Media Molecule And Just Add Water Confirm They Have Their Hands On Project Morpheus

iGR: "The innovative team at Media Molecule has confirmed via Twitter that they received a Project Morpheus dev kit courtesy of SCE. In a conversation that started off as a collective WTF! over the sale of Oculus Rift to Facebook, Media Molecule’s technical director let the cat out of the bag that the studio has possession of Sony’s new VR tech."

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majiebeast1395d ago

Think Just Add Water having their hands on a Morpheus devkit is the bigger news.

EBTpickle1395d ago

Agreed. Headline updated.

NewMonday1395d ago

Play, Create, Share in a VR world

if this is MM's project it could be the killer app for Morpheus

Bathyj1395d ago

Imagine their creation tools in VR. It would be like just grabbing a lump of clay.

NewMonday1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

remember the original February2013 PS4 announcement, it had something like that..

forward to 1:22:01

WeAreLegion1395d ago

Freakin sweet. Can't wait for games from both studios.

ltachiUchiha1395d ago

Cant wait till E3. It should be an E3 to remember. Just hope there are no more layoffs. Bring it on.

medman1395d ago

I'm curious on how games featuring Morpheus VR support will work. Will they require Morpheus to play? Or will Morpheus simply be an optional game mode/setting you can select? I think developing a "normal" game to be viewed on a television or monitor AND a VR version would get very expensive and time consuming. Will developers now have to have a separate team just working on the VR component of games? And lastly, I can see a family buying one headset, but how will family type games fare with VR with only one headset? A family that wants to sit down and play LBP would need multiple headsets to play together, and I don't see too many people ponying up the money for that possibility. Don't get me wrong, I love new tech and I'm the guy who would buy Morpheus day one if it came with a game like GT7 or Project Cars, but I do have alot of questions.