Xbox One is Now $450 on Microsoft Store, Price Drop All But Confirmed

CraveOnline: "Just a few days ago Walmart and Best Buy reduced the price of the Xbox One from $500 down to $450. Although it seemed like a temporary sale to boost March NPD numbers, it may be much more than that."

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JMaine5181277d ago

The power of the players.

URNightmare1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I would say that if they get rid of Kinect and offer a $350 sku without it.

gaffyh1277d ago

I said since the console launched, if TitanFall wasn't as successful as MS hoped, we would see a price cut straight after. I still think there'll be another $50 cut in a few weeks.

Army_of_Darkness1277d ago

This is weird. Xbone gets a price cut but the ps4 gets a price increase in Canada?! Wtf Sony??

zeal0us1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Well selling an Kinect-less X1 SKU for $350 would be a better way to go without losing much money.

However Microsoft stated $500 the X1 would either break even or become profitable( If the X1 is at $450 then they are definitely losing some money over this. If they are bundling it with a game then they are losing a lot more. If this price-cut is permanent then it definitely cause an uproar like the 3DS did.

SilentNegotiator1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )


I'll bet the other $50 comes at E3. Maybe even a Kinect-less SKU.

tuglu_pati1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Yo, just in!!!!

Amazon has the Forza 5 bundle for $399.99. There you have it folks.

sonarus1277d ago

Microsoft really miscalculated here. Believing the Xbox 1 with its weaker specs and kinnect was of greater value than the PS4. $100 greater value in fact. It seems they have realized rather quickly that is not the case. Even i did not forsee a price drop this early.

However the disadvantage of being the more expensive console from the onset means that your competitor can also cut price to stay ahead. Solution for MS here needs to be swallow pride and take out kinnect. Developers still aren't lining up to do anything great on it so at this point they just need to cut their losses and accept that they aren't going to be selling a 450 machine to casuals when they are far cheaper options available.

kopicha1277d ago


because 1 sells, another is desperate trying to sell.

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u got owned1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Amazon also have them at $450. That's not a bad deal considering you don't have to pay tax with them.

"Titanfall also managed to outsell inFamous: Second Son, demonstrating that the Xbox One can achieve a high attachment ratio. "

I'm not sure if this is correct, where is this author getting his info?

LexHazard791277d ago

You are questioning the Titanfall sold more than Infamous, right? Because Xbox One does have the higher attach rate.

metatronx1277d ago

@bakpain lol higher attach rate on xbone? Are you out of your mind right now?

showtimefolks1277d ago


you must be talking about xbox360 my friend because ps4 has much higher attach rate than xbox one.

infamous 2nd son increased ps4's sale by 106% while Titanfall helped xbox one's sale spike to 94%

both are doing well but let's not jump the gun about the fact games are selling better on ps4 at the moment with much higher install base

Kavorklestein1277d ago

@showtime folks, that sales increase was UK ONLY dude. We don't have US numbers.

slazer1011276d ago

@ u got owned.

Amazon does charge tax. It depends what state you live in. As of January 1st Amazon charges tax in California due to a law that passed. Just sayin.

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SilentNegotiator1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

More like the power of supply and demand.

Anyone could have told them that demand wouldn't keep up with supply at $500. Gamers don't want to pay $500 for a console and people aren't interested in Kinect anymore.

n4rc1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I love how you think you speak for everyone..

I'm a gamer, have been for 25+ years.. I had no issue spending $500 on something that will give me hundreds of hours of entertainment.

And kinect is a nice bonus.. Voice control in games and the ui is sweet plus 1080p skype.. And virtually everyone that has one likes it

Its one thing to say YOU don't have $500 or you don't want a kinect.. But comments like yours are like you're speaking for me

SilentNegotiator1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I don't have to speak for the average gamer; the statistics have done that.

And yes, I was speaking of the average gamer, not you. You'd either have to be playing dumb or be a massive narcissist to come to any other conclusion. I never said Xbone had zero demand.

KarrBOMB1277d ago


You say virtually everyone who has an XBone likes the Kinect...? Now who's speaking for everyone?

Just because you like it, does not mean all XBone owners do.

n4rc1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

You said gamers dont want to spend $500.. How are you now trying to backtrack out of it?

