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April Playstation Plus (Europe) content (Rumoured)

Once again GamePointsNow has had a sneak peek at this months PS+ offerings for Europe and there's stealth and the FOX engine, but no snakes (Hotline Miami, Mercenary Kings, MotoGP 13, PES 2014, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time)

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FrugalDaz  +   563d ago
A bit of a weak line-up this time round. Although Hotline Miami is an amazing game for anyone that doesn't already own it.
abzdine  +   563d ago
Sly is so amazing!! Everyone should give it a try to realize how good it is and how gorgeous it looks.

PES2014? actually a good thing!! Does this partnership with Konami means an exclusive deal for 2015 on PS consoles?
it's first time PES is offered so i'm excited. I also heard it's much more improved from the previous ones and since i gave up playing FIFA garbage everytime i am happy for PES.

Great month great value!
MasterCornholio  +   563d ago
Dont worry I'll play Sly.

Lukas_Japonicus  +   563d ago
I'll be downloading Sly 4. I love the art direction of that game, looks great to play too.

I'm not really interested in the offerings for PS4 this month. But i guess you gotta let the "good" games age a little before you can put them on PS plus.

Either way, a "weak" month for PS plus stills blows away a certain other similar service ;)
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GentlemenRUs  +   563d ago
Shall it not speak it's name!
abzdine  +   563d ago
you better do that! :D
first location is kind of a tutorial, but the games gets way more interesting with the second location (1st world).

@Lukas_Japonicus:Sanzaru nailed the gameplay, it's easily the best sly game to date. The idea with incestors and costumes is brilliant.
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Yi-Long  +   563d ago
@Abzdine: PES2014 is one of the worst PES-games yet. Sadly, the last great PES-games were PES4 and PES5.

The latest FIFA ain't great either though.

Also, I believe PES2014 just got another update that fixes some of the problems with the gameplay, but I haven't tried it yet. Haven't played it in months.

I played the demo for the new Sly game, and it was OK, but not really a must-have for me. It just seemed a bit too easy for me. Will absolutely try it again now it's on PS+.

I'm not really interested in Hotline Miami, but we'll give it a try as well.
Kivespussi  +   562d ago
Sly is great and hotline miami. But PES? Ehh... An yearly sports release sounds awful.
Volkama  +   562d ago
FIFA looks a lot like football now! It just isn't much fun to play.

Need a football game that focuses on gameplay over and above looking like football.
Why o why  +   562d ago
Volkama.......dare I say, sensible soccer.
DemonChicken  +   562d ago
And so my backlog grows X)
calis  +   562d ago
Really surprised Sly isn't available for Vita.
diehardmetallicafan  +   562d ago
im looking forward to sly so much
abzdine  +   562d ago
Sly supports cross buy.
Neonridr  +   563d ago
I have to agree, but I think it's because we've been so spoiled in months past. Still leaps and bounds better than what the competition is offering... *crickets*

I am wondering if NA will have anything different, was hoping for Daylight to be the PS4 PS+ game as I feel that Mercenary Kings isn't a large enough game on its own to warrant that. I will still pick it up and give it a play.

I am hoping that NA gets Hotline Miami for the Vita, I haven't played it yet, so I am excited for that one.
hawkeyejonjon  +   562d ago
@neonridr NA already got Hotline Miami back on October 22, 2013 so NA will not see it again. You must have missed it
Neonridr  +   562d ago
damn, I wasn't a PS+ member until November when I got my PS4.. oh well.
lelo  +   562d ago
I surely hope they offer better games for the PS4 in the foreseeable future with PS+. The games offered until now have been quite week with the exception of Resogun.

Since I only have a PS4, I'm now renewing my PS+ account until I see better games offered for the PS4. I'm not paying 50€ a year for PS+ to only play indies.
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pedrof93  +   562d ago
What about the online ?
lelo  +   562d ago
I rarely play online games on consoles... only offline and exclusives. I purchased the PS4 a couple days ago for Infamous... I'm not interested in PS+ until they start offering better games.

