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Assassin's Creed 5 Story Details Leaked

Thing is, we have two sets of rumors and don't know what to believe (although I know which one I want to be true). (Assassin's Creed 5, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Hard to tell
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SourShoes  +   124d ago
I guess any old gaming forum can start rumors now. It's probably CBOAT.

I thought Comet was the last gen game and Unity was current gen only.
salmon_slapped  +   123d ago
Unity is next gen only and Comet is previous gen only (unless ps now picks up Comet or something).

Also i believe since the 2 games are for different generations that they wouldn't make us buy both to get the story so i think they're telling the same story through both games, but Unity will just offer a lot more as far as visuals and size of the game goes.
merciless  +   124d ago
Same game modded skin.
EliteGameKnight  +   124d ago
eh.. they've been getting better. I feel it would feel more like a new game if there weren't so many leakes though
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iTehDroiD  +   124d ago
I don't see the point of releasing two different AC games at the same time. I just hope they only release Unity and forget last-gen to focus on current-gen only. Furthermore Jade Raymond recently told us she is working on a game, that is set in her favorite historical era and that kinda sounds not like a Black Flag 2 for me. I think and hope this rumor is false.
mezati99  +   124d ago
DoNNiEDaRkO50  +   124d ago
I played Every AC game and was a huge fan of the series but I will continue to say it.. the series isn't the same after AC2 .. AC:B was good but not as AC2, AC:R average. and don't get me started on AC3. AC4 brought back hope but releasing two games the same year? no matter how they'll spin it ..it's milking.even if it's quality games ..ever since Patrice Désilets left and the series went downhill.. I just hope that this year installment goes back the roots .ohh and bring jesper kyd back
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NightStalker33  +   124d ago
Oh, goody! The "Older Games Were Best Here's My Tragic Story Of Losing Interest In A Brand That Others Still Enjoy Because They Don't Meet My Huge Expectations" brigade has begun to arrive!
aLucidMind  +   124d ago
He didn't say anything about losing interest, he merely said the games had a different overall feel starting with Brotherhood. Which is a fact, you can't deny AC2 did manage to do better with its story than the following three (haven't played AC4 yet). AC2 was certainly superior; does that mean the newer games are bad? No, I still loved them but AC2 is my favorite story so far.

He didn't state they weren't good games or inferior to the older ones, just that they felt different and that he prefers one over the others; big difference between those two statements. So stop acting like a prick, realize he has a valid opinion and stop trying to pick a fight.
DoNNiEDaRkO50  +   123d ago
"Oh you have an opinion,shame on you"
Pretty much all I said that the series lost it's charm since AC2 in everything.. Story.. music..replayability..length ( And I'm talking about main missions)..AC3 is a good example of this but that's just my opinion.
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-Foxtrot  +   124d ago
Sounds a bit crap to be honest, probably and hopefully fake

I doubt it would be AC5 and be a sequel to Black Flags.

Unity sounds more like a proper sequel without all the pirate stuff.
Geekman  +   124d ago
I loved that game, but it should've been called "Pirates Adventure" not Assassins Creed.
i8urCAKE  +   124d ago
Here's the story: Climb on building, jump, stab important enemy, repeat. the end
aLucidMind  +   124d ago
Here's GTA5's story:

Jump in car, drive to enemy, shoot important enemy, repeat, the end.

You can simplify any and every game down in that exact same way. Being able to do that does not take away from any game or story. It does show a lack of intelligence when someone attempts to say it only applies to one specific game they dislike, however.
i8urCAKE  +   123d ago
GTAV sucked lol i dont care
aLucidMind  +   123d ago
Two things: if you think it sucked, why have it as a profile pic? And two, you not liking the game doesn't take away from my point. Like I said, that level of simplification can be done to any and every game.
i8urCAKE  +   123d ago
1) i don't care about pic
2) i don't care about level of simplification, AC was good but they got greedy its such a shame to see this happen to games, i have been a fan since the first AC and now it's basically another COD.
Kryptonite42O  +   124d ago
"Looks like some details are obscured, because I see no reason for this game to come to Xbox One if it's going to PS4 and Wii U."

Did the author mean to write I see no reason for this game NOT to come to X1 if its going to ps4 and wii u?
I don't understand why they would release the game on everything except for the X1... especially if its releasing on the Wii U..
NightStalker33  +   124d ago
Most likely he meant what you said. Even I doubt either game will come to Wii U this time, yet the X1 seems to be doing well with 3rd party sales.
Bebedora  +   124d ago
I've heard it will play in france, in time of the french revolution (1789+), with snow drop as the engine to power the visuals. 33 years after Haleys comet. At least. That part, with the Haleys comet, has to be in the prelude to the game.
mpnothanks  +   124d ago
Oh wow, I seriously hope they don't have a Connor cameo. But if they do, I hope his lips aren't so freakishly shiny this time.
Akuma07  +   124d ago
If this is true then I am not so worried anymore.

I was concerned that AC Comet would use a different time period and setting that would over shadow the AC Unity setting.
Geekman  +   124d ago
The second one might be true. Adewale really did have a grandson who went to Connor for help.

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