PS4 hardware sales jump 106% on InFamous: Second Son launch

The release of InFamous: Second Son has given PS4 hardware sales a big jump in the UK.

MCV has been told by a trusted retail source that sales of PS4 consoles jumped 106 per cent last week as exclusive title InFamous: Second Son debuted on Sony’s machine, jumping straight to No.1 in the process.

That’s a bigger jump than Xbox One enjoyed following the release of Titanfall – that saw sales of Microsoft’s machine jump 96 per cent.

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rarity1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Wow that's absolutely amazing! I hope everyone's enjoying infamous I know I am.

MightyNoX1487d ago

Well deserved. It's a game with a lot of heart.

Abash1487d ago

And a game with a lot of power. Both in terms of gameplay and graphics

Ezz20131487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

ps4 didn't even need *system seller*
because it already selling better than any other console on the market
but still got it *system seller* as it seems

ppl who say ps4 have no games are gonna end up saying ps4 have way too much games
it's like ps3 all over again
remember this guys ?!

and then later we got articles crying that sony have too many exclusives like it's a bad thing
the double standards are incredible

FITgamer1487d ago

It's an amazing game. So damn gorgeous.

Off Topic: Let the tears flow.

PoSTedUP1487d ago

106% is pretty good jumping up from a dominant position. just imagine if they gave out I:SS for free XD.

Kingthrash3601487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

tf= free bundle/x1 price cut/ overhyped--98% jump
iss= $60/no ps4 price cut/ under hyped-- 106% jump
i wonder how big a gap in percentage it would have been if they were switched. just wow.
awsome game btw just got the 3rd power...awsomeness.

Death1487d ago

Weren't sales lower the past few weeks because they were sold out?

NewMonday1487d ago

this is on top of the 75% rise from last week

Crystallis1487d ago

The game is a blast to play and a marvel to look at just got the neon power and WOW. The colors in this games are insane.

Next gen has truly started on the PS4. Good things to come.

chrismichaels041487d ago I guess people were excited about playing Infamous. Who knew? LOL Seriously though, congrats to Infamous and the PS4. Sony continues its dominating performance.

1487d ago
Eonjay1487d ago

Is this on top of the 76% boost from last week?

miyamoto1487d ago

This explains why Gamestop planned on that ridiculously more expensive Second Son bundle! They knew it would sell even better.

ShinMaster1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

So let me get this straight...

TITANFALL is released bundled for free and XBO gets a 98% sales boost, but PS4 also gets a 74% boost at the same time.

Now INFAMOUS:SS is released(not free) and PS4 manages another 106% boost?

PS4 didn't really need a "SYSTEM SELLER" game because the PS4 sells itself, but apparently games like InFAMOUS do have the potential to boost the PS4 even further.

Pogmathoin1486d ago

Really? All of a sudden there is 106% PS4's suddenly available? You lot know too well if it was MS, it would be called creating hype for demand..... Its great its doing well, Infamous 2nd Son really does look like a huge generational leap, but c'mon, try show some consistency with all your cock and bull stories..... You people make Rob Ford look totally straight and clean....

Angeljuice1486d ago


That would be a valid point if Sony hadn't been saying for several weeks beforehand that they intended to have stocks ready for the launch. They couldn't very well sell the inFamous bundle before the game was released.

abzdine1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

great great game!
got the neon power yesterday it's really nice looking.
well deserved success for PS3 and this first massive exclusive.
looking forward to the sales numbers later this week.

it's actually better they delayed it to now, it gave a boost to the hardware sales.

mewhy321486d ago

PS4 is selling like hotcakes. If ms doesn't do something soon then the xbone is going to go down in flames.

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Mikelarry1487d ago

I am on my second play through now and I enjoy being evil, the civilians just has to say hi or look at me funny and I KARMA BOMB the B%^&^ :).

LOL_WUT1487d ago

Second play through? Wow I just started yesterday and it's so beautiful to look at going the evil route on my first play through ;)

Kingthrash3601487d ago

i'm on the same thought process..i'm still on the first playthrough....going to go bad on the second and if someone crosses the street, everybody on the block dies.
lol <--- Dr. Evil laugh

Mikelarry1487d ago

@ kingtrash

" and if someone crosses the street, everybody on the block dies. "

LMAO now that is truly EVIL

Boody-Bandit1486d ago

That cracked me up "EVERYBODY DIES!"