Online games I play for free on the PC.
cjflora  +   562d ago
You're really going to need to give it time. There isn't much to draw from so I'm anticipating a lot of PSN games for at least the first year with maybe a sprinkling of higher profile games a few times.
Wh15ky  +   562d ago
This is great - PES 14 and moto gp for me.
Gamer1982  +   562d ago
Mercenary kings!!! I got the game on PC and it ROCKS. Cant wait for it on PS4 to play with my ps4 friends.
BBBQ_BYOBB  +   562d ago
I would be very happy to get Sly.
Mikelarry  +   563d ago
Mercenary kings i will gladly take that thank you very much
TimeSkipLuffy  +   563d ago
I gladly receive any game :D though I am not into soccer & motor bike games at all :'D
waltyftm  +   563d ago
Looking forward to playing Sly 4, PeS will be a nice change from Fifa, and the rest will go in my download list for when i win the Lottery and buy a PS4/Vita combo.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   563d ago
Wait, you can add things to your download list without having the console?? How?
tom110584  +   563d ago
Using the PlayStation Webstore or a PS3 (for PS Vita content).
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mafiahajeri  +   563d ago
Download it, and once you get a vita you can go to psn dl list and it from there.
mixelon  +   563d ago
Depends on which version of the store you use, but for Vita games, you can just press download on the PS3.. I have all the PS+ vita titles since it launched available even though i only got a vita a few weeks ago. :)
Jack_Reacher  +   563d ago
You don't even have to download the whole thing. Just let it start and it's registered in your lib of downloads. I have all the free vita games on my list yet don't own a vita and have not fully got them. It should work as I did this with ps3 games and fully git them later no problem.
MasterCornholio  +   563d ago
That's how nice Sony is to their consumers with plus.

Clown_Syndr0me  +   562d ago
Thanks everyone who replied!
I'm picking PS3 up next month but didn't want to miss out on this months games! Wish Id known this sooner!
All I did was add all ps plus games to basket, complete the checkout which came to £0.00 and now theyre all on my download list. So hopefully it will work.
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HugoDrax  +   562d ago
Question? So I just recently ordered my crystal white vita, so I could remote play infamous when I'm in bed lmao. Anyhow, so you guys are saying I can download all the free ps vita games now? Then once my vita arrives I'll still have access to them?
Detoxx  +   563d ago
Mercenary Kings for PS4..

Wut u do Sony y u do dis
Kivespussi  +   562d ago
So... Is it a good thing or bad thing?
Detoxx  +   562d ago
Neither of both :D

Not the game I wanted, but it's free.
Kivespussi  +   562d ago
Well everyone has a different taste so they can't please everyone. I personally like every game here other than PES (but thankfully this is rumor. Can't believe sony would put there a yearly sports game)
DeadlyFire  +   562d ago
It is rumor technically though. So it might not be true.
BitbyDeath  +   562d ago
Very unlikely that they are wrong though given their previous PS+ leaks.
admiralvic  +   562d ago
So far all regions (except Japan because it released later) have had the same PS4 games release, so Asia getting it means odds are EU and NA are too. To add more fuel to the fire, this site also leaked last months and the month before its Plus games and both leaks were 100% accurate.

I would say there is an 90% chance this is right and 10% it's not. I only give not 10% because sometimes things change last minute and games need to be switched out.
Blastoise  +   563d ago
Was hoping for plants vs zombies on Vita :/

Not a great update for me, hotline miami is good but I already bought it
Tidybrutes  +   563d ago
No way just got Sly 4 a few weeks ago, and I thought Hotline Miami has already been free? Not sure as I paid for it the week it came out on PSN.
Stapleface  +   562d ago
They gave away Hotline Miami 2 previously. Kind of weird to go in reverse if you ask me, but whatever. lol
Karum  +   563d ago
I'd be quite pleased with those offerings for my PS4 and Vita tbh
Rickgrimes95  +   563d ago
Really wanted daylight for ps4
kevcampbell  +   563d ago
This is a poor month

Mercenary Kings, I have nothing against retro graphics but I did not buy a PS4 for stuff like this

PES, I am not a football fan

Sly Cooper is the only good thing, for me

I will not comment on the Vita stuff as I do not have a Vita but Hotline Miami is good, had it on PS3 and loved it
Lukas_Japonicus  +   563d ago
" I have nothing against retro graphics but I did not buy a PS4 for stuff like this"

What are you expecting, for Infamous SS to be included on PS plus? The PS4 hasn't been out long enough to see the same calibre of games that the PS3 gets with PS plus. You have to wait for the games to actually get released before they are old enough to be included on PS plus.

