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What's in store for Diablo 4? Series future 'still up in the air', says Blizzard

Blizzard intends to roll out additional content updates for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls in the months following tonight's launch, but beyond that, the future of the franchise is still "up in the air", lead producer Alex Mayberry has told VideoGamer.com. (Diablo III, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Eldyraen  +   428d ago
Diablo in Space: How Diablo and Kerrigan Got It On.

Diablo possesses Raynor, has demonic Zerg/human babies and then battles Zeratul for the right of conquest on all mortal planes.

He loses (as Diablo always does) but is found by an emo, sword weilding former Princeling and then attacks giant Pandas yelling "All your Bamboo are belong to us!". Game ends there to continue in another 10-15 years.

Now where's my paycheck?
Palitera  +   428d ago
Free to pay garbage?
4logpc  +   428d ago
Free to Pay eh? Never heard of that one.
Palitera  +   428d ago
Sorry. Fee to play.
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Drekken  +   428d ago
Every game ever is fee to play.
Palitera  +   428d ago
You're right literally, though the expression refers mostly to energy systems in the game.

Really bizarre is when you go to Elder Scrolls MMO side of things, the fee to pay. haha

60 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15... If you want to use it for 6 months that is...

Anyway, with F2P growing (ugh!), I bet they'll destroy the franchise even more in the next entry.
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Bodge  +   428d ago
Diablo 4, play through a revamped version of the first three games in THIRD PERSON. MORE STORY, NEW GAMEPLAY, NEW CLASSES, MORE EVERYTHIIIIIIIIIIIING......... ......

4logpc  +   428d ago
So...nothing like Diablo?
Crazay  +   428d ago
Uhmm....The Diablo series is pretty well a license to print money. It's not going anywhere - it just won't be coming home with us any time soon.
SteamPowered  +   428d ago
Diablo - 1996
Diablo 2- 2000
Diablo 3 -2013
Diablo 4 - ETA 2052
4logpc  +   428d ago
bro, you dropped 0 there. 20052
CLOUD1983  +   428d ago
"I think sometimes players might feel like we don't listen because there are millions of them and a few of us, but absolutely, community feedback is critical to what we do,"

What a pile of crap seriously... did u listen when thousands upon thousands of Diablo fans make a petition http://www.petitiononline.c... & ask u to change art direction? more than 64.000 people sign in there did u listen of them? no ofc, u did w/e u wanted u make a cartooning piece of sh1t that resemble more the Warcraft series than the old realistic, gritty, dark & Gothic art style of the first 2 games.

What about character builds? that was the main reason people replay D2 again & again for years, to try different builds where is all that in your sh1ty game? now we learn all the skills of our class automatic at lvl up & we can change what we want to use anytime, who thought that casual approach? ofc that retard Wilson who wanted to create a game for WoW casual gamers & not a game for hardcore Diablo fans & he succeed in the end that's what D3 is a casual piece of sh1t but he didn't stop there he strip us of any choice we had in the previous games about how to build our char so he remove stats & skill points distribution because he wanted to make it a such a brainless game that the only thing the players must do to progress is lvl up & change gear from time to time that's it.

How about stop saying bullsh1t to show us that Blizz care about our feedback when the truth is that u don't give a sh1t what we think, if u really care stop wasting your time on this garbage & start working on the next Diablo game & show us that this time u will fix everything, but I doubt that even the next Diablo will be a worthy successor to the first 2 "original" Diablo games, Diablo die when Blizzard North disband, THE END.
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OutlandGaMIng  +   428d ago
make the graphics more realistic which in return would add that gothic quality back to them with todays advantages , A story which has one of the selected characters in the past been acquainted with cain so that it could bring flash backs of his character into the story line keeping him alive to the diablo franchise and maybe possibly having your character know secrets of his which left the new heroes oblivious the story in diablo 3. But with his passing you being the only chosen one to bring it to light for tyrial and proving your advantage through the next part of the story into slaying the lord of hell and all his minions . also release it on PC and consoles .
Daver  +   428d ago
Diablo 3 was such a letdown I will not even bother getting the expansion, they should have stopped working on it and start making diablo 4..

I would love to play as the angels like different classes among them in diablo 4
ahsmullethunter  +   428d ago
Post console d3 is super awesome. Pre console wasn't bad but I understand why people were upset. It's fixed now IMO. .
TheTowelBoy  +   428d ago
"Its still up in the air if we can find a way to innovate and NOT shit on the series' history, and lineage, all at the same time."
ahsmullethunter  +   428d ago
What blizzard did was brilliant. Broken pc d3, fixed console d3 (double dip) , fixed pc d3 with expansion (double and a half dip), next gen console ultimate edition (triple and a half dip), PC Ultimate edition (possible but not probable quadruple and one half dip!)

To quote Ron Burgundy "you ate the whole wheel of cheese? That's amazing I'm not even mad!"

Ps I'm on dip 2.5...

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