The Division: Snowdrop engine designed “to do things better, not bigger,”

Tom Clancy’s The Division publisher Ubisoft has discussed in some detail the power of the shooter’s underlying Snowdrop engine, and how it was designed to both optimise and unlock new potential in the new generation, rather than go bigger just for the sake of it.

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TRD4L1fe1609d ago

"Snowdrop engine designed “to do things better, not bigger”

Excatly how it should be

Eonjay1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Thats NOT what she said.



3-4-51609d ago

More huge open empty land does nothing.

Having a place within a game matter, and having it have meaning and relevance or more important.

Each spot in a city or town or world should matter.

Soc51609d ago

The division looks great, but I have a feeling its going to have a controversy similar to watchdogs before we have another huge controversy, console gamers should realize by now it's probably not going to look the way it did at its reveal, on ps4 and xbox one, especially since it was demoed on a high end pc.

Being a primarily console gamer I have seen what the new consoles are capable of and even though they will most likely get more adept at pushing high quality graphics, I have made my expectations match with the fact that they aren't going to be able to hold up against a high end pc. Hopefully most people realize this and wont create another silly controversy when the division on consoles doesn't look as good as it will on a high end pc. It's common sense, it will look good but I doubt it's going to look like it did during its reveal. So lets stop whining about things that
should be obvious to us by now.

IanVanCheese1609d ago

My biggest fear, because this really does look jaw-dropping.

starchild1608d ago

I get where you are coming from, but I don't see any reason why the console versions won't look at least 90% as good as the footage already shown.

And 90% of insanely amazing is still pretty damn amazing, don't you agree?

evilbart1609d ago

I agree although when it was revealed they said it was a console only title.So in fairness we should expect no downgrade in the graphics although I know that there most likely will be.

Eonjay1609d ago

Of course, it would be weird because the reveal was obvious done on a PC. The quality of the visuals was super high. If the Division is only on consoles... I mean the reveal is what people are expecting to see from this engine. lets hope they can deliver on this.

osprey191609d ago

Quality over quantity. Excellent.

Coach_McGuirk1609d ago

sounds like constraint to me