And did you actually read that article you posted? It barely even mentions the damn kinect, so obviously that's more credible then all the actual owners praising it

You speak for yourself.. Not the average gamer or anybody else.. Simple as that

SilentNegotiator1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Well obviously you're still playing dumb or else just not very bright, but I'll try to explain this one more time. I clearly stated that there was a demand, just not one keeping up with supply - thus, it's clear that I wasn't talking about every gamer on the planet plus one not being interested in buying a console for $500; just the average gamer, considering that Ps4 has sold almost twice as many units and it will still be some time before Xbone overtakes Wii U.

Statistics say that the average gamer doesn't want to pay $500 for a game system. As you put it: "Simple as that"

Oh and as for Kinect, just look at sales of Kinect last gen. Once the half of a billion dollars of ad money dried up, sales plummeted.

Azzanation1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Want to explain why the PS Camera is selling out? From what your saying no one wants a camera bundled in with there system. Well guess what, you pay full price for a PS4 and a PS Camera and it works out to be the same cost as buying a XB1. No one benefits not having it bundled in, however everyone benefits having it bundled, including developers.

SilentNegotiator1276d ago

The PS camera only has like, a 15% attach rate. Kinect had about 25% attach rate. Still points to a major decrease in camera interest, when gamers are actually given a choice.

"No one benefits not having it bundled in"
The people that don't want it benefit by saving a $100. And btw, having a bunch more people with an accessory doesn't mean that more people will be interested in heavily USING it, so your 'developers will benefit' suggestion is a serious leap.

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dasbeer881277d ago

Still not buying it. I'll have to agree with URNightmare's comment.

Parapraxis1277d ago

The power of the players (picking up PS4 instead on Xbox Ones).

Seriously, be real.

Lior1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Going to spend my money on the samsung 4k 28inch monitor for 500 bucks and play 4k games with 780 sli, enjoy your 720p for the next god knows how many years

Lukejrl1277d ago

While I imagine your display is absolutely stunning, and I would agree that arguing some of the stuff people argue about on this site makes you and I both laugh, I just need to say that no really cares what you bought, and you shouldn't care what others buy, so long as it isn't a slave. Cause, you know, that just wouldn't be kosher anymore.

tommygunzII1277d ago

Should make Goat Simulator look great :)

showtimefolks1277d ago

$450 so $50 more than ps4 yet weaker than ps4. Please offer a kinect less system fro $350 if you are serious about competing otherwise stay way behind

also many of you believe MS can loose as much as it wants on xbox one just to beat sony when its not true at all. Investors are already not happy with xbox division. Xbox one isn't making profit so offering free games or dropping price won't make investors happy

Kavorklestein1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

How the HELL do you know the exact decefits/profits of Microsoft? Nobody really knows that info... Xbox One is getting cheaper, so back off and calm down. It may get cheaper soon too. Microsoft is one of the biggest businesses in the world. They sport some of the most financially speaking- endlessly deep pockets ever known. They may be cutting the price and making LESS profit than they wanted, but they aren't hurting for cash in the first place... SONY, however, not so lucky. They had to make sure they have that great value with the PS4, or else they would be going down in flames. Microsoft may not have made people happy with some of it's decisions, and it may not be the BEST console, but it's still worth owning, and Microsoft is NOT, I repeat NOT going anywhere. In fact,I wouldn't put it past them with their endless funds to make a NEW Xbox that runs XB1 games, and is better than the PS4 if they were really THAT concerned. But they know, (as some people seem to forget) that game consoles are about the long haul, and the most powerful console doesn't always win in the long run. It's all about the games, and the amount of FUN people have with their entertainment. I'm not painting a picture that Microsoft is PERFECT like a blind fanboy, (in fact, they are far from perfect in many many ways) but I'm simply saying, get off your high horse and let more than 6 months go by before you start counting chickens before they hatch. Yes, it's likely that Sony's console may continue to have slightly more pixels to render their chickens, but that really, truly, doesn't mean a damn thing in the long run to anybody... besides people who want to measure their electronic penis in forums and comments online.

CoLD FiRE1277d ago

Well, it comes with Titanfall and Kinect so practically that makes it cheaper than the PS4.

PS4 $400 + Game $60 + PS4 Camera $60 = $520

medman1276d ago

Wow. I guess Titanfall didn't move the needle the way they hoped. A price drop before six months have passed? Sony has them worried.

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Lord Anubis1277d ago

they'll be in the red again. it's almost inevitable the shareholders will not be happy.

URNightmare1277d ago

I agree. MS is looking really desperate at this moment. Having to do this at so early in the console's lifecycle is not a good sign.

