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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 683d ago | review

Titanfall Review: Don’t Believe The Hype | This Is Infamous

TII "The Xbox One desperately needs a killer game right now and they are doing everything they can to convince us all that Titanfall is it. The fact is that couldn’t be further from the truth and while I hope in the future we finally do see Titanfall develop into a real franchise that I can get into wholeheartedly, it’s just not there yet and if this is really the best the Xbox One can do, there is a definite problem for this system’s future." (PC, TitanFall, Xbox One) -

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fonger08  +   683d ago | Well said
I feel like this review is less on the originality of TitanFall but more on the overall generic genre of 1st person shooters.

A little ironic that site called "this is Infamous" reviewing Titanfall isn't it?
DawnOfDon   683d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(15)
starchild  +   683d ago
Yeah, this definitely wasn't written by a fanboy.
Anon1974  +   683d ago | Well said
I love how, when faced with an opinion contrary to your own, rather then deal with the points raised or offer counter arguments, so many just go straight to "They're obviously a fanboy," or in this case "the site has Infamous in the title" like that somehow negates everything said in the review.

You guys should take up actual debating. Anytime the opposing debaters offer up an argument, you could just counter by calling them names and then smugly sit back like you'd just won. It'd be funny as hell.

Now if you legitimately disagree with any of the points he raised, it'd be interesting to hear why you think this review is off or you could offer up a counter to some of the issues this reviewer had. That's usually how people in the adult world handle differences of opinion.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   683d ago
Huh, why are people getting upset over someone's "opinion" though!? Could it be that reviewers should in fact be as objective as possible when reviewing?
DigitalRaptor  +   683d ago

Maybe this person just isn't choking on hype for this game, and can see it in a more balanced light. And so, they happen to have a different opinion and point of view to you.

If that makes you believe the author is a fanboy, then no wonder every insecure person on here is going around calling everyone else dealing in fact and logic "fanboys". But that's besides the point - darkride66 said it best.
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starchild  +   683d ago | Well said

I don't have an opinion about Titanfall because I haven't played it. I don't own an XB1 and I haven't bought the game for my PC yet.

The reason I sarcastically implied he was a fanboy was not because of his opinion of Titanfall, it was because of other blatantly fanboy statements he made.

"The Xbox One desperately needs a killer game right now and they are doing everything they can to convince us all that Titanfall is it. The fact is that couldn’t be further from the truth"

-This is clear trolling and a big slap in the face to the majority of people that do seem to think that Titanfall is an excellent game. He states his opinion as if it were a fact and is needlessly antagonistic. Who are these nebulous "they" that are so dastardly trying to convince "us" that Titanfall is a killer game?

"I hope in the future we finally do see Titanfall develop into a real franchise"

-So it's not a great beginning to a franchise? Are the majority of people just hallucinating that they are enjoying a good game?

"it’s just not there yet and if this is really the best the Xbox One can do, there is a definite problem for this system’s future."

Oh really? So the fact that Titanfall has released to overwhelmingly positive critical reception and seems to be selling quite well is a "definite problem for this system's future"? Again, he acts like because he thinks the game sucks the rest of the world must too. Even if the game was universally panned by critics and gamers it still wouldn't signify a problem for the console's future. It's still early days yet and there is plenty of time for great games to be released on all the platforms.

I'm sorry, if you can't see the problem with what he wrote and why it reeks of fanboyism it's probably because you think the same way as the author.
darx  +   683d ago

You didn't need to type all that. "" is all that needed to be said.
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Bathyj  +   683d ago
Actually darx, Starchild wrote a well thought out post, arguing point by point on why he disagrees.

You simply fell back to a fanboy stance, reacting to the name of the site, not the content of it, which incidentally from what I can gather, has nothing to do with Second Son, PS4 or Sony.
Anon1974  +   683d ago | Well said
@Starchild. Hey, you actually showed up for a change. Well done.

Now, as for his "blatantly fanboy" statement. You're coming across as tremendously defensive when you look at the reviewers actual statements. He says the Xbox One "desperately" needs a killer game. He's certainly not the only one who's noticed that the XBox One isn't exactly lighting the world on fire. From financial analysts to game journalists, it's not exactly a secret that the XBox One hasn't been selling as well worldwide compared to it's closest rival. A "killer app" would certainly be a shot in the arm for the system. There's nothing "fanboyish" about that observation. That's just common sense.

