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inFAMOUS: Second Tops UK Sales Charts; Metal Gear Solid V PS4 Sells Three Times as Much as Xbox One

inFAMOUS: Second Son launched last Friday, and predictably enough it came up on top of last week’s sales charts for the US, released today by GFK Chart-Track. Second Ranker is Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, that sold almost three times as many copies on PS4 than on Xbox One. Titanfall holds strong at number three. (inFamous: Second Son, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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MightyNoX  +   369d ago | Well said
Install base + power of the playstation brand + social media exposing which is the superior version. Not unexpected.
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sak500  +   369d ago
Shows 2 things:

1. ps4 owners desperate for any game on ps4 even paying for glorified demo.
2. second son not having a stay and play value like TF.
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Unreal01  +   369d ago | Well said
Haha, desperate troll.

Nice edit with that demo bit by the way, you just look sad.
razrye  +   369d ago
Can say the same about xbox owners desperate for any game on the xbox.
jessupj  +   369d ago | Well said
Your desperate, pathetic trolling shows 2 things:

1. Your butt is incredibly hurt.
2. Your tears are delicious.


I'm going to keep posting that link every time someone says 'teh PS4 haz no gamez' until you realise how utterly stupid you look.

I'm guessing it's going to be a while...
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Ezz2013  +   369d ago
your comment Shows 2 things:

1.The hypocrisy is pretty strong here
last gen when ps3 was beating the hell out of xbox in exclusives
xbox fans: ""exclusives don't matter and who cares about exclusives it's all about 3rd party games""
and since ps4 is beating xbox on all fronts
you guys run back to exclusives matter again
even though this won't end well for you just like every gen so far
but now you guys are saying ps4 owners don't have games to play even though it have tons of games exclusives and 3rd party games
(same thing you guys said with ps3 early days)

2.TF dropped 73% in sales and getting beat by Infamous SS and MGS and you guys said it's a ""system seller""
after looking at this chart
it wouldn't shock me if it drop from the chart after few weeks
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ShinnokDrako  +   369d ago
Shows 1 thing:

1. Desperate troll
Why o why  +   369d ago | Funny
Dem tears de sah.......

Fortified with sodium

...and as bitter as an ex wife

Take a bow sak, take a bow. You have personified butthurtness tenfold
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abzdine  +   369d ago
TF? the exact same game on 360 that you guys glorify and call next gen? can you please remind me the resolution of that thing? i heard it was no next gen like.
Rockstar  +   369d ago
"Shows 2 things:

1. ps4 owners desperate for any game on ps4 even paying for glorified demo.
2. second son not having a stay and play value like TF."

Those are some delicious tears
ger2396  +   369d ago
Shows one thing: Xbox brand is synonymous with shooters. Without them there would be on Xbox.
kayoss  +   369d ago
Xbox owners are so desperate that they're making TitanFall into the second coming of jesus. News flash, its a call of duty game with mech and super high jump hacks. You choose a gun and you try to get as many kills. Start new match and repeat. Oh yeah forgot, try to get into a mech without getting killed. Anything else?
Hicken  +   369d ago
So, what I can't understand is: why can a user make comments like this on a regular basis and yet(wow, look at the stuff this guy got Well Said bubbles for on the second page of comments)...

Holy crap, he's gotta have a couple of accounts bubbling this one up. 9 comments in a row that are obvious trolling comments but got Well Said? And they say this is a Sony fanboy site...

Anyway, I'm curious to see what this means for hardware sales, both in the UK and elsewhere. I don't think Titanfall's influence helped the XB1 surpass the PS4 in worldwide sales for the past few weeks, but now I wonder if inFamous is gonna help retake that ground the Xbox made up.
Cuzzo63  +   369d ago
Omg really. We can name 100 things that makes ps4 the to go to system. I'm pro Sony but that does not make me hate xb1. I like TF. I think it's fun. But a single player campaign would make it that much better. Both systems basically have the same games with the exception of a few exclusives. Replay value? There is none without the internet... I think Infamous is still playable if the Internet bill doesn't get paid... anyway. U mad? Or really really mad...
kopicha  +   368d ago
try harder sak lol
CJDUNCAN  +   369d ago
Has Metal gear ever been a big game on the XBOX platform? It's always had a bigger Playstation base.
abzdine  +   369d ago
MGS2: substance has been released on xbox, but xbox platforms never got any exclusive MGS.
PSP is the one with most exclusive MGS games.
FATAL1TY  +   369d ago
winner = PS4

