Nintendo America Reveals Full Game Boy Advance Lineup

About an hour ago, Nintendo UK/Europe announced their full 8-title April lineup for Game Boy Advance Wii U Virtual Console titles. Nintendo of America has followed suit and revealed their lineup as well, via official email press release. Fans in North America and Europe will receive the same assortment of timeless classics, distributed on the same dates.

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Geekman850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I'VE HEARD ALL DAY! Superstar Saga, Metroid Fusion, and Advance Wars day one, and Golden Sun and F-Zero not long afterward. All on the big screen.

princejb134850d ago

Some if my favorite games
Especially golden sun 1 and 2

Ac7iVe850d ago

Imagine pokemon with WiFi trading and battles

josephayal850d ago

imagine pokemon meh! i want f-zero in 1080p

MajorGecko850d ago

if only they made a new advanced wars that would be nice

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The story is too old to be commented.