More GBA Release Dates Confirmed For European Wii U VC Release

Nintendo have now confirmed more release dates for the GBA Wii U Virtual Console in Europe.

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hkgamer1488d ago

Quite expensive imo.

But I guess some of these are pretty amazing.

donnieboy1488d ago

What took them so long T_T

Chard1488d ago

Why not just release the SNES version of Yoshi's Island, the way it was meant to be played?!

MrSwankSinatra1488d ago

it makes zero sense for these games not to come to the 3DS.

coolguy1231488d ago

idk if youve been living under a rock or something these past years or youre just ignorant.... When the 3DS first launched they had bad marketing and had to lower the price of the 3ds from 249.99 to 169.99. When they did that fans were not too thrilled and in order to compensate early adopters Nintendo gave them 10 GBA titles and 10 NES titles for free. Nintendo stated that they had NO intention on releasing the GBA titles to the 3DS because then the early adopters (aka the ambassadors) would get mad at Nintendo once again for lying. I am actually an ambassador and i have most if not all of the titles shown here on my 3DS.

MrSwankSinatra1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

So what your telling me is that just because you're an ambassador that no one should access to buy these titles on the 3DS? sorry but who's really the ignorant one here, moron....