And i'd be concerned for anyone who bought a PS4 for it's early post-launch PS plus offerings.
liquidhalos  +   562d ago
There's no need not berate people and defend Sony against all comments you know. He is allowed his opinion without running the risk of having the mighty lukas tear him down in front of everyone. This is a comment area for all people to discuss for all not just for you to be the mighty defender. Relax dude and let others have their say in peace. It's not like he was being rude or nasty. He was just stating his feelings on the article. Your not sonys shield maiden, they don't need one.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   562d ago

Ugh...wtf are you talking about? You say "This is a comment area for *all* people to discuss "...then you say "Relax dude and let others have their say in peace"...lol, make your mind up. So should i reply or not?

If i see someone say something that i don't agree with, then i'll reply back. Who are you to say otherwise?

There is absolutely no need for your comment, all i did was state that the "good" games won't be on PS4 PS plus for a while. I didn't "berate" anyone. Nor did i defend Sony anywhere in my comment, using logic about when worthwhile games will be on PS plus is not defending Sony, lol.

"Mighty lukas"

I don't even.....wtf...Did i strike a nerve with you in a different article or something? Seems like you're the one who needs to relax and brush up on your reading comprehension. I wasn't aggressive, i wasn't insulting...i simply replied to his comment with my counter.
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ion53   563d ago | Offensive
Jack_Reacher   563d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(3)
DualWielding  +   563d ago
I'll be truly suprised if PES is indeed a PS+ title, normally it is not possible to get licensed titles on PS+ because of legal issues
nope111  +   563d ago
God i hope the NA update is better. They shouldn't even put sports games on the plus.....
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TimeSkipLuffy  +   562d ago
it's a matter of taste. I don't play sports games usually but I believe there are other gamers out there who appreciate that they have some sports game as well. It is good to have all kind of games to cater all kind of taste.
nope111  +   562d ago
I can't stand the genre, same boring crap every year.
RedDevils  +   562d ago
As for me I prefer Sport games over any FPS games
Lawboy2  +   563d ago
I love ps+ for my vita...I sewear its amazing...im so glad I bought the ps4 vita bundle...I didn't know what I wa missing out on the vita its amazing
Madderz  +   563d ago

I just watched the first race in the Moto GP and my what a race it was!! I have my bike test next month and now i will have MotoGP13 on my Vita to fulfill my bike needs when i'm at home!!

Personally for me (and probably any other bike enthusiasts with a Vita) this has come at the perfect time!

Spot on. Thank you Sony.
ShinnokDrako  +   562d ago
Mh... for the first time, there's nothing for me. But it's not a problem, i have a ton of games to finish ;P
Sper suggested Sly, it's great (i've already got it and finished it).
Well, maybe Hotline Miami for Vita... Mh... ok, so there's something for me too =P
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   562d ago
Ahh I got Hotline Miami in last months sale for 2 quid. :( it be cool if it was Ghosts of Sparta are something.
WitWolfy  +   562d ago
Meh... I'm not impressed, downloading Sly though.
Patrick_pk44  +   562d ago
Seems accurate to me since Asia is receiving Sly Cooper for PS+. Not a strong line up, but I can't expect one every month. This months was great for Vita.
heisenberguk  +   562d ago
Never got around to finishing sly 3 from the trilogy so I'll be doing that this week!
Dutch1585  +   562d ago
Slightly disappointing, but that is partly due to how good it has been.

Hot line Miami stands out for those who have not played it yet
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   562d ago
Meh I live in America, but I'm pretty sire we will get the same PS4 game. I doubt I'll renew my PS+ yet. I don't play online anyways.
Elvis-20  +   562d ago
gotta hear what they are going to offer for the North American Market!
sander9702  +   562d ago
I really hope this is fake because this is not a good lineup for me
zlatarscan  +   562d ago
PS3 and Vita lineup looks just fine for me. And Mercenary Kings? Well, i'll buy PS4 some day, but not for games like that
xJumpManx  +   562d ago
Usually Im jealous of Europes lineup but not this month.
wannabe gamer  +   562d ago
wow i hope the US lineup is completely different. i just signed up for a trial a few days ago and got this months games and plan to get next months...but not if it looks like this.
Stapleface  +   562d ago
How many people saying the ps4 game could be better, have actually played it? Looking at the reviews it's getting from players on Steam, it's a fun game. FUN! Not a graphics powerhouse. Did ps4 fans turn into the elitists that they call the pc guys now that Infamous came out? "I love my ps4 but didn't buy it for games like that" Game like what? Fun? lol You Playstation elitist graphics whores, you! So funny how quickly your kind changes. Don't worry, graphics won't matter again as soon as we see something your interested in that doesn't really look that good visually.

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