Hoping Titanfall develops into a "real franchise", how on earth is that negative? The reviewer made his case as to why he felt Titanfall didn't feel like a complete game. That's his opinion, he backs it up and you can certainly see where he's coming from. He likes what he sees and wants them to develop the game into more than he played this time. On what planet is that somehow a "fanboy" slam of the series? He likes it, he wants more. How on earth did you just spin that into something negative?

And here's another big problem with your issue here, and I don't know if it's your reading comprehension or what. The reviewer recommends people check out this game. He says it's fun. He states it's "cool". He questions it's value at the current price. Somehow, you've twisted that in your mind to mean "he thinks it sucks and is bashing it." You say so yourself. "He acts like because he thinks the game sucks the rest of the world must too."

Here's the problem though. The reviewer never said that. You just completely made that up. You're just setting up a straw man, and then arguing against that.

I think he has a very valid point. Titanfall is a good game. Not great, not universally acclaimed by any stretch of the imagination, but a good, solidly reviewed game, and this is the game that Microsoft is currently throwing their substantial marketing might behind. A game that, based on the majority of reviews, is good, not great. Are you telling me that isn't a bit concerning regarding the Xbox One's short term prospects? You'd think by Microsoft's efforts and PR that Titanfall was some 95 percent Metacritic, game of the year contender. They're sure working overtime to make us think that, but it's not the case. The game is a lot of fun but it certainly isn't going to be on anyone's game of the year list come year end. You can certainly see the reviewer's point.

That is unless you've already convinced yourself that this review hates the game despite the list of positive things he had to say about it and you've simply dismissed anything even remotely negative to do with the Xbox One in general.
LogicStomper  +   683d ago

You are literally like the only person on this site who can actually argue/counter-argue with plausible and logical premises.

I'm assuming you've either:

a) Done a lot of debating.
b) Taken philosophy.
c) Both A and B.

Just to nick-pick though, I wouldn't consider the authors argument "valid" as it's non-deductive rather than deductive. Just to say again though, it's good to read an actual counter-argument.
alexkoepp  +   683d ago
Someone is jelly that PS4 doesn't have/won't have any "KILLER APP" in the near future. Infamous has worse enemy variety than Ryse, and it doesn't look as good lol.
ahsmullethunter  +   683d ago
Haha most of the article is about Titanfall not having a real "campaign" mode. Infamous has zero multi-player mode. "But infamous was made for single player..." I would give Titanfall in the 10 or so hours I've played it about an 8.5 but I think that it did what it tried to do very well.
darx  +   683d ago

Yeah ok!
venom06  +   683d ago
kinda pathetic how NO ONE is being honest on how easy and lack of skill this game really is... all the guns have NO recoil and are laser beams, the AI is stupid as hell, only 6 vs 6, takes NO skill to get a Titan... this is what happens when all the game review sites hype up something beyond reason..
Antwan3k  +   682d ago
what you and the reviewer are failing to realize is Titanfall is indeed a "great" game.. Not just a "good" game, not just a "solid" game, but a "great" game according the vast majority of reputable game review sites..
Most major sites have given it a rating of 9/10 or better and despite many polarizing opinions from unbiased individuals who have legitimate concerns of "online only" multiplayer games, hardcore E-Sports gamers who hate the idea of AI on the battlefield, and 100% fanboys who just want to see Titanfall fail because it's associated with the Xbox One, the game has still garnered a 86% on metacritc which (last time I checked) can be rounded to 90% by all current rules of math..

Considering how high profile this game is, with reports of fanboys purposely creating horrible reviews to drive the score down, maintaining a score roundable to 90% on metacritic is quite the feat to be honest.. Again, anything roundable to 90%+ on metacretic should be consider "great".. A "good, solidly reviewed game" can be something in the 70%+ percent range.. This is simply not remotely the case for Titanfall..

