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D4 can ‘prove potential’ of Kinect on Xbox One – Swery65

Access Games director Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro talks to X-ONE about the power of Kinect and what you can expect from D4 (D4, Xbox One)

MichaelLito79  +   157d ago
I have been waiting to see more on this game, hope MS shows the potential of it at E3.
christocolus  +   157d ago
Same here..ive been keeping an eye on this one too same with project spark and kinect sports rivals.. Early previews of the game have been very positive. Hope we get to see more soon.
Killzoner99  +   157d ago
I love how they have to "prove potential" of Kinect. Shouldn't they have already done that? You don't see Sony trying to "prove" anything. They just do.
No_Limit  +   157d ago
They were tying to "proof" Killzone is a Halo killer for 4 games now and each new sequel just keep getting worst and worst.
stuna1  +   157d ago
Sony did no such thing! If anything the media proliferatd that lie.

Sony never said once that Killzone was a Halo killer! The fact people agreed with you shows just how slanted this site is.

In Sony articles expect Xbox fans to be voted down, while in Microsoft articles expect PlayStation fans to be voted down.

And Fanatical Fanboys will be voted down in any article.
BakPAin  +   157d ago

Your one of the reasons this site is the way you say! Give me a break with all the fanboy crap! Xbox articles are the only ones you ever see on this site where Xbox fans get down voted and PS fanboys get all the glory? On PS threads theres not that many Xbox fanboys and the ones who do post have like 100 disagrees in a 15 min span..its crazy! You need to check these articles better before you say something like that again.

And you are right that Killzone being a Halo Killer was a media thing. Sony never said it was, but im pretty sure they hoped it would be!
rdgneoz3  +   157d ago
@BakPAin Hoping doesn't mean much. MS hoped people would like 24 hour check-ins and a bunch of other things, but 180s showed that didn't work out well.

And hope also doesn't mean Sony was "tying to "proof" Killzone is a Halo killer", nor does it prove the education system is working...
dcbronco  +   157d ago
Killzoner Sony has done nothing with their camera. So I'm not sure what it is they are just doing.
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ananas  +   157d ago
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CrossingEden  +   157d ago
So when did they prove that the ps3 can have
1080/120 fps as the standard
4d graphics
Yea i thought so.
rdgneoz3  +   157d ago
How's actually putting games out at 1080p working for you?
malokevi  +   157d ago
You're right. No need to "prove" Morpheus, since many of you will lap it up like faithful dogs.

Sony is god. No, scratch that, Sony is better than god. Everybody knows that.

*feeds himself to the Jackals*
jebabcock  +   157d ago
Overall Sony has always had a more positively viewed brand. MS practices earned them their reputation long before xbox came along. MS having to prove things comes from a massive Laundry list of back pedals and broken promises along with shady business practices. This isn't a fanboy gaming thing it is an MS brand issue.

Have you read most articles about ms products outside of gamin lately. The same thing happens. Windows 8.1 is doomed... Windows mobile devices doomed, Bing doomed, Internet Explorer doomed, Office Doomed... The list goes on and on... Don't blame Sony because MS no longer is a respected brand... The problem with MS is much bigger than just MS vs Sony... Many people opt for Sony not for because they are Sony fans but to avoid being tied to MS....
malokevi  +   157d ago
Personally, I couldn't care less about brands. I'm in it for the experience. I like my Xbox One, my Surface RT, my Lumia 520 (cheap and effective). I also like my PS4, my Sony big-screen TV, my Samsung not-as-big-screen TV, my many Ipods, my Macbook, my windows PC, my bag of skittles, my Burton snowboard, my LRG t-shirts, my Nike runners, my American Eagle jeans, and my black Timberlands, among the piles of other crap that come from companies that are hated by someone out there for reasons that all-too-often escape me.

Maybe I'm too easy to please. Maybe I just dont care. Maybe I think this whole brand loyalty thing is a big joke, and that you should derive enjoyment from things that interest you without having to pick sides and build negative perceptions around the things you dont necessarily want to buy.

I dont blame Sony for anything. I LIKE SONY! But I hate the people on this website who bow down to them as though they were the last bastion of true gaming. It's completely ridiculous.

