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Submitted by RyanRBates 692d ago | news

Activision launching exclusive Skylanders SWAP Force toys with McDonald's

GotGame: For all you Skylanders SWAP Force players, who happen to enjoy some McDonald’s from time to time, Activision is teaming up wih the fast food chain to launch exclusive Skylanders figurines for Happy Meals.

The exclusive toys will be available from March 28-April 24 in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and there will be eight figures in total. (PS3, Skylanders: Swap Force, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Ramon3MR  +   692d ago
I'm kinda hungry for a cheeseburger now
Applejack  +   692d ago
As long as it's a real cheeseburger then second that.
RyanRBates  +   692d ago
I'll take a 4-piece of Chicken McNuggets
TheUndertaker85   692d ago | Bad language | show
CerealKiller  +   692d ago
Great now im starving...
Yuprules  +   692d ago
Too bad the toys don't work with the video game
GraveLord  +   692d ago
-Skylanders Game (and McDonalds promo deal)
-Destiny launch on Xbox and Playstation consoles. (potentially biggest new IP launch ever)
-Call of Duty 2014 (most creative and ambitious yet according to devs)

I think this will be a great year for Activision and in return, a great year for gamers.

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