Pug1486d ago

Wow i'm still on first play thru also. Sometimes i just stand around for minutes on end looking around at the scenery its that good lol

ramiuk11486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

im good at moment(81% complete) and glad i went good 1st.
but i wanna just karma bomb those protesters etc,plus the women who want my babies.

amazing game and it is a MUST BUY imo

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DeadRabbits1487d ago

Spare a thought for those whom cannot experience inFamous yet. May ye get decent trade in rates for your old hardware!

Mystogan1487d ago

No source or whatsoever...

Death1487d ago

MCV has been told by a trusted retail source that sales of PS4 consoles jumped 106 per cent last week as exclusive title InFamous: Second Son debuted on Sony’s machine,

The Titanfall sales were credited to Chartrack.
Infamous data was given by "a trusted retail sorce". I'll wait for Chartracks numbers.

TheEnigma3131487d ago

It happened for Titanfall, so why would it happen for Infamous?

GTgamer1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Lmao I love this oh you need a source its funny when they said 96% for Xbox one with titanfall no one question it but apparently when it happens to PS4 with Second y'all want a source smh look the possibility of this not being not true is soooooo small because of the PS4 success so you better begin to accept that.

jmac531487d ago

A this is some rumor. It's coming from a retailer who can't fudge numbers. Shed your fanboy tears somewhere else.

Volkama1487d ago

I just assumed they'd use the same source, as both reports came from MCV.

I also typically assume that someone is playing silly buggers when they report on a % increase and deliberately neglect to mention the actual numbers. That's not how you report numbers, that's how you spin them.

PSVita1487d ago

Yea there's not really a source but it's not hard to believe give it had 1 million pre orders

Saito1487d ago

Your pain is palpable.

dendenmooshi1487d ago

Just going to reiterate what @Volkama said. MCVUK is the same source used in the 96% increase in X1 sales with the release of Titanfall.

Believe both or believe neither.

Qrphe1486d ago

Ouch, put some lube on that

Beastforlifenoob1486d ago

Mystogan GTFO you are a troll

"Not only that. It is vastly inferior to the Kinect 2. Not just with resolution. #2.1.7" (when talking about PS camera)

"VR headsets on consoles will not work very well. They are struggling to maintain 1080p 60FPS. An image lower than 1080p will suck on VR headsets. As proven by the first Oculus Rift prototype.
A console doesn't have enough power to even maintain two 720p 60fps images.

VR will be a PC gaming thing. #9"

"Of course the PS4 is going to win an N4G stupid are these admins? They should have done a console by choice. The one who wins gets to choose which console they want. That would be much more fair. #13"

"Because they've noticed that the Xbox equivalent is better in quality.

Twitch has more features and better quality on Xbox.

Killzone is best looking game on PS4, Ryse is best looking Game on Xbox One, and the best looking game this gen so far.

Ryse is 900p 60fps and looks way better than Killzone at 1080p 30fps.

900p 60fps > 1080p 30fps | 720p 60fps

ps4 is not as powerful as many of the Sony fanboy wan... #1.1.1"

"Hmmm... This no name devs game...or Titanfall?... I choose Titanfall. #2.1" (when talking about a game not coming to XBX1)

"The PS4 is being praised as a Gaming centric device yet Xbox One has more top Rated AAA exclusives, They're spending 1 billion dollars on exclusives and all the PS4 has are Indie games. I keep hearing from dual console owners that their PS4 is simply collecting dust and their Xbox One is on all the time. I even heard it from that Sony fanboy at IGN.

What you PSfanboys don't want to know or simply ignore is the fact that Sony is in deep shit. Financially.
They&... #1.4"

"But Xbox has Titanfall... #1.3.1"

"And all the PS4 is getting are indie games besides Infamous and The Order. "

"Lol if this was a microsoft article this would have been approved 2 hours ago."

