Bungie drops 'Destiny' information: Invisibility, beta rewards, E3 2014 and more

Many of you are patiently waiting for Destiny's beta to open up later this year, but until then, Bungie is still dropping tidbits of information about Destiny, and we have some new crumbs to share with you today.

Recently, Bungie talked about a type of options players will have when it comes to taking part in stealth gameplay, as well as if there are going to be any rewards for people who have the chance to take part in Destiny's upcoming beta.

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Homegamer1518d ago

Really looking forward to see how this turns out, just waiting for a beta codes to test this out, if it's anything like what they've done before in terms of combat this will be solid

Plyzz1518d ago

Can I ask if you know anything about how I might get a hang of a beta code? :)

Homegamer1518d ago

Best way I know of is to pre-order because anyone who pre-orders is supposed to get a beta code for the summer beta that they're doing, hope that helps

medman1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I'm really hoping the weapons in Destiny feel heftier than the Halo weapons. That is one criticism I had of Bungie with the Halo franchise, very little feel of weight to the weaponry. Other than that concern, I cannot wait to play this title.