePope1518d ago

That's the whole point. The game is so good, it's faults don't matter

No_Limit1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

@GamerEuphoria ,

You sure didn't complain or deduct points for frame rate issues from your Dark Souls review on your site when you gave that game a 5/5. What, did you just ignore it?

And Dark Souls was full of frame rate issue in which the developer Fromsoftware even released a statement to apologize to the fans about the frame rate.

So, if you see fit to give a game a perfect 5/5 even though it has frame rate issue but think the fun far exceed that negative part of the game, then why are you saying that frame rate should be a factor in lowering a game scores now? Who is the one with the pipe now? :)

Funantic11518d ago

I've never seen any frame rate issues. It's probably something PS fanboys made up out of jealously and envy of Titanfall. Y'all tried your best to bash it. Now Xbox Live broke their own record for online activity with Titanfall releasing. You'll finally get a good AAA game with The Order later this year. Be patient

GamerEuphoria1518d ago

@ No_limit, the site doesn't exist anymore, nor did i write that review, mug. And who is the one with the pipe? what on earth on are you on about.

The fan boys are strong on here, denying a issue the game suffers from. I like how you didn't link any recent submissions mind, just ones from over 2 years ago, silly boy.

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Z_-_D_-_31518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

The framerate bogs down a bit, especially when all of the titans are in one spot, but for some reason it just doesn't detract from this game much at all. I own both PS4 and Xbox One and I feel it's the funnest experience I can have currently between both consoles currently, despite PS4 being a much better system. I don't get the hate for this game. Sure it's light on content, but since when was a game about unlockables? If you play Titanfall for its core gameplay, it's superbly fun. Stop overanalyzing every facet. Any hardcore MP fan would gladly fork over 60 bucks for this title.

GamerEuphoria1518d ago

Why are you talking about the PS4?

Z_-_D_-_31517d ago

Because it's evident to me that the hate that came out of nowhere from this game would logically come from whatever camp that can't play this game. Usually exclusives are downplayed from both sides, so it just makes sense.

GamerEuphoria1517d ago

Since when was valid critisim hate?

Fact: Titanfall is fun.

Fact: the game has screen tearing and frame rate issues.

Fact: it's fan are appears to be the new overly defensive narrow minded crowd, does the game run on blast processors?

RonRico1518d ago

Doesn't 5/5 designate it's perfect? TF is a fun game, but not perfect!

u got owned1518d ago

Going by that logic no game would be 5/5

antz11041517d ago

And that is why a rating system out of 5 is always a poor choice.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1518d ago

Wow 5 out of 5!!!!!!!!! oh wait of course..look at the name of the reviewer.