"Resolution doesn't make a whole lot of difference as much as the PSfanboys would like it. #1.1.12"

"Lets just ignore the fact that the PS4 launched in 48 countries and sold 4 million while Xbox One launched in just 13 and sold 3 million. "

"Linux is for nerds who like to tinker. MacOS is for people who are less intelligent than normal people. Windows is for every other human being on this earth. #1.2.11"

"Halo is the star wars of videogames. #1.1.8"

"Lol hypocrite.

did you forgot how Sony now makes you pay 2 play online? I guess you forgot that They wanted you to pay $600 for a console too. And also that they let your credit cards get stolen. And shut down PSN for a month.

Like I said. Hypocrites. #1.1.2"

"Yeah and how do we know this isn't fake?" When talking about bad xbx1 customer service


fonger081486d ago

@Beastforlifenoob do we need examine your posts then? Cause it would be a pretty open and shut case on the term hypocrite.

DigitalRaptor1486d ago


Mystogan, you got owned - now go cry somewhere else.

kayoss1486d ago

Wtf?? How come you're not playing titanfall? You praised the crap out of it but yet you're here?

thereapersson1486d ago

Damn, beastforlife went off on Mystogan. Looks like he's got a valid point, however!

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imt5581487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

PS4 jump 106% vs. Xbone jump 96%

10% difference. F*** yeah!:-D

So glad that singleplayer games are still important!!!

Agent20091487d ago Show
RiPPn1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

It did 10% better without a price drop and/or including the game free.. aka very impressive..

By the way N4G isn't the only site on the internet that favors Sony this gen, pretty much any site that doesn't have an "xbox," "microsoft" or anything related in it's name are pretty much all the same, oh and in real life too.

ncc-0171487d ago

Right on, we all grew up on single player games!

jebabcock1486d ago

106% increase of previous ps4 sales is actually ALOT more than 96% increase on x1 sales. Saying 10% different is comparing apples to oranges...

kayoss1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Ps4 averages about 20k per week in UK
Xb1 averages 5k per week in UK
This is just an estimated calculation.

Ps4 (20k x .106 )= 2.12 x 20= 42.4 units sold
Xb1 (5k x .96)= 4.8 x 5k = 24 units sold

Yeah so just saying 10% will not tell the real story. It may sound small but when you get all the numbers and do the calculation. It's does not seem so small does it. If my calculation is correct, ps4 sold almost 50% more units then xb1 during this time in the UK.

trenso11486d ago

@kayoss your math is off 106% isn't .106 it is 1.06

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Evilsnuggle1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Is this a surprise to anyone? Both infamous SS and Titanfall are big exclusive releases. I have read so many people comments saying that the are waiting for infamous SS or Titanfall to buy a next-gen system.

Applejack1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I am in love with this game! It is SO much better than the first two were (not saying they were bad, it just this one is such an improvement).

Edit: Wow, I'm sure in a talking mood today. I don't have any bubbles left XD

TheEnigma3131487d ago

So far I still like part two better, but this game is amazing. I didn't think I would like Delsin so much.

christian hour1487d ago

Personally for me the twist end to the first will forever cement it as my most memorable, infamous 2 definitely had better gameplay naturally.

As for Second Son? The character arcs were handled pretty well, there was nothing majorly shocking story wise, but the gameplay and the attention to detail in the world/overall aesthetics... breath taking. I'm still blown away anytime I use orbital drop or any of the other ultimate power moves which I wont mention to avoid spoiling it on anyone waiting to pick up their copy :)

Anon19741487d ago

Where the hell are they finding stock for it to jump that much? Looking at, the PS4 is still pretty scarce in the UK with only a handful of bundles available. I don't doubt that there's been a spike, but imagine what that spike would be if the PS4 was readily available.

Longshot281487d ago

They usually refer to the base 399 model, a lot of people bought the SS bundle.

christian hour1487d ago

In my experience most of the big retailers tend to be sold out most of the time, but if you pop in to any self-owned lil electrical store sometimes you can be lucky to find one or two, or in one of my friends cases, while searching for a ps4, found a store (some family owned place) that had 10 left in stock, it also had about 30 xbones in stock and 8 on the floor in kiosks... for some... reason. Never thought to ask haha, prob trying to get rid of em :P

Anon19741487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I have no doubt there's stock out there somewhere, and I know they're trickling into stores periodically. I managed to find one in Canada over a month ago and they're generally sold out everywhere, so if you get lucky you can certainly find them.

