Top 10 Obscure Nintendo Games that Deserve a Reboot or Sequel: Part 1

Rebooting old franchises and popular titles of yesteryear is nothing new for the videogame industry. But what nostalgic favorites can Nintendo bring to the table? Join Coty Sugg, as he count down the top 10 obscure Nintendo games that deserve a reboot.

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Geobros1276d ago

A yeah....eternal darkness was great!!

Djkmilo1276d ago

Great article. i'de made a list as well, doing a little research and owning and playing almost every nintendo franchise

Revive with a twist
Battle clash HD M
Match rider HD M
Kabuki quantum fighter HD M (HAL IP but nintendo owns HAL)
Urban champ HD M
telrtoboxer HD
Tin star/sherrif/wild gunman cross HD T conquer bad furday concept/humor
FZEro beat them up HD T

Hyrule total war mmo HD
Fatal frame wii u HD
Advance wars/batallion wii u
Warlocked wii (not nintendo ip but they nintendo publish)
Odama wiiu
Yoshie safary

Shiek/Zelda HD M
Metriod-Starfox-Fzero cross HD M
Kid ikarus vs Gods/legends/myths around the world
Beat elite agents world wide music
Kyle hyde develop by 5level
Punch out handheld
Sin punish 3ds
Golden sun 4
Star tropic 3
Drill drozer 2
Joy metch fight 2
Punch out!! actual sport base fighting game
Metroid fusion sequel

FREE TO PLAY OS/console/handhald
arcade classics
Zombie Duck Hunt
Pinball nintendo
Eco plant
Clu clu land
Ballon fight
Classic mini sub-games compilation
Sutte hakku_famicon snow dude

-Dark mario game rpg
Introduce mario as a family mario wario waluigy luigy daiay kooplings peach deeper toads intro prof pauline tatanga syrup king warth king koopa
-Foot race urban mario free running races using power ups
-Fox fps friendlier COD BF develop by Platinum
-Donkey kong country reunion (later on since tropical freeze just drop)
-Pokemon\fossil fight mmo
-Old school spaceshooter nintendo OS game spaceships RadarScope-Solarstriker-Flameb ird Space Fever (samus spaceship, arwing DLC)
-Nintendo RMXS all gens
-Yoshi Birdo island ( about time they use birdo in a real game)
-prince fluff

Pokemon nintendog
Kirby starfy
Exiedbike.wave race,1080° extreme sports cross
Chibbi ROB cap rainbow doshin giant
Pandoras, last story, Hyrule, RTS
Battle clash-Sin punish
Costum robo-joy mech fight
Teleroboxer-punch out
Takumaru-sakura samurai
Pulseman-kabuki quantom fighter ( again nintendo pretty much owns Gamefreak and Hal)
Kirby galaxy
Kud ikarus devil word

Remakes HD
Day of Disaster
Fatal frame
Edless ocean
Capitan rainbow