1080p MGS GZ + 1080p open world infamous second son

R.I.P xbox 720p
Slevon  +   369d ago
This ^ I missed out on playing all of the previous metal gears and I figure if I was to start, Ground Zero is not the best place for me.
nicksetzer1  +   369d ago
Global sales for 2014 vs the daily/weekly sales being put up .... titanfall is quite a bit ahead and that is with much fewer consoles. MGS just like tomb raider does better on ps4 most likely because xb1 has plenty of new (and full) retail games to play. When the full game comes out it will be a it closer I would guess.
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One_Eyed_Wizard  +   369d ago

As much as I love GZ, you're right it isn't. GZ is mainly targeted at people who are already fans. I'd start with MGS3 or even MGS1 if you don't mind the dated graphics and mechanics. But MGS3 will do as it's chronologically the first in the series.

Basically it goes like this

MGS3 -> Peace Walker -> MGSV -> MGS1 -> MGS2 -> MGS4

I omitted MPO and MG1, MG2 because the latter two aren't considered completely canon anymore and MPO, while canon, is really more of a side story (with awful controls.)
GameSpawn  +   368d ago

If you have a GameCube there was also Twin Snakes (a port of MGS1).

I've never owned the original Metal Gear Solid from PS1, but I did borrow and play a friend's copy long ago. I just never got around to getting the game myself, until Twin Snakes came out on the GameCube. I enjoyed the update to the graphics despite the few small changes since it was on a Nintendo console.

I have MGS2 and MGS3 on the PS2 and also MGS4 and the HD collection (MGS2+Substance, MGS3, MGS:PW) on the PS3.

I really enjoyed the mythos of the Metal Gear series and had the most fun with Peace Walker because of how the game was setup and also the sort of meta game in the form of Mother Base management.

MGS2 I liked up to the Very Hard difficulty and additional Substance content which made the game impossibly hard. I did get all the dog tags and complete every difficulty on the PS2, but I couldn't bare to put myself through that Fatman hell of a boss fight again on the PS3 HD remake (seriously Fatman on Very Hard is an ass - Vamp is just barely beatable, but still easier than Fatman).

As far as playing chronologically, it really isn't needed to be that strict. As long as you play games in groups.

[MGS3 -> Peace Walker -> MGSV] -> [MGS1 -> MGS2] -> MGS4

The two sets I partitioned off are interchangeable without ruining anything or spoiling any of the plot. Big Boss isn't mentioned very much in MGS1 and MGS2, so having the back story from MGS3, MGS:PW, and MGS5 won't add too much other then some lineage for the "three" Snakes and also some origin for Ocelot and the influence Big Boss had on him.
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hkgamer  +   369d ago
surprised about MGS tbh.

PS4 version selling more than PS3 version. I guess a big majority of MGS fans have moved onto next gen already. Or it could jsut be PS4 owners desperate for a new game.
360 and X1 is obvious why sales were lower. just most fans buy it on PS.

I'm impressed with the overall sales of MGSV though, but I am guessing all version would drop of the top10 next week.
mkis007  +   369d ago
I was skeptical too until i started playing Ground zeroes on my ps4... a lot of cool things there. But now infamous will take up my time.
Orange Juice  +   369d ago | Well said
"Or it could jsut be PS4 owners desperate for a new game."

Maybe if you wish this to yourself every night after mom puts you to bed then it will come true. For now though, you are lying and obviously bitter.
HeWhoWalks  +   369d ago
The notion that PS4 fans are "desperate" for games exposes a serious lack of knowledge in this field. In fact, didn't we hear the same nonsense towards the PS3? How did that turn out?
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Snookies12  +   369d ago
@HeWhoWalks - It's said about the Vita as well, that it has no games. I find that statement quite hilarious. I don't own a PS4, but even I can see it has a rather good selection of games already. Not to mention its library is only going to grow as time goes on.
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One_Eyed_Wizard  +   369d ago
I'm glad to see MGSV doing well despite all the bad publicity and misinformation surrounding it. I can't speak for the rest of the hardcore MGS fanbase but I did move onto nextgen rather fast. Other fans I know are waiting to get their PS4 before buying GZ.

