Is Facebook’s Acquisition Of Oculus Rift A Bad Thing?

Before the deal has even gone cold, EGMR poses a question to gamers asking whether Facebook's acquisition of Oculus Rift is a bad thing, or potentially beneficial for the VR device.

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Snookies121492d ago

It's underhanded at the very least. Those who backed the kickstarter for the Oculus Rift were not backing Facebook. They were backing the Oculus company to handle the device. I'm not a backer myself, but I can certainly tell why people would be angry with this. Anyone would be angry if they backed a small company, and they ended up selling out to a huge company you might dislike.

darthv721491d ago

The last part of your post is the part that stands out. "selling out to a huge company you might dislike."

Many may dislike the idea of FB buying OR but if FB lets OR to continue to develop their product their way then it shouldnt matter who bought them.

right now its all speculative if FB will radically change the whole plan that Or has been working on. Many see this as FB trying to be like google in a sense where they see an opportunity to capitalize on the work of smaller companies and want to corner the market.

that is neither good nor bad because its just too early to tell. Given the choice between many different bigger companies....which would have been a better fit for OR? MS, Google, Valve, FB, Nintendo....the list could go on but FB had the capital and OR had the sense to take the offer and now everyone there is richer for it.

Lets just give it some time to mature before we jump to conclusions.