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Submitted by ArbitorChief 684d ago | news

Microsoft will be at PAX East, Sony and Nintendo won't

PAX East will see plenty of big names descend upon Boston on April 11-13, from Microsoft to Oculus to Ubisoft to Square Enix. And plenty of you, I'm sure. Side Questing stumbled on the full list of exhibitors, which you can see below and plan what you'll spend the weekend checking out (besides booze and too many fedoras).

Neogaf poster kyoya did a comparison to last year's exhibitor list to see who has bowed out this year, including Nintendo, Sony, EA Games, Capcom, Sega, Warner Bros Interactive, Twisted Pixel and Deep Silver. Some big names. I guess they're saving themselves for E3. Which is terrifyingly near. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS4, Sony, Wii U, Xbox One)

dboyc310  +   684d ago
A little less than 3 more months for E3. Damn the year is flying by. Let's see what new announcements come out from this year's PAX
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Iamnemesis4880  +   684d ago
Most from Microsoft can not wait
THC CELL  +   684d ago
sony seem to win e3 every time but hey ms try
Geobros  +   684d ago
This does not surprise me...
majiebeast  +   684d ago
Sony,Nintendo,EA,Sega and Capcom are all not attending.
Iamnemesis4880  +   684d ago
Dumb move by them, all company's should do all the PR they can.
iamnsuperman  +   684d ago
To drum up support for? The PS4 is out there and advertised all over the place. Pax draws in a specific crowd who would already know about what the PS4 offers. Putting up a stand/conference isn't cheap. Sony, amongst others, may not see the point since E3 is just round the corner and they aren't releasing anything in that in between period
Baccra17  +   684d ago
PAX and Penny Arcade are MS buddies anyway. I wouldn;t waste my time with them if I were Sony. It's like giving Polygon an exclusive look at a PS game- by the time it's done your game is trashed while MS is praised.
3-4-5  +   683d ago
Remember yesterday when the Internet crapped themselves over the news that Nintendo would not be showing up, and it was "more doom".

Now Sony and others aren't going and it's "ok".

* Basically, E3 was always the focus of Sony, Nintendo and most likely Microsoft as well.

Microsoft said they had to remove stuff from their E3 presentation because they had " Too Much".

This is probably what they are showing at Pax. The stuff that got cut from E3.
No_Limit  +   684d ago
Cool, can't wait for some new stuff to unveil on the XB1 at PAX! Hopefully we will see some stuff that didn't fit in MS' upcoming 90 mins E3 conference that Phil Spencer was alluding to.
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iamnsuperman  +   684d ago
Whatever they do I hope they don't pull what they did at Pax Prime last year.

That was some insulting use of PR
MichaelLito79  +   684d ago
I agree MS is on a roll with all the good news and being at PAX should continue to build up more momentum.

Note: hope they bring a few surprises to PAX.
christocolus  +   684d ago
@no limit

Same here..hope we see some amazing stuff. I also hope the XO events return.
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Iamnemesis4880   684d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Goku781  +   684d ago
MS time to shine, with no competition. Dont mess up.....again.
wicked  +   684d ago
I didn't think they messed up, I wish they would bring back the DRM for those that want to use it, Install my game and never need the disk again would suit me. I would also like to be able to re-sell digital games or loan to a friend for a period of time, once the loan period I specify expires or I un-loan the game, it's mine to play again.
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deepio  +   684d ago
I think it's a shame they didn't go with DRM, I've only bought digital. But, I can see why people objected to it.
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urwifeminder  +   684d ago
Nice MS have so much going on .
Ko_Uraki  +   684d ago
The aggressive MS of 2001-2006 has definitely come back. Good for everyone
Concertoine  +   684d ago
I would arguably say 2001-2008.
Its like they had that taste of success and said "screw it" lol.
Haki1112  +   684d ago
Cant wait for pax got my tickets a few days ago!
Belasco  +   684d ago
I am an Xbox fan but I have felt a little let down by their announcements lately. I hope we get some new or interesting news.
ZombieDust  +   684d ago
Are you saying you are feeling down more so than you did before? Just asking, because that would be odd, pretty much nothing but good news for the x1 and its fans lately.
Belasco  +   684d ago
I am just impatient I guess hehe, I want to hear more on Sunset Overdrive, Class 4, Forza Horizon, and other exclusives.
prettyboy12  +   684d ago
ZombieDust  +   684d ago
@prettyboy12, go browse this site a bit my friend. But I do warn, avoid BS doom anf gloom articles and avoid the fanboy infested comments sections.

Just going to say that, if you are truely curious I leave you with that.
MCTJim  +   684d ago
I am not expecting too much at Pax East as E3 is 2 months away.
redwin  +   683d ago
I think MS will give you some juicy headlines and they will expand at E3. As if E3 needs more hype. But I'm a lush for news!
Geekman  +   683d ago
Don't expect any PAX related blogs from me, then. Not that I hate the Xbox One, but I don't own an Xbox One.

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