Also, the Xbox One isn't doing as well as the PS4 in terms of sales but it is selling fast and as a matter of fact, faster than the Xbox 360 did.. It's a little over four months into the new generation and you agree with an assessment that says the Xbox One "desperately" needs Titanfall?.. Sure Titanfall is big for the console.. No denying it.. But looking at console sales, the Xbox One is Microsoft's most successful Xbox console to date based on sales rate (quoted right from Microsoft). The PS4 console costs $100 less and has benefited from tons of bad Xbox One PR ranging from "always online", DRM, "resolution gate", and more.. It SHOULD be selling better.. Until the price becomes more comparable, I'd be shocked if the PS4 wasnt selling better.. But regardless that doesn't mean that the Xbox One is selling poorly and using words like "desperately" sounds more like a biased fanboy statement rather than an objective view of real world sales figures..

In the end, to be fair, if you claim that starchild is reaching in his assessment that the review has clearly biased undertones, it should also be said that maybe you are reaching if you DONT see those undertones.. Because they are there, plain as day in my opinion.. Throwing in a few niceties like the game is "cool" doesn't erase his other statements.. Like you defending his stance that he's hoping Titanfall develops into a "real franchise" one day and wondering how that could remotely be seen as negative?.. Well clearly he's saying that the game isn't worthy of being a "real franchise" now.. That doesn't sound negative and a little fanboyish?.. I'd wager he'd think it would be "real franchise" worthy once Titanfall 2 lands on PS4.. But maybe I'm reaching right?..

Everyone has their opinion and the reviewer is certainly entitled to his.. But also realize that his opinion is in the vast minority.. And that doesn't magically make him the one shining light of truth among the corrupt hype machine and all the other puppets dancing to Microsoft's tune.. There's also the real possibility that he is just a biased fanboy, pandering to his fellow fanboys and getting clicks for his previously unknown website.. Both are possible but the later is more likely in my opinion..
redwin  +   682d ago
The only thing I can say about this game is that I would like to customize my mech with different colors or decals. Other than that, everything else is done well. This is a game that has great playability. I think I will be comparing every shooter to this one from now on. It's callers chai sing the dragon, lol. Remember Counter Strike or Steel Battalion ? This is a cross between them!
bumnut  +   682d ago
Venom06 took the words out of my mouth. Titanfall is for the press x to win generation
GTgamer  +   683d ago
Are you people that paranoid that because the name of the site has infamous it apparently has something to do with Second Son the sites mainly about movies I guess no one can say anything bad about TF without being a Sony Fanboy all y'all kill me sometimes.
Patrick_pk44  +   683d ago
Some people aren't that intelligent. They probably think Sucker Punch Prod created the word Infamous.
alien626  +   683d ago
i played Titanfall recently im i wasnt really impress :T i dont get all the hype for it
rawson815  +   683d ago
I'm a 100% with you there I played on xbox one and didn't see what the big deal was it's strictly a hyped up form of call of duty that has been out for years now and frankly zombies and extinction were the best parts of those games "in my opinion" !!!!!!!!! So I didn't see the big deal I'm very ready for the run and gun games to stop being so hyped
insomnium2  +   683d ago
Son, I'm dissapoint.
Syntax-Error  +   683d ago
Jumped that ship after the second delay to sell more XB1's. Lost interest and going to buy a PS4 instead for my next gen experience. I was waiting for it on 360 to see if it was going to be worth t, but since I see they are more concerned with selling XB1 than giving fans what they really want, it made my decision that much easier. I will wait until they get desperate enough to drop the price when I consider to buy one, but until then I will be playing my PS4.
callahan09  +   683d ago
What is wrong with everybody here? This website has literally *nothing to do* with the InFamous game series.

Did you guys even peruse the site at all before debasing it based on the name alone? It's a coincidence. The website has been around since August when they were formed after a successful indiegogo funding campaign.

There is a comprehensive "Who We Are" link on the site that tells you about each member. They have names & faces. The site itself isn't even really a gaming site, it's more of a pop culture site and focuses more on movies than games.

If you had spent more than 2 seconds on the site, you'd know this isn't an InFamous videogame fan site reviewing a loosely-defined "rival" (only in the sense that Titan Fall came out within a week of InFamous). It is just another pop culture/geekdom site reviewing a videogame.

