Zero Punctuation reviews Painkiller retrospectively

This week, a Painkiller retrospective.

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Tempist3534d ago

Hmmm... perhaps I Painkiller is worth a try. I like good reviewers on old games.

PR0F3TA3534d ago

you should def try it... i totally forgot about this game. Its like an all balls out game in hell and you shoot all sorts of demonds and even battle the devil at the end, and hes HUGE and i mean effing HUGE!

ahh the memories

Charlie26883534d ago

Painkiller + Expansion are such a BLAST there is nothing more fun than butchering HUNDREDS of enemies onscreen and also the game never has a dull moment since one minute you are fighting witches and demons on a medieval castle and next thing you know you are fighting some crazy soldiers on a military base or some cult member on a Opera House! also the variety and bizarreness of the games guns adds a LOT like my favorite a minigun with a F_CKING rocket launcher attached

did I mentioned the boss battles are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE?

g3nkie3534d ago

Does everybody actually watch these?

jadenkorri3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

his reviews are hilarious and honest, most of his reviews i agree with, and i convert every one to mpeg1 to put on my ps3, so i can load them up anytime

BTW people do watch these, the site was actually so busy i couldn't watch the video until a cpl mins ago

Silellak3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I am a n00b, so if you could tell me how to convert his videos to an MPEG, you would be the greatest human being ever to exist on the planet ever.

I really want videos of all his stuff on my iPod Touch.

g3nkie3534d ago

Isn't it funny that G4 uses his reviews on XPlay? I don't know...sounds kind of funny to me..

kingme713534d ago

I honestly cannot understand him when XPlay shows a portion of his review. When I watch them online, they are much easier to follow. I don't know what it is, maybe on my couch my brain slows way down.

Adamalicious3534d ago

I would guess that The Escapist only allows them to show a preview because they actually want people to visit their site to see the whole thing - as opposed to seeing the whole thing on TV and then never going to their site and saying things like "The Escapist? What's that?"

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TheBigL053R3534d ago

Eh, I might give it a try.

desolationstorm3534d ago

Is the video not playing for anyone else?

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