It definitely wasn't desperation anyway ;p
JoseV76   369d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
HammerKong  +   369d ago
a game which is just new and got relased 2 days back and is a sequel of an amzing series ,a game which is open world and may appeal to bigger form of audience ,my reasons looks more viable than your,sorry buddy but your reasons are little fanboyish ,but "better social features"i dont get it, i have heard twitch is on both consoles right?,oh i forged i'am having it on both ps4 and xbox one,but hum can any body tell me what is better on my ps4?,i must check soon never noticed it before,any body here?.
lelo  +   369d ago
"inFAMOUS: Second Tops UK Sales Charts"

Not surprising. It's one of the most anticipated games for the PS4.

"Metal Gear Solid V PS4 Sells Three Times as Much as Xbox One"

Not surprising either. PS4 install base, PS4 has the better version, most MGS fans own a Playstation and the crappie port Konami did with the X1 version justify those sales. The only surprise here is that the X1 version sold as much as it did. Konami deserved zero sales from the X1 version.
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BelkingOfSony   369d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
THamm  +   369d ago
Xbox fans were the ones calling it a demo, soon enough just like Wii fans, they'll only buy first party. Titanfall might as well been first party since it sold out, since MS didn't have anything ready. Sad but this is the way I see it's heading
Evilsnuggle  +   369d ago
Here we go again. @@ eye rolling



"The only surprise here is that the X1 version sold as much as it did. Konami deserved zero sales from the X1 version."

There is no sabotage Of xbone. It's just weaker hardware than PS4. That equals less performance lower resolution and less stable frame-rates on xbone than PS4.

Hideo Kojima is not holding back the xbone. No the xbones weak hardware is with it’s low end GPU and slow ram and bottlenecking Esram is the problem.

Your a xbone fanBoy stealth Troll
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ThePope  +   369d ago
You know I played it on the X1 and beat in 80 min.

Though I'm sure I didn't have as much fun as the people who played it on PS4. I mean because we all know Polys, and resolution = fun.

Could someone please tell how great it was on PS4, I can try and live vicariously through you.

While ppl on this thread are catching all sorts of hell for saying it. But outside of Second Son, the PS4 has had few releases. Sorry, I'm not hating on the system, but its the truth.
Hicken  +   369d ago
The funny thing is: the XB1 has had fewer releases. It is an undeniable FACT that the PS4 has more games, so why do you Xbox boys keep perpetuating this BS?

The PS4 has had few releases? And how many has the XB1 had?

You say you're not hating, but every time you make a comment like this, that's exactly what you're doing. What you're saying isn't at all the truth. It's bull.
ThePope  +   369d ago

I would ask you this; How many AAA releases have come to the PS4 since the beginning of the year?

I'm not saying nothing has launched on the PS4, what I'm saying is that the big AAA experiences people buy $4-500 consoles for are not there. NOW with the launch of Infamous it has a big AAA release.

The X1 has launched Titanfall, PvZ:GW, and to a lesser degree Peggle.

Garden Warfare could have been a mess but was instead awesome. Titanfall is bringing far more to the table than most games since it has extreme replayabililty.
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Christopher  +   369d ago
@ThePope: Wow, that's some very specific requirement for games on PS4 you ask for.

" How many AAA releases have come to the PS4 since the beginning of the year? "

Well, it looks like the same number as XBO? Thief + one exclusive (Titanfall on XBO and Second Son on PS4).

So, what was the point of that question?
Snookies12  +   369d ago
@ThePope - Plants vs. Zombies is a "AAA" game?
djplonker  +   369d ago

neither of them are console exclusives and are available on 360 and pc...

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Clunkyd  +   369d ago

He's just mad because his precious TitanFall game isn't getting any attention anymore. It's sad because the game really isn't exclusive to Xbone.

Funny, How an incomplete game is AAA
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   369d ago
It's all a matter of taste. I'd rather play inFamous than Titanfall. Besides, I really see absolutely no game that interest me on X1 except for the multiplatforms (which all run better on PS4 anyway.)
Magicite  +   369d ago
If this trend continues, there is a high probability, that some multiplatform games might become Playstation exclusives (like in PS2 times).
Back-to-Back  +   369d ago
The real crime here is a shitty Final Fantasy game outselling dark Souls 2. Come on UK brothers buy DKS2.
ocelot07  +   369d ago
Believe me I would but am sitting here like a idiot waiting for the PC version.
djplonker  +   369d ago
I bought both ff13-3 and dark souls 2!

Also ff10 hd and mgsv(ps4)

I don't have the time to play them though XD
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showtimefolks  +   368d ago
the advertisement firm sony chose for ps4 use to be with MS/Epic games for gears of war and Goggle so now its showing how great they are working on ps4

MGS is a series that will always sell a lot better on PlayStation consoles, but i am glad more people will get to play it now.