The conspiracy nature of the comments disparaging this site purely based on the name... simply ridiculous.
3-4-5  +   682d ago
I bought into the hype and was let down with the Beta/Demo, so I kind of agree, that it's not worth the hype or isn't what I thought it was going to be.

It's still worth trying out, it just may not be for you once you've played. it.

Titanfall could also be your favorite FPS game of all time, it kind of depends on what your in the mood for.

If currently your burntout on FPS games, then it won't be as fun.

If you haven't played one in a while, it might be exactly what you are looking for.
Kiwi66  +   683d ago
What a stupid article posted by a troll
ger2396  +   683d ago
At least give an explanation as to why. What part of it is stupid?
Hicken  +   683d ago
There isn't an explanation. It's just not what many users of a certain alignment wanted to hear, so they discount it. They can't provide any quantifiable reasons, though, so asking for that is too much.
Death  +   682d ago
It's a flamebait article at best.

Titanfall is sitting at 86 on Metacritic getting as high as a 100 and with 30 reviews of 90 or above. If the critics think it's great and gamers are happy too, then what is the point of this article a couple weeks later?

It's a multiplayer online only game. Would a campaign make it better? I think so. Should it get dinged for not having one? That's a very gray area. Infamous doesn't have a multiplayer component. Does this mean it's less than a full game and should be discounted?

Titanfall is what it is. If you are looking for a fleshed out offline campaign, you are in the wrong spot. If you want a side scrolling beat 'em up with RPG elements you won't be happy with Titanfall either. If you are looking for something multiplayer similar to COD with big ass mechs, Titanfall is the perfect fit.
MidnytRain  +   682d ago
This is funny because the people defending the reviewer were s****ing all over Sessler's inFAMOUS review.
Slevon  +   683d ago
I shant give you a single click judging by the comments here, thank you n4g comments
ITPython  +   683d ago
Don't worry, I'll click it twice for the hit it missed out on.

Although most of the time I don't even click on the article links either, I just read the comments.
isa_scout  +   683d ago
A site called "This Is Infamous" reviewing TitanFall? Yeah, who didn't see this coming.Of course he/she didn't like the game as it is on a Xbox One...
TitanFall and Infamous are both fantastic games...Give it a rest already. There are plenty of reasons to own both consoles.
Slevon  +   683d ago
Bubbled you up friend!
insomnium2  +   683d ago
For what? Stupidity? In what way has the site's name anything to do with the game series called Infamous? That's so stupid I just made an effing backflip facepalming so hard. My god!
R_aVe_N  +   683d ago
I really don't see how the name of the site really matters here. People play more than one console so it doesn't matter.
Anon1974  +   683d ago | Well said
Wow. So the site has "Infamous" in the title so it must have an anti-MS slant? Are you for real?

Site owner and contributor, Billy Donnelly, was a contributing member of AintItCoolNews for years under the handle "The Infamous Billy the Kidd"

He started last year to provide "honest and credible opinion and commentary at all times" on everything from Movies to Games, Comics to Toys.

And they came away with the opinion that Titanfall, while fun, feels a bit generic with not a huge amount of content. They're perfectly entitled to their opinion.
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MasterCornholio  +   683d ago
Just shows how stupid people are for targeting the site just because there's a Playstation game called Infamous. Pretty stupid in my opinion and its just as stupid as people bashing for having fool in the name of the site.
Copen  +   683d ago
Xbots only see things one way and that way is to instantly be defensive without weighing the merits of an article but instead pass judgment because of the name of the site. Can't get any more narrow minded than that. Because the site has "infamous" in it it's just instantly assumed to be Sony related and gets the kids riled up.
T2  +   683d ago
so you are thinking the website was made for the sole reason to make this review?? Hahahahaha....
the website has nothing to do with infamous ss ...
GTgamer  +   683d ago
So apparently the word infamous isn't allowed to be used at all when it comes to anything Xbox related because fanboy logic :/.
thejigisup  +   683d ago
I can't even watch star wars anymore, gotta skip scenes with x wings in it.
Can't move to another house because I can't physically imagine putting my stuff in boxes.
Speed doing geometry because circles give me the shivers.
Can't go to Broadway, too many plays.
Radio stuck on country don't wanna change the station
It's impossible to get away from the fanboys.
The article is done and I agree with as much flak as mg ground zeros is getting im surprised rather I guess I'm not surprised at all unfortunately. TF is another thoughtless shooter, it's pretty, and fun(for now), but it's bland and I feel like it's barely a step above cod, is not even above its just a little to the left of, TF is miley cyrus.
Unless they start adding some real content we'll all be saying it was fun while it lasted
isa_scout  +   683d ago
Funny thing is I'm not a fanboy...If you look at my comment history...Go ahead. You'll see that I own both consoles and love them both equally. If I am incorrect about the origins of this site then my bad, but it is very easy to make a website and since this is site isn't EVER at the top of n4g I thought it was a fanboy article. Honest mistake.
Funny that people would call me a fanboy when I'm splitting time between Infamous and TitanFall PS4/Xbox One. If I'm a "fanboy" I don't know what the hell the rest of you pathetic people are.
Funantic1   683d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(8)
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   683d ago
What a flamebait article, this site grasp for straws sometimes...
DigitalRaptor  +   683d ago

