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You can now get Xbox One and Forza 5 For $400 on Amazon Thanks to Price Drop and Promotion

As the price of the Xbox One has been dropped pretty much by every major retailer (including Microsoft’s own store) to $449, you can now get it even cheaper thanks to a promotion on Amazon. (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

Update Update: looks like the code's validity lasted only for half an hour. If anyone managed to grab the sweet deal, congratulations, otherwise, $450 with a game is still a pretty decent price.

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Apollo1  +   469d ago
Great deal, open the competition Microsoft !!
u got owned  +   469d ago
this is a really good deal. Although im not a big fan of racing games.

This deal actually puts Xbone bellow PS4 price.
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adonis183  +   469d ago
Someone's desperate damn!! After they saw that 106% spike In the PS4.
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tuglu_pati  +   469d ago
This may be an Amazon mistake. So for those of you on the fens you better hurry up before they notice it.

Or It could be that stores are clearing out stock... Kinect-less SKU confirmed?
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zeal0us  +   469d ago
Its a good deal and will help sell some XB1s but Amazon will be losing some money over it. Unsold product is worse than product being at a cheaper price. I'm pretty sure Amazon will disable the promotional code before the end of the week.
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tuglu_pati  +   469d ago
It was an Amazon mistake, they fixed the price to $479.99. Great deal for whoever bought it before Amazon noticed it.
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Lawboy2  +   469d ago
It's a very good deal that means u can get an xbox one for 340...plus forza 60....add titanfall 460 and xbox live for 40 ....all that for 500...and if anyone does purchase this make sure u pick up plants v zombies that's a great game

Honestly this has me so hyped for some reason....it may just be the bag of gummi bears I just ate...I don't know
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Neoninja  +   469d ago
I'm gonna add to that Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 as well. Both very fun games in their own right.
This is a good deal that I hope people take advantage of if they were on the fence.
URNightmare  +   469d ago
Usually, when retailers want to get rid of whatever stock they have with such discounts, it's because a new sku is coming and cheaper. I predict a Kinectless Xbox One With perhaps less memory and external HHDs as a choice like they did with the 360.
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No_Limit  +   469d ago
Great news, this will entice more customers to buy the system. I bought mine for full price and I ain't mad, more people that buy the consoles = better things will come for us all.

OT, this might be a price error so for those that want it for that price, I would do it now.
Lawboy2  +   469d ago
Agreed...I bought mine in november haven't look back since...I love both my consoles wouldn't trade them for the world

@ mastercornholio...

It might be ppl on gamefaqs are saying it may be over....if so I'm going to be pissed
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badboy776  +   469d ago
Desperate is so last gen........
MasterCornholio  +   469d ago
It only lasted 30 minutes.


I wasn't expecting that at all.
MasterCornholio  +   469d ago
It has to be a mistake. There's no way that they will drop the price that quickly unless the system is an absolute failure in terms of sales.
dekke  +   469d ago
i would play that over hyped TF on PC..but i just dont like that game =)
Goku781  +   469d ago
No thank you. Still not worth the risk in my opinion. Titanfall is out, nothing else nowhere near that interesting coming out this year, unless they can put out a new Halo.
Lawboy2  +   469d ago
Sunset overdrive
Quantum break
Kinect sports rivals
And halo

Not to mention e3 and pax reveals
SlapHappyJesus  +   469d ago
Very true.
Honestly, I don't care about the hype behind the PS4. Being a PC gamer, the fact that the PS4 has the better multiplats means nothing to me. If I were to put value on the three systems based on their games available and those announced, I would have to place the PS4 in third at the moment.
Again, not calling it a bad system. It's obviously a great system. They other two just better justify their cost for me, as a primarily PC gamer.
urwifeminder  +   469d ago
Great time to jump in with this price.
DoesUs  +   469d ago
Anything to make March NPD results more favourable I guess...
Apollo1  +   469d ago
Maybe, but don't forget a lot purchased Xbox One just for titanfall.
InTheLab  +   469d ago
Did they? You'd think there would be articles about it...
kenshiro100  +   469d ago
I doubt it.
nerdman67  +   469d ago
Wonderful deal. I can see a lot of people buying it now
DarkLord1003  +   469d ago
Now all they need to do is drop kinect and I'm on board
No_Limit  +   469d ago
Dude, you are basically getting the console for $340 minus the game and the Kinect and if applicable, free shipping and no sales tax. Deal of a century man!! :-D

