What does next-gen mean for eSports?

A new feature looks at the impact the new consoles - their processing power, the shape of their controllers, the types of game they offer - and how they will change the pro gaming scene. Titanfall may not be about eSports just yet - but something like it very soon will be, according to accessory makers and pro gamers alike.

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TomShoe1454d ago

Titanfall isn't happening as an e-sport because there's too much randomness with the AI and the Titans. It's designed for pubs, through and through.

Livecustoms1454d ago

Counter Strike and COD are your FPS eSports choices really

Dewitt1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Already talked to Sundance they are working hand in hand with Respawn currently, should here something soon.

Bernlock1454d ago

what the hell is e sports? Playing video games is not a sport

ExPresident1454d ago

Your clearly speaking out of lack of knowledge of the scene. Google Starcraft in South Korea as the definition of gaming as a sport, a televised sport at that.

eSports is here to stay. Say hello to League of Legends by Riot Games, Dota II, and MLG in the United States. Might wanna start researching it now, there's more than enough information to prove you wrong.

Bernlock1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

hahahahaha I know what they are that doesnt make them sports! Are you seriously calling a video game a sport. Does it make you feel better cause you probably suck at real sports

Do me a favor sir. Step out side from your moms basement and grab 20 people on the street. Ask them if video games are a sport. Report back with answer

Are_The_MaDNess1454d ago

@uberpwnyexpress yet Chess is an Olympic sport.
heck, would Golf really be a sport in your eyes?

games requires skill and teamwork and is a sport of some kind.

ExPresident1454d ago


I can clearly see why you have 2 bubbles on this site. You don't know me at all, yet assume I live in my mothers basement and suck at real life sports.

Whether I feel playing video games qualifies as a sport or not is irrelevant. The facts however show that society, clearly in Korea, has more than deemed them as a 'sport'.

To further prove my point, because clearly you deem anyone who plays video games as a 'sport' must live in their mothers basement, I encourage you to also read up on the professional Korean Starcraft teams, or Evil Geniuses based out of the U.S., that have their players train in the gym to improve their lifestyle and maintain health, as proper exercise is proven to improve performance in all areas.

I'd encourage you to maybe step outside of what you deem as normal or acceptable and maybe allow others, in the millions mind you, to fully embrace what they enjoy. Sorry you are out of bubbles and can't continue this enjoyable debate.

ExPresident1454d ago

So far this generation is doing well for eSports. It's not either consoles fault, with the addition of being able to record stuff right from the console it has helped. The developers and publishers however are failing. That being said its always been easier to do this stuff on PC, but console games will get there.

Middle finger salute to DICE & EA for putting an 'eSports' mode in BF4 - ie Defuse, while not actually making any way to do clan wars or jump into a game as a 5 man squad. You fail at supporting eSports.

fractured741454d ago

StarCraft is my favorite to watch,I have took a shine to watching cod pro gaming competitions,can't beat playing though.

ExPresident1454d ago

Yeah I'd agree. That being said I think, after spending some time watching LoL matches that LoL may be a bit more enjoyable, if anything, just because the first couple minutes of Starcraft is typically fairly boring and mundane. Either way they are both fun to watch when stuff is really going on :)

Are_The_MaDNess1454d ago

well Next-gen wouldn't really matter since the biggest esports games is most played for PC.
may it be Starcraft 2, Dota 2, Counterstrike and LOL