Show me some other articles has this site has published that "grasps for straws"? Maybe you could grow up and actually bring some counter-arguments to the table as to why you disagree with the author's point of view.

But nope, I bet you think that because the site has the word "infamous" in it, it's anti-Xbox flamebait. Get a grip.
#7.1 (Edited 683d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
GW212  +   683d ago
You are one of the most delusional dbags on this site. I don't think you should be talking about anyone else grasping at straws.
HmongAmerican  +   683d ago
Titan Fall got lucky. It got release while there are aren't much good game out there at the moment for the XB1.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   683d ago
In response to any comment regarding value for money, I've already got more hours out of Titanfall than any single player so far this year. So, in that respect ofcourse its worth its price tag.

People cry about tacked on multiplayers on games such as Arkham Origins, Tomb Raider etc however without it would they be deemed "half a game"? I dont think so.

I seem to recall a hell of a lot of moaning about BF4 having an "unecessary" single player campaign, so clearly there is no pleasing some people!
Anon1974  +   683d ago
I think a lot of it has to do with what's expected from the genre. Every now and then a game or a few games will come along that set a standard for a particular genre that all others in that genre are then compared against.

For example, when reviewing racing games, the number of tracks and vehicles, the number of different modes, the multiplayer - there are certain expectations within the genre based on what games have done before. Few racing games have story modes but they aren't something that a racing game is judged on generally.

Now, within the first person shooter genre games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo...these games all set the bar on what we expect from the genre. Hell, the creators of Titanfall also created Call of Duty so they're responsible themselves for setting expectations within the genre.

When you look at what the genre has to offer, it'd be different if Titanfall made up for it's lack of a single player campaign mode with more multiplayer modes, more maps or a lower price point but some believe the experience that Titanfall delivers is merely on par with the multiplayer portion of other popular games in the genre at the same cost to the player.

So, when reviewing a game and measuring it's comparative value to other games in this genre you could be spending your money on, it's hard not to look at what the game offers as well as what it doesn't. That doesn't mean I agree with this guy's opinion overall though, but I can certainly see where he's coming from. I'm a single player guy for the most part and almost never touch multiplayer modes in games, even first person shooters. Titanfall looks like a blast for fans of multiplayer only games.
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Dlacy13g  +   683d ago
Many on here think there is some kind of Sony tie in because of the site being named "This is Infamous". I too on first glance thought it was flame bait but if you do click on the site you will see that is far from the truth. So site conspiracy de-bunked... No Sony favoritism here.

Now that we have that out of the way... if you click on the authors body of work on this site you will see something I find rather disturbing for someone reviewing one of the biggest games so far this year. He has not written one game review beyond Titanfall.

Check yourself:

Seems he has Spent the better part of 6 months writing nothing but movie,TV, comic and WWE articles (Is WWE even still a thing these days?) and 3 articles early on about gaming related topics. Does this mean he shouldn't write a game review? No, but I would say you should most certainly take his review with a salt pill since its hard to know how he reviews, what his preferences truly are and if he has any agendas of his own.
kevinsheeks  +   683d ago
there are over 60+ on this topic yet yours is the first to actually provide any worth while info bubs for you
G20WLY  +   683d ago
Every reviewer wrote their first review at some stage, it doesn't make that opinion less relevant than their fiftieth.

