Killzone: Mercenary’s Botzone due sooner than planned

It appears that Guerrilla Cambridge‘s long awaited Botzone mode for FPS Killzone: Mercenary is days away from a release.

Laura Dilloway, Senior Environment Artist for Guerrilla Cambridge, posted a tweet early Friday morning hinting that a release date had been set for the mode.

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vongruetz1524d ago

I love how Guerrilla supports this game by constantly adding new features. I wish all game developers took the time to add value to the games they make.

teflontactics1524d ago

I totally agree; Guerrilla Cambridge is setting the gold standard for "how to support a PSVita game".

vongruetz1524d ago

Dragon's Crown is another game that gets some really good, feature adding, updates.

dcj05241523d ago

As well as all the free DLC in Soul Sacrifice.

Gamesgbkiller1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Am I the only one who can't play online ?

I didn't get the chance to enter any match since the last 4 months.. why?

Is there something wrong with the game or it is just me?

XANDEO1524d ago

Ive had problems with it in the past and I ended up giving up in the end sadly cause I really liked the game.

PoSTedUP1524d ago

hmm... no i play all the time. i use to have problems but that was due to my internet, my ISP sent me a new modem and router and it has been working flawlessly. try seeing if you need an update for the game or something. best of luck.

teflontactics1524d ago

Could be a bunch of different things; internet connection quality, modem settings, ISP restrictions, not updating the game, a PSVita hardware issue...

Without knowing more I'm not sure, but most connection issues can be fixed with guides found on the internet - so there's things you can try before giving up.

TheGrimReaper00111524d ago

I haven't
However, I haven't been able to play online with Soul Sacrifice for quite some time now and no updates on this
I keep getting connection error, even though all other games work fine
Hell, when Souls Sacrifice first came out, I could play online perfectly fine
I really hope this gets fixed, cause I loved to play Soul Sacrifice with others =(

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remanutd551524d ago

Killzone Mercenary is in my opinion the best portable FPS game ever created.

PoSTedUP1524d ago

eh... thats a fact, lol. i like its online better than a lot of console FPS tbh. i play everyday almost, im addicted.

paul-p19881523d ago

IMO It's the best FPS ever, i have never actually enjoyed any FPS games apart from the 1st Resistance but this game is easily the best

Monolith1524d ago

Agreed. Finally botzone. I have been waiting for this.

PoSTedUP1524d ago

thankyou GC! very appreciative of these free maps and updates!