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Submitted by mrbojingles 684d ago | news

Titanfall servers down, game completely inoperable for time being

Right now Xbox One owners who want to play Titanfall are being dismissed with an error message saying that the servers are down, reminding players of the perils of cloud gaming. (TitanFall, Xbox One)

SourShoes   684d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(10)
corvusmd  +   684d ago
This will give me a chance to FINALLY play some MGS, however, despite the fact that this will get approved at lightning money it's fixed before this gets approved.

(also technically the title is wrong, it's not COMPLETELY inoperable...some are still able to only affects some players...I am playing right now in fact).
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Christopher  +   684d ago
Wait... which is it? You going to play MGS or Titanfall?
christocolus  +   684d ago
I called my brother like an hour ago, he was playing the game..i dont think this affects everyone but im sure MS will resolve this asap.
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Gunstar75  +   684d ago
OMG.... someone tell Thruway so he can report on it... his masters will be pleased
Mystogan  +   684d ago
I'm still playing just fine... So are people in my friends list.
Ra3030   684d ago | Trolling | show
UbiquitousClam  +   684d ago
I'm getting no such message, the game works fine. Where is this guy?
dale1  +   684d ago
Its ok on the aus servers this is for pc western wants are down
Juangie3  +   684d ago
Server fall out now. Only on xboxone. Kidding this shows that nobody is immune to downtime it happens to the best of them.
MasterCornholio  +   684d ago
The games online only. Servers go down and the game becomes unplayable. Its absolutely normal and its no big deal. Just play something else in the meantime.

P.S anyone who thinks servers never have issues are idiots.
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senis_kenis  +   684d ago
but but but all I've heard from xboners what live teh cloudz never goes down, and that's why they have everything behind paywall....
cubcake  +   684d ago
First of all, speak english, your comment makes you sound uneducated. Second, master is right. It's not like the game was broken it was only down for about an hour.
B1uBurneR  +   684d ago
They need to add private games
cruzngta  +   684d ago
That is why they should have made this a complete game with a real single player campaign AND a bots mode in case this happens. Its a great game to play and you shouldnt be restricted from enjoying it due to problems like these.
Killzoner99  +   684d ago
I hate to say it but this was inevitable. The game is crazy unstable and it's become apparent that the servers aren't up to the task. They might get it going again but it's just going to keep happening again and again. This is why you CAN'T be a slave to always online gaming. Microsoft just doesn't have the infrastructure to support it.
n4rc  +   684d ago
Oh I bet you loved saying that given your name Lol..

And unstable how? This is a localized issue, most people are playing it just fine..

And after tons of playing time, never had issues connecting or had a ping above 30ms
BX81  +   684d ago
Where do you live and what system do you game on? I've never seen it below 57 ping. The majority of the time it's in the 60's.
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Alsybub  +   684d ago
I have to say that Titanfall is one of the most stable online games I have ever played. I was discussing it the other day when me and a couple of friends realised we had never been kicked from a game or had difficulty joining. We hadn't even noticed lag in a game.

My ping is generally around 40ms
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n4rc  +   684d ago
I'm in Niagara falls Canada.. Usually 25-35ms to north central.. 35-45 to east us and maybe 80-90 to west us..

Most days I could play on west Europe servers at 100ms
cubcake  +   684d ago
No. It's actually not crazy unstable. Troll.
Gamer666  +   684d ago
Have you even played the game? I've been on it since launch weekend with no issues at all.
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Goku781  +   684d ago
borgome  +   684d ago
I hope this game really rustles my jimmies.
Red0eye0ceo  +   684d ago
I'm on playing right now.
Flames76  +   684d ago
This guy needs to be sued for slander.Titanfalls servers are not down been playing most of the day on the X1.I believe they was down for maybe an hour but so what?Get a damn life go outside
Madderz  +   684d ago
"...been playing most of the day on the X1."

"Get a damn life go outside"

Wait, wut? Practice what you preach there kiddo ;)

OT: No big deal, servers always go down. Fingers crossed they are back up for the guys that can't log on!! I hate it when things like that happen.
headblackman  +   684d ago
totally agreed. i live in the us and I was playing all day yesterday with no issues what so ever. but i guess the fanbot mind would come up with anything in attempts to discredit something good. im now starting to understand that every key feature that's spoken about negatively about the x1 is just a fanbots way of saying that's a really nice feature that id love to have on the console of my choice or that's a feature that could really do some damage to the survival of the console of my choice, so i have to slander and destroy all hope of it getting any legs up under it so that doesn't happen (let's spread lies and make what could very well be amazing seem like smoke and mirrors so that we can catch as many non-educated individuals as possible and make them think that the competition is not for you and the console of my choice is god send) how lame.
patsrule316  +   684d ago
I live in the U.S., and I definitely couldn't connect around 4:30 in the afternoon. It was constantly sayind "Cannot connect to server." It may not have affected everyone, but the issue did affect some in the U.S.
urwifeminder  +   684d ago
Seem fine to me have not noticed a blip.
mikescoates  +   683d ago
I was wondering if, whenever 'server' issues are reported on Titanfall, whether gamers should be upset with Microsoft, EA or Respawn. Who actually runs the servers and who puts out the contracts to run them?

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