Assuming the author has played other games before, their opinion is as valid as yours or mine. You can take a 'salt pill' anytime you want when you read a review; it's still their opinion.

Even if you're unable to find another review on that site, that doesn't mean this was by a reviewing virgin. Many write/have written for other sites before. If movie reviews generate more site traffic, that's where you start when you launch your site.
#10.2 (Edited 683d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   682d ago
He does express his opinion, and he does back up his arguments with his reasons which are overall fairly sound. I don't know if I find it a worthwhile review of the game itself, but it's not a bad discussion piece.

I do find trying to review a game to see if it's actually a "killer app" the wrong course on many levels however. No game should be looked at that way, because it sets the expectation before the game is ever played. For instance, if Peter Molyneux comes around and says, "This will be the best game ever made", then when playing and reviewing it, people will review it expecting it to be the best game ever played.

On another note, I see more people trying to discredit the author, and the site, without really discussing what he's talking about, likely because from what I can tell, most didn't even bother to read past the name of the website.

On a side note, I did get the chance to play TF the other day at my friends house for a few hours. , I can say I didn't like it that much. I can't judge it's merits as a FPS because I am not a fan of FPS, but the game seemed solid enough, and was easy to pick up, but to me it was just another military shooter...same cliched stuff we always see in them. I'd probably rate it an 8-8.5 just because I can see why people like it, and it didn't appear broken in any way.
#10.3 (Edited 682d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   682d ago
Fair and valid points. Bub+ I also really like your point "I do find trying to review a game to see if it's actually a "killer app" the wrong course on many levels however. No game should be looked at that way, because it sets the expectation before the game is ever played."
condemmedman  +   683d ago
well I would pick titan fall over infamous any day of the week. review that!
ger2396  +   683d ago
Good for you.
MWH  +   683d ago
"in my kitchen a dish or two needs review".
#12 (Edited 683d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Bernlock  +   683d ago
The website is called this is infamous and they are giving their opinion on titanfall. Did anyone honestly think it would be positive?? Waste of time
Hicken  +   683d ago
... I'm just gonna refer you to all the other comments debunking this very ignorant observation... if it can even be called that.
Flutterby  +   683d ago
I swear I can't believe how many xbone fanboys are jumping the gun here thinking it's some Sony site because it's this is infamous lol I have never realized till this day how completely stupid xbone fanboys are, just wow.....
LogicStomper  +   682d ago
It's both ignorant and an ad hominem circumstantial.
Gore-Content  +   683d ago
A well written, unbiased, objective review. Hard to find in this day and age. Good job.
rebeljoe14  +   683d ago
Lets accept Titanfall for what it really is. A cash grab COD knock off that was rushed by EA just like BF4. I can't understand how that game is getting good scores when it is absolutely horrible. I had to deal with the bullshit server issues and these "Origin tokens" are bs. The fact that the story was horrendous and near absent was a major turnoff considering people shell out 60 bucks for a half a game that was honestly made to cater to little kids who aren't too good at shooters. Most disappointed game on X1 so far besides that microtranscation fest that was Forza 5
ger2396  +   683d ago
It's the same thing with every iteration of these games. Yet we the consumers continue to accept it and buy them in droves.
Flames76  +   683d ago
Guess thats why last week in the U.S the Xbox One did 116,000 and the PS4 did 50,000.Also the X1 has outsold the PS4 for 4 weeks straight in the UK.On top of all that titanfal pre orders killed infamous.So please you crying pathetic sony fanboy give up.You cant stop titanfall or the Xbox One.Just because there isnt anything to play on the PS4 stop trying to bring down the X1.
BlakHavoc  +   683d ago
Dude, your doing exactly the same thing your trying to persuade Sony fanboys to quit doing lol. Titanfall is a good game, yes Xbox has received a boost in sales from it, but don't get it twisted. By no means is the X1 in any reach to pass up the PS4 in global sales. The US is the big stomping grounds but global sales takes the whole cake, and you can try and sugar coat but you and I both know the PS4 is the console that cannot be stopped right now.
MasterD919  +   683d ago
Thats funny because I just bought an Xbox One with Titanfall...and absolutely love it.

