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Deal Alert – Amazon Offering the BioShock Triple Pack for $12

Slimgamer writes:

"We love a good deal as much as the next gamer, and today we’re getting one heck of a deal on Amazon. If you’re a fan of the BioShock franchise today’s you’re lucky day as all three games are going for $12 bucks." (BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock: Infinite, PC)

Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   609d ago
Reasons like this make the PC awesome! Lame i already own all 3 lol
Soldierone  +   609d ago
Don't know why. Got the first two for 5 bucks comibined from Amazon on PS3, included some DLC. Also got Infinite for free thanks to PS Plus.

So good deals are not exclusive to PC.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   609d ago
I never said they were, but thanks for bringing consoles into a PC story.
DrSteveBrule2   609d ago | Spam
Soldierone  +   609d ago
It isn't a PC story, its a Bioshock story. PC fans invade console stories all the time anyways, so it doesn't matter. lol
franwex  +   609d ago
I just got the Original Bioshock for $5. I played infinite for free due to ps plus.

Not sure if I should get Bioshock 2 though...
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   609d ago
It's not bad, I enjoyed it but 1 and 3 are better
themiracle  +   609d ago
for what it's worth
i thought the gameplay was better in 2 than either of the irrational games.
of course the story and world doesn't have the same impact since they are revisiting rapture.. but I felt the shooting in 1 and infinite were a little to hectic, while 2 got it dialed in a bit better

just my 2c
SolidGear3  +   609d ago
Owned all 3 upon their launches. Except 1 was the PS3 version.

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