Top 50 Greatest Fighting Moves in Video Game History - 50-41

Robert Workman (Prima Games): Over the past two decades, we've seen powerful moves in a variety of fighting games, from realistic throws in Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive to over-the-top maneuvers like Ken's Shinryuuken in Street Fighter Alpha. Literally hundreds if not thousands of bone-crushing moves, which made choosing the 50 greatest a tall order.

Regardless, we met challenge head-on. That said, here’s 50-41.

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ATi_Elite1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Dragon Punch has got to be number one! Shoryuken!!!!!

Followed by Scorpions "GET OVER HERE"

SegaGamer1456d ago

Don't you mean Kamehameha ? After all, Hadouken is a complete rip off of the move :P

JeromeNtheHouse1455d ago


-_- yea...THAT'S what I meant. smh

SegaGamer1455d ago

I meant it in a jokey way, get a sense of humour.