If Sony truly is winning, why do I feel like Sony fanboys are such losers?
Major_Glitch  +   683d ago
Because your delusional, and your grasp of logic is tenuous at best. Don't worry about Sony fanboys, their not the one's gaming on a weaker console.
LogicStomper  +   682d ago

Bad argument. The first time you mention "winning", you use the definition of being first place. When you use the word "losers", you changed the definition from win/lose to the characteristic trait of a loser.

It's possible for Sony to be winning (first place) and, have fanboys that are losers(characteristic trait). I am jealous that you get to play Titanfall though, I've only played the beta and haven't had time to play the full game.


Yes the logic withing his argument does fail, but your comment is worse than his.

MasterD919 is attacking the Sony *fanboys* for their character, but you... You're attacking the entire Xbox One fan-base with that comment. Fanboys of a console are a minority in comparison the the fans of a console. Also, fanboys are known to be arrogant,ignorant and, irrational, whereas console fans can actually enjoy both worlds. So your comment is actually worse that his.
MasterD919  +   682d ago
This entire thread is riddled with biased opinions that are worse than mine- including the reviewer. All I did was point out how ridiculous it has become, as well as prove my point by seeing what Glitch wrote.

The best part is that none of this even matters. I don't waste my time trying to convert people to the "other side" like some other people on here. I don't work for MS, so why would I care what any of you think about Xbox?
HaVoK308  +   683d ago
From a website titled: This Is Infamous.

A guy with an opinion based on who knows what, telling other people what to think.

I've spend over 20 hours playing Titanfall, and it lived up to my expectations, and then some. When concerning Hype. The ONLY person that can hype a game for you, is you. The phrase 'Don't believe the hype', is overused, narrow-minded, and condescending. Not too mention arrogant.

Infamous Second Son is pretty decent as well. A little rinse and repeat, but still fun nonetheless.

Oh N4G...I still hold out hope that you will become informed consumers, for the consumers. And lose this delusional misplaced loyalty you have for people and/or corporations that couldn't care less regarding your existence.
#18 (Edited 683d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
BlakHavoc  +   683d ago
Uh, ok you act like SP came up with the word Infamous lol. Yes it's a title of a PS exclusive but if you quit being paranoid you may realize it's just the title of a website that's not tailored to Sony. I mean if there were a website called "The Box", or "X-Factor" does that mean it's catered to MS? Nah, it would just be a coincidence.
GW212  +   683d ago
I have both and if you're calling Infamous "rinse and repeat," then what the hell is Titanfall?

Get off your high horse, cupcake. It's cute to be an Xbox fanboy, but don't BS that you've played Infamous.

It's like the kids trying to say Ryse still looks better than Infamous. Jesus. That was laughable at best. You talk about delusion? Pot meet kettle. Hypocrisy at its finest.
Adolph Fitler  +   683d ago
The XB Original had Halo & that was a definitive title for the system/s, then with 360 it got Gears, which was the new XB exclusive to take the Halo crown....all this review is stating is the FACT that Titanfall IS NOT that pinnacle system selling title YET....It is not saying with future updates & game modes, or a sequel that it can't be all that it was hyped to be, just that it is not there yet.
I hope with Titanfall 2 they add an awesome single player campaign & diverse multiplayer & it becomes a franchise that lives up to the BS amounts of insurmountable hype that get lopped on these titles.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   683d ago
It seems like nobody even read the review and is just quoting what is written in the description of the article...regardless, this is the internet. If you don't like someone's opinion attack it mercilessly and when that doesn't work? Resort to petty insults and don't forget to attack them personally either!
N8  +   683d ago
Titanfall is fun. I play with my friends and its a blast.
Qwagy UK  +   683d ago
Anyone Battlefield 2! Full price game online only no single player campaign!
No one batted an eyelid when this was released, Titanfall is a great multiplayer game end of, I wouldn't say next gen but it's a good try.
corvusmd  +   683d ago
Well considering the "hype" these days is to "hate" this game for little to no reason...I'd say I agree...don't believe that mess.

