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Morpheus a “Really Bad Idea for Sony,” but PS4 Will Be a “Wild Success” According to Michael Pachter

Wedbush Securities Michael Pachter shared his opinion about Sony’s Project Morpheus, and the crystal ball holder extraordinaire seem not to be very enthusiastic about the commercial value of the idea. On the other hand he's definitely a believer in PS4's success. (Michael Pachter, Project Morpheus, PS4)

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PoSTedUP  +   398d ago
we dont know if it will be a big market or not, that depends on price and how sony and OR market VR, and the content. hes pretty wrong that devs wont support a small market with dedicated games bc the OR is getting a really good ammount of dedicated support and look how small it is right now. plus great devs are already on board the P.Morph, so him saying that its not going to sell without content and devs wont support it if it doesnt sell is off in a sense bc it already seems that it will have content.

3D didnt get much game support (from what i remember), and you had to buy a whole new tv (and a pretty expensive one, early on) so i think the comparison is kind of ridiculous, Sony is aiming for $250-300. VR seems so much cooler and more appealing than 3D, and at a much cheaper price point...

i feel it is a good move. im NOT saying it is a gimmick, but, the simple fact that even gimmicks make money, too, is a thing to consider as well, imo.
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iamnsuperman  +   398d ago
It really depends on 3 things:

Function outside of gaming

Price and support go hand in hand. If the price it too high less people will buy it and so less support. Also people wont buy it if there is no support.

But I feel the last factor is the most important. If the thing does become 250-300 it needs to be compatible with other things. It might sound bizarre and not really using the tech to its full potential but these things need to be compatible with set to boxes or devices that can provide visual content (be it phones, tablets....). The problem is that kind of money for a product means people will want to use it in more the one way because it will be competing with TVs and TVs have a lot more uses to them when it comes to connecting to other devices and being apart of the social experience (something, especially the latter, these VR headsets really can't do)
christrules0041  +   397d ago
I agree except for your last part. Why would I want my phone or tablet to be able to connect to it? I don't wanna read or type anything an inch from my face.

Youtube videos, netflix, tv shows and games are where people can really use this device.
TomShoe  +   397d ago
Morpheus will do just fine.

Sony only needs to realize that this is a SIDE project and that it will be done ON THE SIDE.
nicksetzer1  +   397d ago
I'd say morpheus is a horrible idea "for sony." If VR ends up flopping that is going to be a huge loss (just like their tv's laptops, etc) and it will probably put forth the end of sony. Which is not good, no matter your stance in the console "wars."
Rainstorm81  +   397d ago

I doubt Sony is betting the entire company on a VR headset.....it is a peripheral after all....the main product would be the PS4
nicksetzer1  +   397d ago
@rain You do realize in order to do this, they must fully develop the hardware and software, find a manufacturer, ship the product, market the product, pay their first party teams as well as 3rd party teams to implement it into their games (to preempt support for it) and hope that the defect rate is VERY low.
I get that the reality causes lots of downvotes here on neogaf, but sony isn't the most stable company financially and this is a huge investment, especially for such a gamble... that said, it could turn out great, guess time will tell
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scott182  +   397d ago
I think this will be a hit. Glad that Sony is on board with VR and it's coming to the PS4. Very exciting. It will be fun to use!
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tbone567  +   397d ago
Sony VR is gonna fail. Just going by past history. I see Morpheus and can't help but think move, vita, pspgo, psp phone, wonderbook and six axis and psp vita tv.
NewMonday  +   397d ago
remember Michael Pachter saying the original Wii would flop?

"Function outside of gaming"

this is the most important thing, it needs to target and capture the general consumer, the success depends on this.

from interviews Sony seem to know this.
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justSumDood  +   397d ago
It never ceases to amaze how so many people can form an "opinion" (and I use the word loosely) on something they know nothing about and have never experienced. Use VR just one time, then come back here and post your comments (I already know what they'll be) and at least they'll have some validity.

