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Submitted by nintendo_fan_4life 612d ago | news

Nintendo America Reveals Full Game Boy Advance Lineup

About an hour ago, Nintendo UK/Europe announced their full 8-title April lineup for Game Boy Advance Wii U Virtual Console titles. Nintendo of America has followed suit and revealed their lineup as well, via official email press release. Fans in North America and Europe will receive the same assortment of timeless classics, distributed on the same dates. (eShop, Virtual Console, Wii U)

Geekman  +   612d ago
THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I'VE HEARD ALL DAY! Superstar Saga, Metroid Fusion, and Advance Wars day one, and Golden Sun and F-Zero not long afterward. All on the big screen.
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princejb134  +   611d ago
Some if my favorite games
Especially golden sun 1 and 2
Ac7iVe  +   612d ago
Imagine pokemon with WiFi trading and battles
josephayal  +   612d ago
imagine pokemon meh! i want f-zero in 1080p
SG1_dapunisherX  +   612d ago
damm great news right here
TomahawkX  +   612d ago
Advance Wars:)

$7.99 :(
MajorGecko  +   612d ago
if only they made a new advanced wars that would be nice
djplonker  +   612d ago
Nintendos digital prices are quite high considering I can run all of these games for free on my mobile :/

£6/$9 is too much for old gba and snes games!
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   612d ago
Pirates don't have the right to complain about high prices of any sort.
You're not buying them, you obviously don't give a crap about Nintendo outside of bashing them, and this article, therefore, doesn't concern you.

Disagree all you like, but you admitted to being able to run these on your phone. As it is, you're suspect if not outright guilty of the practice, so you shouldn't even care about what the legitimate consumers are paying when you've likely been stealing them for ages.
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LOL_WUT  +   612d ago
Whoa! That's pretty childish reply man no need to get angry but he's right I do my fair share of buying VC games and Nintendo is seriously over pricing these games. I still boggles my mind as to why they skipped N64 titles over these ;)
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   612d ago
Sorry, WUT, but I don't have any proper respect to spare for pirates.

Having said that, I do agree with you; the games are a bit high in price for such old games, but I think the quality off-sets that quite a bit.

And I agree on your second point as well; N64 games should have been a higher priority, but I'm happy that we're getting something at least.
djplonker  +   612d ago
I buy more than enough nintendo sony and pc games I feel justified using an emulator for really old games I used to own!

I buy any game from ps2/gamecube/xbox (even before if it reasonably priced) and up and if you think this price is ok for a 10-15 year old game you are a blind fanboy hell for half the price of a gba game I bought fallout new vegas goty edition on steam...

P.s I am not a troll I have a wii u and I remember buying kirby on sale for less than £1 and I dont mind paying those kinds of prices ;)
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Realplaya  +   612d ago
@ LOL_WUT Shut the hell up. He is right someone who doesn't pay for or doesn't intend to pay for games has no rights at all. As a matter of fact He's the reason why companies want to put DRM in their game systems.Also they skipped N64 titles for a's called build up you start small and build up. Plus all the people complaining they should do this or if they released these games on the system would run out and buy the system are full of it they are website talkers.
Realplaya  +   612d ago
@ djplonker You don't have to justify being a thief to anyone You don't have to pay for anyone's hard work regardless of new or old. You should know that being a low down dirty thief and boasting about it is alright. I'm sure you don't care about a company so you steal because new technology has allowed you to. But one thing I wondered is if you have a Wii U, why not complain on Miiverrse where your voice can be heard because they know you bought the product why come online where they have no idea you own the system?
Lionalliance  +   612d ago
Still waiting for 3ds versions.
tweet75  +   612d ago
i hope this isnt all and nintendo goes deep into the advance library
ScubaSteve1  +   612d ago
If they are expecting me to buy wario ware again they are out of their minds
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   612d ago
No 3DS ? That's odd.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   612d ago
As much as I like this idea, the 3DS really could use this. Or just dual release them.

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