15 Things Gamers Can Do to Pass Five Hours

Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Anyway, this week on Gaming Happens, I give you a list of a bunch of stuff that gamers can do with five hours to waste."

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WeAreLegion1454d ago

Ya know? I think she's onto something with that adding Netflix's Max to Steam. However, I think it would be cool if you had the option for Steam to randomly launch one of the games from your "Favorites" section.

...or automatically launch Just Cause 2. God knows that's what I'll end up playing, anyway.

Hellsvacancy1454d ago

Die a thousand times in Dark Souls 2.... in 5 hours? i'd give up if I was that bad

I doubt i've died 100 times in my 36 hours of playing, died abit at the beginning