PS3 Online Avatar List And Images

Here are the pre-installed avatars for the PlayStation Network. I assume you'd be able to download or ad your own, but haven't tried yet. There's some familiar faces in there, along with a whole lotta crap. Emphasis on A LOT. Hit the jump for all the screenies.

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Bill Nye4390d ago

I call Kratos. He's mine, you can't have him.

kmis874390d ago

Alright then, I call Clank.

DEIx15x84390d ago

I hope those are for Japan and the US has different ones. Those seemed to be really fitted for the Japan style of culture, not much US style pics there.

SjaakHaas4390d ago

i think this idea of having preinstalled known avatars, wich can be used for ur profile, is amazing! i've never seen that before!