Smootherkuzz1277d ago

Its a chess game between Sony n MS! Which means good things for us let them Duke it out and watch a good fight. Pass the popcorn.

mrpsychoticstalker1277d ago

@Urnightmare or should I say @Imsomnia_84
I see you have multiple accounts buddy.

Anyway, Microsoft dropping the price of the Xbox One is great news for Xbox fans, I figurr they already made a profit from the hardware and now they will focus more on software.

I am sure im not the only one happy about these news. Even here on N4G.

aceitman1277d ago

there in the red already , and even giving a game away, so imagine the lost,

AnthonyJrWTF1276d ago

I'ma let you finish, but that's a lot of agrees for the love of grammar.

yarbie10001277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Just went and looked at Microsoft stock - Sure looks like investors are ready to set fire to the Xbone.

For Comparison sake

n4rc1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Even a simple Google search for msft shows their stock as pretty stable..

Up from 5 days ago..

Soooooo..... Dunno who is pretending to know something the rest of the financial world doesn't.. Lol.. Guess everyone that disagreed with you for posting factual financial data

Lord Anubis1277d ago

i wasn't aware it was already made public and official. -_- to cause a stir in the market -_-

don't fret my child, you may still have a chance to dump their stock before it fluctuates again.

Alan_Shore1277d ago

Lol thats MS overall need data showing games division

MS as a whole are doing alot better then Sony.

Not trolling or anything but as far as i know MS were making making of xbox one per unit sold.

Was sony making money per ps4 sold? Serious question

URNightmare1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

According to Microsoft's shareholders, MS stock value would go up if they get rid of Xbox and bing. Xbox is not doing very good compared to the competition and tbey keep spending millions to try and sell more consoles. Millions on Titanfall's exclusive deal. Millions marketing the game they paid exclusivity for, and it looks like it didn't help much, otherwise this pricecut+Titanfall wouldn't exist.

If you think Microsoft's stock value is going up because of Xbox, you are dead wrong. One thing I am sure of, the shareholders know that stock value would be much higher if Xbox didn't exist.


What makes you think Sony's stock value won't go up? It went up to $40 in 2010 when things were much harder. Now they are doing with Sony what Microsoft's shareholders want to do with Xbox, get rid of what's not doing good and on Microsoft's side it's Xbox and Bing they want to get rid of. Sony already started doing that, they killed the PC's and other stuff that's not doing good and focusing on what they are good at, Movies, Music, Games, cameras, etc.

Sony is best with their games division, Microsoft is not, reason why they want Xbox out of the picture.

Bernlock1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Nightmare that's hilarious. No one said that their stock is going up because of Xbox but it's certainly not going down. Guess what. Sony is in very serious trouble. I'd be more worried about their future than microsofts. Ps4 can't save Sony they don't make enough money off of it

Edit: disagree all you want but real stock holders don't read rumors on n4g and neogaf and base decisions off of that. They def don't get scared cause of a 50 dollar price drop which will only increase market share. Microsoft as a company is in way better shape.

Edit 2: what makes me think their stock won't go up??? O gee I don't know how about their 1.1 billion dollar loss projected this year!! You guys are seriously a joke

cooperdnizzle1277d ago

@ uberpwnyexpress. Sony is actually doing really well with Colombia records. And Sony pictures. Not to mention there phones are selling better then they ever have. Along with the ps4 selling faster then any console of all time. So I really don't think Sony as a hole is in as much trouble as you say they are. Also they get a % of each xbone sold for the blu ray players. They have the best selling 4k tv's on the market right now. And ps plus is making them tons of money with a 50 % attach rate. Do some research before posting such bull honky

youndamie1277d ago

I don't see the point in comparing the two stocks. Both companies have multiple products and services that affect their respective stocks.

No_Limit1277d ago

Dude, everyone seems to be stock analysis all of a sudden. The Xbox brand isn't going anywhere after they spent over a billion dollar on new games for it, with a new Halo coming, the success of Titanfall, and it is a central part of their whole Windows ecosystem. That is like saying Apple will give up Apple TV because it is not as hot as their ipones and ipads.

Some of you just made me laugh desperately trying to google links on bad MS stocks. LOL

SilentNegotiator1277d ago

They're past their 2007 height. Nice try.

OSIRUSSS1277d ago

MS shareholders want MS's stock to be up there with Google and Apple! They have unrealistic expectations and the XBOX division may become the casualty of their foolishness. They know that with every passing day android erodes their base, due to MSs inability to create a popular mobile platform.