Infamous 2nd son well its an excellent game so very well deserved

sony is on a huge roll, i believe this E3 will be huge and both sony and MS have to show up in a big way. MS have already said they E3 conference will be about games(will wait to see it before i believe it)

sony needs to show some firepower to really deliver a huge knockout punch
mmc-007  +   368d ago
why is CoD:ghost & battlefield 4 selling better on the PS4. also because is sells better on the Playstation brand?
showtimefolks  +   368d ago

well more games will sell better on ps4 because of bigger install base, last gen it was xbox360 now it has shifted to ps4.

I was just talking about MGS series which in general people associate with sony's console. But like i said i am glad more gamers world wide will get to experience MGS5

IMO in a perfect world all 3rd party games are available on ps4,xbox one and wiiu. Where the system will differentiate are what the console makers offer as exclusive games from their 1st and 2nd party studios. But as we have seen with Titanfall that won't be the case
mcstorm  +   369d ago
I think this was to be expected as MSG is a bigger name on Sony's console and the PS4 has higher sales in the UK too as well as infamous and MGS being new games this week.

What will be interesting is who stats in the top 10 the longest. For me I think TitanFall will have the longer legs because its a FPS game. But that said good to see all 3 games doing well.

Looking forward to getting MSG but im getting through my other games before picking this up.
Jdoki  +   369d ago
And TF is multiplat, and will get a huge bump in sales once the 360 version releases (if it ever releases)
hkgamer  +   369d ago
Probably the safer option to buy Ground Zeroes second hand when most people will be trading it in soon.
beebap  +   369d ago
Any hardcore fan of metal gear will not be trading in.It a game that you can back to. Try out different ways also if you bought the first batch of the game you will get special content in phantom pain.
Kribwalker  +   369d ago
I'm gonna rent it this weekend. No point in paying $35 in canada when I can rent it for $6 and at the place I go to I get a second game for free if I want
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   369d ago
Lol no way I'm trading it in. Ever.


That's not a bad idea either. I also live in Canada but last I checked the prices were the same as the US on the PS Store.
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mcstorm  +   369d ago
@Jdoki I agree that it will have a bump when the 360 version comes out but not out for a few weeks yet plus MSG is Multi Plat.

@hkgamer I agree I think there will be a lot of trade ins of the game soon but ill still grab a new copy don't tend to buy pre owned as I like to support the developers.

O and on the 18 disagrees what's that about?
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Goku781  +   369d ago | Well said
Playstation all day, everyday.
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   369d ago
Or...no day, ever.
Nekroo91  +   369d ago
so enjoy your lower quality multi platform games...ah.

R3ddBuddah  +   369d ago
Did you run out of VCR tapes?
candy_mafia  +   369d ago
Infamous deserves to sell, sell....sell!

So does Titanfall, and awesome news on MGS too!

It's official, I'm totally in love with next gen!! :)
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SynestheticRoar  +   369d ago
Infamous bitches. I got the collectors edition it's awesome. Tell your friends.
LoveSpuds  +   369d ago
So I told my friends at work today that SynestheticRoar has the collectors edition of Infamous, they weren't all that impressed chief.....weird no?

I was happy for you anyway ;)
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Qwagy UK  +   369d ago
It's a bit unfair to highlight the fact that PS4 Sells Three Times as Much as Xbox One as there are many more PS4's around I'm sure that the sales would be even if the xbone had as many units around, may be slightly less as users who own both systems would go for the PS4 version for obvious reasons.
Unreal01  +   369d ago
But you've also got to take into account that MGS, just like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil etc will always sell more on PlayStation consoles as traditionally they are considered PS games in many parts of the world.
Jdoki  +   369d ago

There's not 3 times the number of PS4's out there than XB1's, even allowing for people who own both. MGS just seems more popular on Playstation than XB1.
Why o why  +   369d ago
You must also remember that playstation owners don't buy games apparently. ..that was the mantra chanted by some factions
kayoss  +   369d ago
The only games that will ever sell well on the xbox one are FPS games. Thats what Xbox owners needs. Because they dont know how to play any other games.
TRD4L1fe  +   369d ago
.......so i guess i have been playing RPGS, action adventure, platforms, and RTS games wrong my whole life!!

