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JR UK Gaming "This is where my opinion of this game could be a bit controversial but its MY opinion, I dont think game is complete, its been rushed out, its missing key features like Private Lobbies, the map variation isn’t great either. And the campaign may as well not be there, but this game HAS potential, I like the setting, the universe its in is very good, but there isn’t enough of it to demonstrate what should be a AAA title but isn’t. There is no doubt this game is going to sell well and I believe Xbox One console sales are up because of the Titanfall bundle alone, but this simply put isn’t a AAA title."

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buzzkiller61421489d ago ShowReplies(1)

in my opinion something is wrong with you. This is the best FPS in a long long long time

ThichQuangDuck1489d ago

Then why aren't you playing it or at least posting your own review in comment form after watching or reading the review?

antz11041489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Never liked the 5 point rate system, horrible way to rate games, and very inaccurate. Should always be out of 10.

Clogmaster1489d ago

Never liked the point rating system in general.

All reviews should be text only.

Agent_hitman1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Respawn Entertainment should have included Single Player campaign for this game.. think about it guys, you paid for multiplayer only game that cost $60, but on PC like Steam if you bought a multiplayer or single player only COD it will cost lower than the full pack..

I have seen many Steam user that have Multiplayer only FPS, not the full pack and I would say that it's worth it since it's cheaper.

Kiwi661489d ago

But then if they had a single player campaign you would have even more people saying that its just like CoD and Respawn would get even more criticism than they have already from a particular minority of gamers who in all likely hood would never play the game regardless of how much fun it is

caseh1489d ago

Sorry dude but the 'multiplayer only game' argument carries no weight.

I put in over 800 hours on MAG, 800 hours! It was a full priced multiplayer only game. No single player campaign is going to add value to that kind of longevity or experience.

n1kki61489d ago

I agree, this was my review and I played on PC. "This isn’t something I hope to do often. After playing Titanfall for around 15 hours I need to adjust my score. It could have provided something new to a genre that needed a boost, but, it turns out this wasn’t it. The addition of mechanics for destruction was welcome, but the concept wears thin quick and I find myself having a better time playing as if it’s a standard shooter.

One could say I am playing it wrong, that’s one way to look at it. But if a games sole existence is to be a multiplayer experience that introduces new mechanics, shouldn’t I want to embrace and use those mechanics to my advantage?

I won’t put a price on value, it subjective. It’s also dependent on a person’s gaming budget. That said, I would rather pay $75 for my experience with “The Last of Us” and the “Last of Us: Left Behind” DLC than I would be comfortable paying for an online only shoorter at a fraction of the cost, let alone full price. There is not enough variety in the gameplay to make this feel like more than the normal online only game, IE; Resogun, Warframe and Blacklight Retribution. The production values are definitely higher, but $45 higher is questionable.

Is it fun to play? Yes. Is it Respawns fault that it received the hype that it did? No.

But, an online only multiplayer shooter that doesn’t do anything great, but is just fun, is not something that should, or will push systems for long.

Also, I don’t want to hear the argument that games cost more to make so publishers need to charge more. I don’t have access to the books, but as a bystander, it seems the price supports the amount of advertising that goes into promotion. Twisted Metal on PS3 was supposed to be a PSN only game. Sony pushed it to be a $60 release and it fell short of expectations. This feels very similar.

When there are plenty of multiplayer online only games that deliver “fun” at a fraction of the cost, I find it hard to recommend purchasing this at full price unless your gaming budgets permits.

I don’t know how much time the big box sites put into reviewing their games, but when 15 hours leaves me bored with a multiplayer game I question it’s value and viability as a major player in the online shooter genre.

It’s also hard for me to accept that Killzone: Shadow Fall, as mediocre as the story may have been, is being dwarfed by an online only game, in which Killzone’s online multiplayer is better in my opinion, and offers a full story mode, which itself offered me more entertainment than the multiplayer only titanfall.


Boody-Bandit1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I agree with you on your score.
I feel this game falls in the 7-8 category. I have it for the XBOX ONE. It runs good enough and is fun to play in small doses but that's about it for me. I haven't played it in a week. I just think it's sorely lacking in so many areas and it could've used more time being polished to become a more complete game.

The graphics are good but not great, performance good not great, lacks multiplayer modes, not a fan of the bots (don't hate them, just not a fan), lacks customization, lacks weapon variety, sorely lacking online gaming room balance (pitting single digit players against level 40+) and the tacked on campaign that should've never existed (it's that bad). It's just an online tutorial being passed off as a campaign.

The only saving grace, and what I like most about this game, is the Titans themselves and the maps. The level design of these maps are exceptional. I feel beast when I'm cruising in a Titan but that's when the game slows down, performance wise.

This game could've been amazing but it screams, "WE NEEDED MORE TIME!"

My overall score would be a 7.5

Flutterby1489d ago

Seems fair I am more in the 7 region myself but that's only for fans of fps if u where scoring it personally I would give it a 5 because I found it not to my liking.