InFamous: Second Son review – all flash, no substance [Guardian]

A likeable lead character and some beautiful visuals do their best to make up for an empty and frustrating world

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Yuri_Rook1521d ago

@Neonridr If you enjoy the game, what does it matter that someone else didn't? The person who wrote this review has an opinion just like everyone else under the sun.

pivotplease1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Because reviews usually have a huge impact upon a game's success these days. If you're going to discredit a high-end game, at least have the decency to give it an average score (after you just stated that it has "likeable" and "beautiful" traits). A 6/10 is below average and near a complete flop (5/10 and under get this title I feel). None of the infamous games have been below average. Yes, there are opinions, but when you use yours to damage the rep of a perfectly good product, that's not cool. It's like the 6/10's only exist to aggressively counter the reviewers who went overboard and gave 10/10's. Anyway, I've always despised The Guardian's game and music reviews. They've always struck me as hipsters. And I don't say this as a sony fanboy. I say this as someone who is unimpressed with their biased/hypocritical treatment of electronic music that comes from outside of Europe.

Edit: It really doesn't help that they are dealing with, what I consider, a gimped rating system. Out of 5 systems aren't specific enough while IGN's system is too specific to be notable. I think an out of 10 system with half points is the best route.

mediate-this1520d ago

6/10 is above average, a 5/10 is average.

Bobets1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Well this same site gave MGS:GZ 5/5 and ppl hated onit so why is it only a PS fan thing to disagree on a review that seems questionable? were all the hate from PS fans too when they gave MGS perfect score???

thing is ppl act like only certain group of fanboys does things like hating on review for giving low score on a game they hail so much just watch angry joe review of titan fall 7/10 you'll see just as bad xb fanboys are when it comes to "hating on reviews".

Ohh and whats another 3/5 when there are far more sites that rated this game 8-9/10 even 10s.

OmegaShen1521d ago

To say its empty, is saying you didn't play it. I can't seem to go anywhere without getting shot at or landing in a drug deal.

I think most people hate this review because it is bs to say the world is empty, does mean Skyrim is to?

andibandit1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Havent played it, but i guess he means one part of the city isn't much diffrent from another. It's a problem with most sandbox games. I had the same problem with GTA5, couldn't bring myself to play more than 3 hours of the single player game.

ThatOneGuyThere1520d ago

the single player is the only thing good about gta5

hollabox1521d ago

The voice acting is kinda bad and generic but a damn good game. My progress is only 23% complete but so far I would rate Infamous 2nd Son a 8.5 out of 10.

starchild1520d ago

Really? I thought most of the voice actors did a really good job.

hollabox1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

It's corny, not up The Last of Us or Metal Gear standard. I know its meant to be corny with the typical late teens early
twenties attitude, it just annoys me every time Delsin open his mouth. Infamous voice acting delivery is similar to the last Devil May Cry game, damn good action game and decent story after I got over how cheesy the main characters are.

But like I said good game, I would rate Infamous at least 85 percent so far. It's funny I got 7 disagrees for defending this game saying its damn good scoring Infamous in the mid 80s percent or a 4.25 out of 5. Oh well, 7 N4idiots and counting.

Am_Ryder1520d ago

Totally disagree. Fetch isn't great, but Troy Baker's intonation and affect for Delsin is bloody brilliant, as good as his work as Booker De Witt (though obviously not The Last Of Us, greatest performance in gaming history.)

I hate stereotypical teenage characters and whiny valley-girl accents; but Delsin actually has personality and wit, thanks only to Troy's performance. Delsin speaks just like a real person. It's great work. Augustine and Betty are also great. The only weak links are Reggie and Fetch, imho.

hollabox1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

"I hate stereotypical teenage characters and whiny valley-girl accents"

Right on point, maybe because I'm now in my 30's I don't care to hear people talk and act like Delsin and Fetch. I know its entertainment and Troy Baker has obviously turned out some epic performances, but after the firs hour I was done with Delsin. To me Delsin voice is no different then someone scratches on a chalk board. Minus the voice acting this game would probably be a 9 out of 10. Like the user Si-Fly below I feel exactly the same way.

"Si-Fly + 4h ago
I bought it at the weekend but have to say that the main character is possibly the most annoying I've seen in years!

Who's he meant to appeal to?? Not all PS4 owners are 13yr olds Sucker Punch!!"