The one andonly thing that will play a part in VR's success is exposure (even at that, it's only a matter of time.) It only takes one proper VR experience to make people believers.

Short term it will spread like wildfire. Long term it will affect and invade every aspect of our personal and social lives.

I've never been so sure of anything in all my life. If Oculus was a publicly traded company I would not hesitate to throw my entire life savings behind them.
Larry L  +   397d ago
100% agree with SumDood. I've only used Oculus once (an up to date version, not an old version), got to play....or experience I should say.....a few "games" and I fully believe this technology (though it's really just old tech, now just mastered enough and cheap enough to go to mass market). This is the future of fantasy immersion until hologram/holograph technology is mastered and public and we can start working on real life Holo-Decks for "gaming". But that's a long time off. VR headset gaming could have a good 20+ year run if it all pans out.

It's not perfect tech for every kind of gaming, and retro gaming just wouldn't work aside from first person perspective games. But for quite a few genres this VR tech could just be absolutely revolutionary. Obviously FPS/RPGs, FPHorror and driving games would be the 1st genres to be magical with VR headsets, but the limits are boundless for all kinds of games like adventure, puzzlers, platformers, casual....even sports....being the QB or your favorite player, actually getting in the Octagon and fighting GSP or Royce Gracie.......... a new Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!! anyone? Yeah......you thought he was scary on NES? LOL

It's the future of gaming guys, you're just gonna have to get used to looking like a dork for a while. Don't worry, the tech will be wrapped in a pair of Blu-Blockers within a generation or two.
Angeljuice  +   398d ago
"PS4 will be a wild success" that's really going out on a limb with crazy predictions. After all, who else could have made that call after such a rocky start?
Pachter must be some kind of genius time-travelling wizard. /S
Rainstorm81  +   397d ago
Prior to launch he bet his money on the X1 right on Pach Attack on Gametrailers

Now he states the obvious, because it obvious .....SMH @ Pachter
hellzsupernova  +   397d ago
yeah it is a big risk, unless they make it compatible with pc, and with their playstation now service.

Hopefully they realise that playstation needs to be everywhere not just on one platform and Morpheus to succeed needs to be everywhere possible.

Maybe if they make it a requirement for games in the first person eg Battlefield, Battlefront, Call of Duty, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, War Thunder all driving games etc then i see it being rather successful
jhoward585  +   397d ago
I have faith that VR will be a success. if it doesn't it because the industry failed us. Not because we didn't except it which I think we will like VR if its done right.

Also, I think most people are hung up about the past. True VR wasn't feasible back then with past technologies; today it is. So there's no excuse.

besides, there is no other technology out there we can use for entertainment in the near future so VR has to work. Its the only technologies that can bring the immersion we all dream of.

VR is not a gimmick because its just using basic laws of physic.So I don't know why people keep saying VR is a gimmick.
Muzikguy  +   397d ago
I agree completely about 3D and tbh I'm glad the fad seems to be pretty much over. VR could very well be the next big thing. My only skepticism is content. Not lack of it, more like variety. Games are one thing but doing the same thing in VR over and over and over again would be more annoying than the rehashes we already get. (Think cod, madden, all open world games) I'm excited for it though
PoSTedUP  +   397d ago
me too. i think it can also open up new doors as far as games go. plus indie devs are already bringing a lot of different kinds of experiences. i can onlyimagine what AAA devs can o with a bigger budget. even tho im most excited for FPS, open world and racers atm.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   398d ago
Man, everything that is outside the tried and true is a "really bad idea" according to Micheal Pachter. So no surprise on his stance here.
Allsystemgamer  +   398d ago
Funny thing is the tired and true were once outlandish ideas that people once thought would fail.
Hicken  +   398d ago
As far as I'm concerned, the world is still flat.
Orange  +   398d ago
And his analysis of the past doesn't seem that sound.

