Sony Claims Success for PS4 and PS3 in the Free to Play Market; Shows F2P Has Legs on Consoles

During the Game Developers Conference Sony Computer Entertainment America held a very interesting panel titled “F2P on PS4-Can it Work?” addressing the company’s recent push in the Free to Play market, and according to the speakers, it has been a definite success.

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MightyNoX1549d ago

I've never been into f2p games until the PS4. Warframe and Blacklight are all terrific offerings and carry the console between AAA releases.

TomShoe1549d ago

F2P and Indie games may not be system sellers, but they make great system justifiers. They ensure you'll never run out of things to play, especially with PS+.

gazgriff2k121549d ago

cant wait for planetside 2 looks epic

ThatOneGuyThere1549d ago

not always. DCOU does a really good job. Also, play Loadout on the PC. the only real money things are visual changes to characters. There are ways to make a FTP game work and be fun for EVERYONE. the key for FTP game makers is to make a free game engaging enough to where people WANT to spend money on extra bells and whistles.

Hicken1549d ago

That's not it. There just aren't any f2p games worth mentioning on the Wii U, so he's gotta downplay them on Sony consoles.

As for me, I love me some DC Universe. lol at No_Limit below, talking like he's really played the game.

kenshiro1001549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Your troll attempts are lame.

MasterCornholio1549d ago

Your a Wii U fan so you dont know what FTP games are like.

But they can be fantastic to play like DCUO or Team Fortress 2.

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cell9891549d ago

I love f2p games they give you a good idea of what the game is all about without spending a dime. You can then decide where your money goes

mixelon1549d ago

I don't know why but i reallllly enjoy War Thunder.. Ive not really enjoyed the other f2p games yet..

Looking forward to Planetside though.. Even more so if they ever add Morpheus support. :O

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The story is too old to be commented.