It's just that idea that it jumped up so dramatically. It's not like PS4's are sitting on store shelves and Infamous inspired people to run out and buy a console. Stock is hard to come by, so I can only assume that in order for there to be any jump, Sony must have made more units available for the Infamous launch. Otherwise I would think that sales would have been stable as they're selling out as soon as they're in stock.

Maybe the spike is due to, as Longshot28 mentioned, the sudden availability of Infamous bundles being introduced into the mix?

DigitalAnalog1487d ago

Suddenly, the Titanfall hype is further diminished to another "great" shooter. And now we have another reiterated franchise with next-gen polish giving a PS4 a higher boost than it's competitor.


What's even funnier is that some people believe that an exclusive for one system will affect the sales of another exclusive from another just because they release in the same time period. The delusions of such fanboy mentality.

GT671487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

editor job must be hard..... "search all over" for articles proclaiming 106% increase for ps4 next day MS miraculously jump 96% for Titanfall. but later on this week we'll see slummage of sales again on both side.
why such weekly lies? draw hits from gamers to conform debates?? if someone comments sound good they get credit for it?? when did gaming become debatable issues?? leisure fun time of gaming is now consider group gathering online debate WOW!!! just unbelievable.
do anyone ever wonder how and why Sony an MS release games and console at the right time always?? could they be working together behind closed doors to the public. and how they know what game to announce ?? why was'nt it Halo vs. infamous second son 2 or Gears 3 vs infamous second son 2 ?? do Sony and MS call each other to say which game they will release?? so many questions to ask.
when open world shooters is over and done maybe gaming can be saved and re-born in 2018

GraveLord1487d ago

That means that inFamous is a bigger system seller than Titanfall. You can't argue with math.

jessupj1486d ago

That's never stopped the fanboys before :)

serratos271486d ago

You kidding? Heck yeah!!! This game has given my life meaning again!

hellzsupernova1486d ago

I honestly did not expect that to happen!!! I would've thought the push Microsoft was giving with titanfall was bigger with more advertising! im glad people still have not forgotten!

I also think Sony probably shipped a lot more consoles in this period just because it's sold out otherwise. Great console, great game! Jealous i have no ps4 now.

Anarki1486d ago

The game is solid, I've enjoyed doing both Good and Evil on 100%.

showtimefolks1486d ago

well deserved by sony and sucker punch

amazing game that i hope a lot of people get to play

Gamer19821486d ago

Considering the PS4 jumped last week anyway tis is more impressive as its like more than a 150% jump from 2 weeks ago. Since it was outselling xbox one that week that just means its blown away xbox so far in the UK a place that was last generation an xbox territory.

kopicha1486d ago

surprised that it did better than TF. Didnt expect this coming. But indeed it is an amazing game. Enjoyed every bit of the game. By far the best inFamous game I have personally played (note this is a personal opinion as I indeed enjoyed Second Son better than the previous series) Just finish the normal mode with Good Karma as we speak. Now going on my 2nd run in expert mode with Evil Karma. Time to be evil :P

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1486d ago

I already got the platinum trophy for the game and enjoyed every second getting it, now I'm just working on the paper trail until more content is released.

TAURUS-5551486d ago

its an amazing game.

xbox1 RIP

Sarcasm1486d ago

It's too early to say, but gawd damn Infamous SS is my favorite PS4 game thus far. Queue the "but but but there's nothing else" I don't care, it's a good game in all regards. The story isn't quite as thrilling as Cole, but I appreciate the fresh new take on it. Imagine the complaints how it would be the same if it was just Cole a third time with Electric powers again.

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sAVAge_bEaST1487d ago

It pays to put money into, and build, your own 1st party Studios.

Money Hatting only devolves the industry, instead of pushing it forward.

As gamers. This is why we support Sony, They continue to push the industry forward... Not holding it back, with money hatting tactics.

Imagine what Sony 1st party studios, will be pushing out, a Few Years from now.... MindBlown.jpg

Illusive_Man1487d ago

I'm a gamer and I do not support Sony.