"Pachter continued by explaining that gamers have demonstrated not to be very interested in peripherals with the exception of Kinect, so they’re probably not going to buy Morpheus en masse"

Do a lot of people still care about Kinect, or would they rather have the $100 off?
oof46  +   397d ago
Regardless of our disinterest in the Kinect, it did sell well.
panbit86  +   398d ago
VR snatching wigs confirmed! LOL
xhi4  +   398d ago
Why does this guy even have a job still? If an economist's predictions were as bad as this guy they would've been out of a job on the first day, yet this guy still gets hits. Sigh.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   397d ago
Hate to be the one to say it, but he's actually usually right. Besides that, your question is your answer? Why does he still have his job? Because he's doing it right.
RPG_Lover  +   398d ago
He is right, VR is a bad move and the PS4 will be successful.
Darth Gamer  +   398d ago
I also agree. I think that this is a fad that will get little support and follow in the footsteps of the move. (of which I bought into BTW) except this one will cost a great deal more. I will be waiting to see how this turns out though cause I do not have that famous crystal ball everyone talks about. lol
Darth Gamer  +   398d ago
I think Sony should have seen what the Oculus Rift fared and then played accordingly.
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thejigisup  +   397d ago
If occulus offered crap but Sony knew they could blow it out of the water consumers might have a sour taste in their mouth about vr. If occulus knocks it out of the park Sony is left in the dust as far as content and development of hw is concerned. Sony is a major player in the tech world and has partnered with NASA. I have a feeling that only thing holding vr back for Sony is proper advertising. They've honestly been lacking in that dept for a while. Look at the vita, a fantastic piece of hardware with decent to excellent software but the sales have much to be desired. The meat and potatoes consumer hardly knows what the vita is, how it can be used, and what kind of deal they'd be getting with a vita and a ps+ membership. They have to remember how to sell the greater public on their products while offering amazing experiences. This willgetthose initial sales and keep that attach rate up.
Geekman  +   398d ago
As divided as I am on the Morpheus, I have to admit that you can't really determine this without learning more about it AND seeing how it sells within it's first two years.
christrules0041  +   397d ago
I wanna see some software first and know the price. It'll be the make or break for a lot of people,
MCTJim  +   397d ago
Rumors have it at $250 low and $300 high end...but there are the extras you need to make it work...move controllers and the eye and if a game is not included add the cost of a game....I cant see paying for an add on that costs as much as the system. More likely a system needs to be designed around VR tech for the avg consumer to bite as long as its cost effective and not crapware.
MegaDan  +   398d ago
In other words Pachter is saying "M$ cant take enough beating, please dont bury us with the VR Headset" lol
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andibandit  +   397d ago
I think he's saying PS4 is already a huge success, why throw yourself into a new venture, when you're so far ahead.....how about using that RD money and push out some more games, or atleast stop firing 1 party developers.
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805Junior805  +   398d ago
Has this idiot ever been right about ANYTHING?
rainslacker  +   398d ago
He did predict the PS4 would be a wild success....
Allsystemgamer  +   397d ago
Even xbox fanboys predicted that lol
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   397d ago
That idiot is earning a higher salary than you. So I'd argue he's probably doing something right.
matrixman92  +   398d ago
I am prepared for the major disagrees this will get. But I just really feel like casual audiences wont give VR stuff a chance, especially at the asking price. It will only appeal to the most hardcore gamers and other people will simply not care at all. I strongly believe that Morpheus will be a complete flop like Move and Eye. PS4 on its own will continue to be a success though, like he said
wsoutlaw87  +   397d ago
plenty of casuals buy stuff that is cool and you can show off. Things like kinect sell because you can have someone over and show them this cool new tech then they want it
Ginesis  +   397d ago
Yeah but VR is mainly a single player experience that requires you to wear a clunky headset and look like a dork. Gaming still isnt considered cool to the casual crowd its just more accepted than what it used to be.
AndrewLB  +   397d ago
Agreed. People who are hard core enough to spend this kind of money would more than likely just own a proper gaming PC.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   398d ago
Clearly, Pachter has never tried VR, (outside of 3-D Movie's -which has z3r0 resemblance.. and should never be uttered in the same sentence.-)

Secondly, Only Generation X, and the generations that follow truly understand. Baby Boomers are Literally clue-less.
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Alex_Boro  +   398d ago
LOL that bait. Shut up Patcher.
MrDead  +   398d ago
Whether it's the next big thing or not I admire them for taking the risk. I can't wait to give VR a blast, the last time I used it was with Duke Nukem 3D at the Future Entertainment Show in the mid 90's.
OrangePowerz  +   398d ago
Not a huge fan of VR and I still have my doubts about it becoming mainstream and escape the niche market.

