PS3's Vampire Rain to release on August in Japan

French website Play3-live writes:

"Artoon announces today that the PS3 version of Vampire Rain, called Vampire's Rain : Altered Species, will be available the 21st August in Japan. It remains to be seen whether the PS3 version will be better than the 360 version, which should not be too hard to challenge.

The game should release in Europe before the end of 2008."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3490d ago

who the hell buys this game

Denges3490d ago

this will score more than haze

juuken3490d ago

Maybe it'll be better than the one on the PS2? *shrugs*

Erotic Sheep3490d ago

AAA confirmed!! I doubt MGS4 or KZ2 can match the greatness of Vampire Rain.


Seriously why do they even bother porting if the 360 version was already beyond poop?

Bazookajoe_833490d ago

Haha, that game really sucked...

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