So, if I happen to look like I've got it out for Sony, keep in mind that that isn't the case. I've got it out for these brainwashed jokers. Immature consumers. I'm a born-and-bred consumer. Practice makes perfect, and I've been at it for a while.
creatchee  +   157d ago

I completely agree. I love Sony products, but I hate Sony fanboys - or at least what a lot of them do and say on N4G and other sites. Not to say that I like MS fanboys, but they are far less in numbers - even last gen, despite what some "victims" might tell you in their retcons of N4G history.
Bundi  +   157d ago
Playstation Move.
*Drops mic, ducks tomatoe flung at him, walks off the stage with self satisfied smirk*
ArbitorChief  +   157d ago
Guerilla Games failed to prove to the whole world that they're a good developer once again XD Dat KZSF MP population.
SixtyNine  +   157d ago
Master-H  +   157d ago
Umm didn't they already prove that with Killzone2, it has an above 90 metacritic average, and the majority of the killzone fanbase considers it the best in the series, or is above 90 still not enough in your eyes ? what's the best kinect game metacritic average so far ? i'm pretty sure none of them reach even the 80/100 lol
way to troll off topic btw.
Bundi  +   157d ago
*reluctantly goes back on stage, picks up a microphone*
Dance Central had a Metacritic score of 82
Dance Central 2 had a Metacritic score of 86
Dance Central 3 had a Metacritic score of 86
the combined average of the Dance Central franchise is 84

Killzone has a Metacritic score of 70
Killzone 2 has a Metacritic score of 91
Killzone 3 has a Metacritic score of 84
Killzone mercenaries has a Metacritic score of 78
Killzone liberation has a Metacritic score of 77
Killzone Shadowfall has a Metacritic score of 73

Combined, the average score of the Killzone franchise is 78.

* activates tomato proof blast shields, drops the mic and walks off stage*
Flamingweazel  +   157d ago
4 years and we are still talking "Potential". Kinect is trash and adds nothing to gaming period. Ms insistence on ramming it down peoples throats is mind boggling.
BakPAin  +   157d ago
And since your mouth is a landfill, you dont mind if I stuff more trash down your throat!!
Flamingweazel  +   157d ago
Only morons still think motion games are good LOL, even nintendo abandoned the motion gimmick it's market is gone, the fad is over. MS is finding this out the hardway. Waste of resources.
jackanderson1985  +   157d ago
i got the original kinect... great fun on the Sports games, the racing game and the "challenge" game that came with it with friends at parties....i've got an xbox one kinect, voice commands (when i switch to UK locale since they don't have it in ireland yet for some reason) are great for jumping between games or snapping IE(that is crap though poor IE) for help on certain parts, really like the voice controls for Fifa and the integration into DR3.

just because it does nothing for you doesn't mean it does nothing for everyone...
Flamingweazel  +   157d ago
Only morons still think motion games are good LOL, even nintendo abandoned the motion gimmick it's market is gone, the fad is over. MS is going to be in for a long gen.
BakPAin  +   157d ago
Lol...I dont agree but hey I gave you a bubble for trying and being funny!
IanVanCheese  +   157d ago
Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason already has me sold, the wake racing was hella fun.

Fru looks really cool too, can't wait to see some more indies using it.
creeping judas  +   157d ago
Am I upset that Kinect was included withmy X1 purchase, no.
Am I using the current usage of the Kinect to it's potential, no. I do use it to turn on the X1 and turn off the X1, but rarely do I snap anything. Oh I do love the "record" feature.
Do I want to see something awesome out of the Kinect, hell yeah!!
Hopefully D4 and Kinect Sport Rivals are finally those killer apps that Kinect needs to prove itself as an awesome peripheral.
mhunterjr  +   157d ago
I actually use kinect all the time for the snap function... Especially now that they've made the party system actually useable.

I use it to navigate TV or search for programming on the various streaming services. I also use it in limited capacity in DR3, BF4, and Ryse. I will use it in project spark and I'm eagerly awaiting KSR.

If they improve on the vocabulary recognition a bit and allow more actions, I'd use it ALL the time. I'd like to say "Xbox switch to party chat" instead of snapping the party app, then changing the settings. I'm looking forward to further enhancements.

So yeah I'm content with what I have so far, and I know it has potential to do more. Here's hoping d4 delivers, and others follow suit.
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BakPAin  +   157d ago
Kinect needs more developers like this who are willing to take time to make game for it and not do a rush job like Ubisoft and Fighter Within! Cant wait to try out D4!
TheTowelBoy  +   157d ago
Every new iteration of gaming peripherals will need SOME devs to take the fall to seewhere it can go. It's just no one has really tried with Kinect that hard. I'm not saying games haven't been made for it. But it's still irrelevant to the core of the gaming community. I'd love for AAA games to come to PS move and Kinect and the future VR setups, but until then I don't suspect any of these will get much support unless the core wants it. Kinect's another story though since every X1 owner has one there is a platform and potential buyers. But the interest in it is not viable enough for people to seek it out specifically for that platform. I'd love to see what a competent attempt of the Kinect controls could do to the core's interest.

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