These 6K Screenshots of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Are Incredible

T1 - Reddit user K-putt has just posted some 6K screenshots of Assassins’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and the results are graphic card-melting levels of awesome.

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Lior1726d ago

shame cant view them in native 6k for around another 2 years until the 6k monitors are presented at CES

Neonridr1726d ago

is 6 the next logical step? I would have thought 8K would have been the next move.

CaEsAr-1725d ago

Damn it would be nice if tech can hold on for some time, I can't even afford a 4k TV yet.

ginsunuva1725d ago

I'm pretty sure anything past 4k isn't even noticeable by our eyes anymore, so I don't see the point

KontryBoy7061724d ago

Great I can't wait for 6K to be presented. I wish it was next week. That way the damn 4K monitors and TVs can go down to the price they SHOULD be.

Akuma071724d ago

Yeah Neonridr is right, the next step won't be 6K it will be closer to 8K.

But yeah, even though they will be presented at CES, don't expect them to be affordable for another year or two after that.

4K monitors still aren't really affordable as of yet.

Deku-Johnny1725d ago

I think most people don't even have 2K screens yet. Why is everything so expensive?!

Neixus1725d ago

2k screens aren't that expensive :p
1440p screens are actually pretty normal among us pc gamers.

Akuma071724d ago

Your average PC user probably doesn't, but I think most PC gamers would by now.

psman0121725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I personally don't get the point. 6k is cool and everything, but until textures, models and shaders are all upgraded, what's the point? Look at the forest picture for example. The leaves are flat and have noticeable creaces in them. It's cool that they are scaled and rendered so high, but it doesn't look all that amazing. Once bigger, clearer textures and higher poly meshes are included, it's just gonna look kinda redundant.

k3x1725d ago

Exactly. What can be said about it is that it looks sharp, blocky and lifeless. Not in the least bit impressive. Reminds of all the hi-res texture mods that make game worlds look like they were covered in anal lube. But hey, some people like that... Go figure.

ninjahunter1724d ago

And everyone proceeded to look at them on their 1080p (or less) screens.