Odd Happenings for Oddworld

The Oddworld series is an enigma in the gaming world. The series began on the original Playstation, then moved to the Gameboy platforms, then to the original Xbox, and is now planning on releasing their upcoming game, New n’ Tasty, on the PS4 and Wii U. Developers of Oddworld, like their game, are also an enigma in the gaming world with developers coming out boldly with statements and association with publishers.

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Spikeantestor1355d ago

If I had to guess I'd say he meant at least 250 THOUSEND copies.

FlyingFoxy1355d ago

One artcle has said 250,000 copies = guaranteed Exoddus remake, another has said 500,000 copies. Pretty sure it's 250,000 though.

Also why is lanning getting his panties in a bunch about calling it a remake? Even on the oddworld website it says "Rebuilt from the ground up" and unless i'm mistaken then rebuilt = remade.

Also the good thing is Exoddus should be remade a lot quicker than Oddysee since they already have the foundations there for the first game.

robtion1355d ago

It is 250000 for Exodus remake, 500000 for a new oddworld game in the series.

USMC_POLICE1355d ago

I can see this easily selling millions i grew up with odd world and this was one of my first games on PS1......shut up and take my money!!!!!!

RamboRabbi1355d ago

The orginal Xbox version was rumored to be a sabotage by Xbox and EA due to it previously being a Sony exclusive, I remember buying it for £10 on release and it was such a poorly developed game. Can't wait for New n Tasty on ps4 I loved oddesy and excedus on ps1.

GentlemenRUs1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

It's true, I had a little snoop though the history and it says that M$ made OddworldInhabs change Munch's oddysee original story/plan to something else... It ended up being rushed for the XBOX-ORIGINAL release.

This is why M$ should never be trusted with games ever again.

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