On the other hand I'm even less of a fan of Pachter.
_LarZen_  +   398d ago
I have tested the Oculus and I was blown away. I don't know if the average gamer out there is ready for VR or not. But I am sure that if VR fails it will in the end be a loss for everyone.
Yaay4me  +   397d ago
Finally some one who knows what they are talking about. VR would be a huge leap forward for gaming. Its the final frontier for not just gaming. From there technology will just keep getting better and better making the goggles smaller n smaller n the experience more believable with every advancement. Mr patcher seems very short sighted to me
SliceOfTruth888  +   397d ago
I don't know who I hate more Kim kardashion or patcher...pretty sure its patcher
youngStuan  +   397d ago
and while you waste all that energy hating them. they're not wasting any of theirs on you.

hate is bad for your health. let it go, bro
MacTastic  +   397d ago
I am really excited for what VR has to offer. But I would also like to see it branch out from gaming because there could be a lot of cool uses for it like educational purposes. Did I mention porn as well... oops thinking out loud again.
GW212  +   397d ago
No need to worry there. That was the first thing that came to mind... "Hmm, how many years until we get that? I'm guessing around 20"
mochachino  +   397d ago
If all games aren't compatible it wont work.
sarshelyam  +   397d ago
So you'd rather all games have some half-assed "bonus" mode rather than having games designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the hardware?
level 360  +   397d ago
I think VR-tech would only occupy a small niche market in gaming so Sony really needs to find other avenues for them to sell and make "Morpheus" a success while also gaining profit.
sarshelyam  +   397d ago
A bad idea? Michael, obviously, wasn't in San Francisco last week.
JohnS1313  +   397d ago
If Pachter thinks it's a bad idea it will be a huge success.
HaveAsandwich  +   397d ago
the same people that thought the ps4 wouldn't sell, think the morpheus won't sell. this is going to be interesting, to say the least.
rhap  +   397d ago
Oh, now he says PS4 is great. Cool.
BakPAin  +   397d ago
Its gonna come down to pricing! They have the backing. @$250 -$300 its still gonna be a hard sell no matter what games are on it. You still need a PS4 and games and a camera(im pretty sure there will be a bundle of some kind).
So its not out of the realm of possibilities that this could bomb!

Thats not what I want but thats why we have to let play out before we can really come up with any conclusion.
mixelon  +   397d ago
I hope Sony can get the price down enough but still sell the headset at a profit.

It would only take a couple of good Morpheus games for me to consider it worth it, or one really good one. People need to stop thinking about it so much like PS:Move or the Wii balance board. VR offers a whole load of experiences, not just alternate input methods.

.. They should totally bring back PS:Home with a graphical bump and Morpheus support.
itisallaboutps  +   397d ago
she is just provocative. she always makes stupid comments just for hits.
Bathyj  +   397d ago
Morpheus success confirmed.
Yaay4me  +   397d ago
Lol seriously
quenomamen  +   397d ago
At least theyre not forcing it on you at a higher price point per console .
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SpinalRemains138  +   397d ago
What's the front page on the porn front with that Morpheus thing? Virtual thighs or what?
Funantic1  +   397d ago
Pachter is right. I'm not anxious for any virtual headsets. Those things are just gonna give people more acne.
RatchetandClank  +   397d ago
I think vr is cool but I just dont see many people wearing this or the oculus rift. Being afraid of looking like a fool or simply prefer gaming on a big screen without a box on your face.
Ginesis  +   397d ago
You're spot on!
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