Edit: too late, deal is over, it is back to $450 now. See, you should have acted sooner. :-)
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DarkLord1003  +   469d ago
Haha ^^ yeah you're right
Should've acted sooner
mrmarx  +   469d ago
i might get one. thats a deal.. nevermind i'll just use that money for a pc. i'll never buy a crap box one
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N8  +   469d ago
Damn guess I should have waited smh oh well
jasondracd  +   469d ago
Still waiting until the very first hour after their E3 conference.

Waited this long...what's a few more months to me?
sourgrouch   469d ago | Spam
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   469d ago
I'd say we should get used to this type of thing coming from my the Xbox camp. Stop the bleeding as the gap widens.
Animal Mutha 76  +   469d ago
if you are a fan of racers I would highly recommend. no fanboy bs.
Ank666  +   469d ago
Lol M$ desperately trying to match PS4 install base before developers start picking PS4 as lead platform everywhere

They don't really care about profit anymore
The shit has just hit the business & both are heading straight for the fan
MrKrispy  +   469d ago
what part did i miss where it said microsoft are doing this promotion as i'm pretty sure it says amazon unless you know something that everyone else missed so please explain this desperation you speak of
ShinnokDrako  +   469d ago
I'm imagining Jack Black, reading this article and shouting (like in Brütal Legend):

"Desperatioooooooooooooo oon!" *beheads the boss, that for the occasion had a shirt with written M$*

Well, it seems it's just an Amazon deal, probabl they're tired of all of those unsold Xbone in their warehouse =P
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NeloAnjelo  +   469d ago
MS just listen to people...

Lower the Price by $100.
Make your UI better
Drop the TV stuff and HDMI in that doesn't even work well in Europe.

And there you have it. A better XBONE already.
combolock  +   469d ago
Does Microsoft even care about Europe? It hasn't even released in most of the countries in Europe. As long as MS gets USA and UK I think they will be happy.
elsuperamigo  +   469d ago
Sad part for xbone is.that.sony.is beating them.in those 2 territories
NeloAnjelo  +   469d ago
Well they lowered the price in Europe, so that shows they want to compete globally. Like the planned launch in Japan. You only invest for return.
alti  +   469d ago
well damn, that price drop came sooner than expected. I feel sorry for the people that already bought it
The_Truth_24_7  +   469d ago
But I already have a PS4.
incredibleMULK  +   469d ago
now thats a good deal. Its about damn time. This is tempting. Sony better start dropping some games fast.
GraveLord  +   469d ago
Xbox One sales must be extremely behind their projections if they're running these many price drops promotions. I'd even say a little desperate.
hheller2004  +   469d ago
desperate lol. why would you say that? It would put the price on par with the ps4 .. That's competitive business. The My Little Sony Pony Hypocrisy's....
hheller2004  +   469d ago
Sorry most of the games that sony will drop wont be until 2015. You will have to wait unless you like indies. AAA Exclusives will be short. If you like a Superior Social Gaming Experience.. Epic FPS. Superb Racing Games .. Classic Fighting Genre Killer Instinct. Next generation story telling Quantum break. Not to mention games like Halo 5, Gears of War and games that sony used to have exclusive like Final Fantasy 15 , Kingdom Hearts 3, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Autos, and many more exclusives unannounced until E3 wrapped into other features only the Xbox ONE can do with Kinect. Such as a complete integration of voice command. Consistent Updates to make the console Evolve. You should buy an Xbox one. If the exclusives you want are on ps4 games that Microsoft offers is appealing to you ... The will eventually come provided their are not more studio layoffs from Sony in there financial situations. "This message is approved by Chuck Norris..."

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