I for one am of the opinion that I LOVE this game, it's a blast and hasn't even started to get boring's the first game I've played in a while that actually lived up to the original hype. It's just plain fun.
GW212  +   683d ago
Really? I like the game but don't love it. I'm spending most of my time playing Infamous right now. Trying to get into Titanfall more but i just haven't gotten there yet.
rainslacker  +   682d ago
I don't hate the game. I got the chance to play it for a bit over the weekend and didn't care for it much though. This is mostly because I'm not into FPS, so I can't make any real judgement call on if it's a solid FPS compared to others. I had some fun playing it though, and I can see why people like it, but it's just not for me. I'm really not into online MP either, so that didn't help for me. Most FPS that I do get into are the SP ones, either campaigns, or things like BioShock.

However, from playing the game, I can say that the hype was a bit overdone. Not so much that people were excited for it, or that it won so many pre-launch awards, but simply from the massive advertising campaign surrounding it, and the speculations that it was going to be the X1's killer game. I think it's going to be a while before that call can be made.
GrantXL  +   683d ago
Got titanfall sunday .really wanted to like it. Get the cod4 feeling I got back in the day . hate it.
G20WLY  +   683d ago
Quick, trade it while it's worth something and before someone sees it in your collection! ;D

Seriously though, I agree. For some people the monotony takes longer to kick in. You know the sorts... For us, it happened far too quickly and we get very limited value out of it, sadly.

I'd recommend anyone on the fence rents it or borrows it. Or wait and grab 2nd hand and cheap. Save your money for the Halo this definitely ain't.
#24.1 (Edited 683d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
BlakHavoc  +   683d ago
I think he hits it right on the horn. If you throw your pride to the side as well as your fanboy panties, you'll see that the game does not offer anything more than what your common MP modes offer in other FPS games. It lacks a true campaign mode and while I wouldn't say it's not worth the 60 price tag cause it's fun as hell, I could see how someone who values story modes in games would find TF's price tag too high. But the truth is that there are a lot of people who just enjoy a pure MP experience like TF, it's not meant to have a story or give you a cinematic experience in anyway, but it's meant to have replay value (obviously), and keep you invested for hours while you play with friends. It basically fulfills what people have been doing for years now on COD, BF, and Halo. I know people who have bought those games and never even played the campaign mode, instead just purchased the game so they could play online. So I don't fault Respawn for making a game that focuses on that, and if you approach the game from that perspective than i'd say the praise is worth it. It's not revolutionary though like some claim, and it doesn't feel entirely different from FPS games we've been playing for the last few years now but it deserves a spot among the CoDs and BFs.
Azzanation  +   683d ago
I believed the hype and I am having one hell of a time with Titanfall.
xDHAV0K24x  +   683d ago
How dare you!!!???
LogicStomper  +   682d ago
How dare you question his opinion!!!!!
xDHAV0K24x  +   682d ago

I'm with you man! Wonder how long it will take to get to Gen 10! I'm only at Gen 2 lvl 20 =/
BlakHavoc  +   683d ago
Damn I need to say this. Ok fanboys are really beginning to destroy something as simple as conversing about games online. You can't get an honest opinion out of people because everyone likes to believe they got the better end of the deal. Truth is gaming is exactly that, just gaming. Everyone has a preference, what you think honestly doesn't mean jack sh*t to the next person. I myself love PS consoles, I always have and I just enjoy their exclusives in particular, but I have nothing against MS and the Xbox brand and in fact have owned every MS console excluding the X1. No matter how you try and cut it, if your a fanboy and only you know if you are, your just a jealous gamer who wishes he had both consoles. How I know this, cause if you truly believed the other console is crap and had no games you wouldn't even bother bashing it, exactly why none of you get into flame wars about the Wii U or any other console out there.
jimbobbeers   683d ago | Off topic | show
AW360ME   683d ago | Spam
GoodnessGreatness  +   683d ago
Yeah don't believe the hype. The game is an unfinished mess! Framerate drops, getting booted out from lobbies often, campaign is a joke too.
Games_R_Us  +   683d ago
Gee for an unfinished, overhyped mess of a game, why are Sony owners and fans fighting tooth over nail to get this game on PS4? Just sayin.
hankmoody  +   682d ago
I've sunk hours into this game and I've had ONE instance where the game crashed on me.
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