URNightmare1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )


"Edit: disagree all you want but real stock holders don't read rumors on n4g and neogaf and base decisions off of that."

So are you saying Microsoft's shareholders read N4G and NeoGaf? Because they are the ones who suggested selling Xbox and Bing.

You are not making any sense and you surely lack common sense and logic. Try to analyze things before coming up with nonsense.


"That is like saying Apple will give up Apple TV because it is not as hot as their ipones and ipads."

Did Apple's shareholders ever mention selling that division? That's the difference ;)

Apple TV gave them 1bn in revenue last year and they are now treating it more serious and taking things further with it. I do not own any Apple products btw, I do not dislike them either but I do my extensive research whenever I purchase something.

LexHazard791277d ago

Lol...good one!

Hey didnt one of the commentators says that statistics speak for themselves?! Well there you go!

liquidhalos1277d ago

This site finds a new low every day

ozstar1276d ago

@n4rc, but EA's isn't.

In fact, while some could perceive this as maybe a reaction to Titanfalls charting/sales/bundling news, we're likely just seeing a correction after EA soaring so high.

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LexHazard791277d ago

Big 3 are all in the red!

Azzanation1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

You don't understand how this type of business works. Losing money on the console has been happening for decades. Putting your hardware in as many people's hands as possible means you have better chances on selling more software. Software is what Nintendo have been focusing on since the beginning of time, and they sell more software by miles. If people start buying the XB1, sure MS will lose more money on it but they will make it back with LIVE subscriptions and more Software sales.

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itisallaboutps1277d ago

drop kimect and sell it for 350. it will sell like hotcakes

kalbo141277d ago

every price drop for a new system shall cause panic on to the investors..

MrSwankSinatra1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Dude it hasn't even been six months, if they're actually dropping the price this early in the game, well... That's pretty scary if you're an investor.

@uberpwnyexpress Obviously you don't know me or my knowledge of proper economics so please refrain from acting like you do, an while i would provide a proper response i can see from your comment history that your nothing more than damage controlling fanboy, so really you probably wouldn't accept my argument anyways.

Bernlock1277d ago

Hahaha do you understand how stock works? The xbox being cut 50 bucks will do nothing to the stock. It's hilarious reading fan boys who are probably 16 years old try and pretend like they know about trading

T21277d ago

Ah yes but not a month ago you were all saying that xbox sold at higher profit than ps4 and therefore sales didn't matter it was revenue, I guess that's one more argument out the Window huh price drop 4 months in

jasondracd1277d ago

lol.. so glad I could care less about any companies investors.. I thought the idea here was to discuss games. all 3 machines could sell for 10 bucks and all id care about is the next game coming for it.


Still not buying it unless they remove that crap named Kinect

H0RSE1277d ago

then don't buy it...

One reasons I will never own a Playstation is because I despise their controllers, and those aren't even optional. The other reason is all my gaming friends play xbox, so until Sony lets me use XBL over their system, I have no use for it.

youndamie1277d ago

Shame you're missing out(Not trying to be a fanboy) You should try it out in a gamestop or target.

cooperdnizzle1277d ago

If a controller has such a big emphases on you purchase then you a really not a gamer. Games should come first and foremost. Whatever makes you sleep at night. I own all systems because like many people I am in it for the games. And Sony and Nintendo provide way more to the industry then the Xbox brand. Xbox fanboys will bring up the most irreverent crap to defend the brand.

LexHazard791277d ago


Same could be said for those that dont want Kinect! Kinect is a integral part of Xbox One. Its works better with it!

The argument of price I dont defend because Xbox One is to pricey! But you guys make me laugh with all the "if they get rid of kinect ill buy it". My question to you Kinect haters is if Xbox was $350 or $400 with Kinect would you buy it or still need it gone?

quenomamen1277d ago

Hey those are the Exact same reasons
( plus the fact that its weaker & $100 more ) that I didnt buy the Xbone !
Thats crazy, its like we are the same person living in two different worlds, yet in the same world at the same time !! Some Twilight Zone shit right there !

Lukejrl1277d ago

If your that picky over a controller you are just spoiled. I am 28 years old and have been playing games hardcore since Atari. People who bitch about controllers and games controls just can't adapt like people from my generation or experience. And most of the time I believe that they simply are lazy and do not want to take the time to learn, because controllers are muscle memory based and when you play with only one all the time certainly another controller would feel weird, but just like driving a different car: you get used to it.