ZOMG it cant be!
Chevalier  +   368d ago
Did you think it was unfair when they kept bring up 360 sales for 3rd party games in the U.S.? Losing is losing so yeah it's not Sony's problem that MS Xbone sales are shitty. 'Obvious' reasons are Xbone sales suck overall and deserve the low sales for all the 720 P releases.
No_Limit  +   369d ago
there are more PS3 in UK to sell MGS Demo to than on the XB1 plus it associated with the PS brand more than the XB brand. Not surprising at all. I am glad infamous is at the top as I am really enjoying the game and glad Titanfall got a steady hold. Good times for gamers on all consoles.

LOL, the stealth disagrees. So Which part of my statement is incorrect? Keep em' coming folks. :-)
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Flutterby  +   369d ago
Maybe cos you are wrong ? What's the ps3 got to do with it ? And considering it's a "demo" as people keep putting it why did it beat the xbone savior titanfall ?
No_Limit  +   369d ago
my bad, I meant PS4 instead of PS3, a typo. Good catch. It beats Titanfall because it is a newer release and it is on 4 platforms vs 2. The gamers, including myself, that are complaining about MGS and understand that it is basically a demo and not worth $30 are in forums and message boards like this so the majority of the folks that didn't know or care about such issues will buy it because of the name.
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hkgamer  +   369d ago
call it whatever you like demo, prologue, DLC. only thing we know is that this game content would probably not get released with phantom pain.

is it over priced? yes it is.

Is the game short? yes it is.

I am slightly dissapointed in the title for other reasons though.

- No codec conversations.
- No Boss Fight.
- Not really a proper ending to the game.
- Cutscenes from story mission has been shown in trailers, not much new content.

Well, back on topic. I guess your stealth disagrees were either your PS3 typo or you typing MGS Demo. Not really agrreing with why you got these stealth disagrees though.
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ArbitorChief  +   369d ago
Seeing MGS:GZ sell well has me worried about this generation...
christian hour  +   369d ago
I was worried about MGS:GZ's myself, until I got my hands on it a few weeks back. It's actually very enjoyable, I almost hated myself for letting my displeasure with Kiefer and my fear that MGS was being changed for the worst get in the way.

But Hey, I can be a pessimist too, watch this :)

"Seeing XBone sell, at all, has me worried about this generation..."

See, it's easy to spout biased bullcrap :) Competition is healthy for the industry!
ArbitorChief  +   369d ago
I'm worried because people are buying $30 Demos. I feel like these retail demos will become like DLC last generation. Abused by publishers.
Baka-akaB  +   369d ago
Calling it a demo ad neauseum wont change the fact that people buying dont feel it is one .

Sure the price and all could lead to other and worse forray , but good luck to other tying it without the strength of the MGS brand ...
christian hour  +   369d ago
I'll agree its a demo when you show me a single demo that gives that much content, I've paid 60 euro for full games that gave me less hours, content and replayability than that. If you want to start a witch hunt, then aim your sights on Activision and the COD franchise. 60 euro expansion packs with little to no improvement engine wise.
THamm  +   369d ago
@christian hour

True, everyone calling it a demo are missing out. The game is simply awesome and I've spent more time on it than any game I've bought in the past year. You don't hear much people who have played it complaining. Media just jealous of MGS.
hkgamer  +   369d ago
Be worried. its probably going happen more often.
Well that or early access anyway.
saint_seya  +   369d ago
I didnt see you that worried when forza 5 came with less than half of the content of previous games, and you still played full price for a game that was actually a remade hd game with less content...
OT: this is just simple proof of what is the people choosing this time in UK # hint PS4
Geobros  +   369d ago
Its normal to have great sale numbers as it has Master Sword easter egg in the game.....:P
G20WLY  +   369d ago
Maybe they should have stuck Delsin's beanie hat on Donkey Kong in DK:TF... ;P
#9.1 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Geobros  +   369d ago
Haha!!!! Its true that Samus aircraft didnt help so much TF's sales, lol!!
saimcheeda  +   369d ago
Metal gear always sells better on playstation
As for infamous theres no surprise as it was expected to be on top. So it was advantage PS4 this week!
Bathyj  +   369d ago
Damn. While metal gear selling three times as much in ps4 is not in itself surprising, it is in the same week ps4 gamers had infamous to buy. Must be good software numbers all round.
Abriael  +   369d ago
Considering that Kojima was basically "in your face" with what version was technically better, it's not THAT surprising. Bet combined with the length of the game a lot of Xbox One users passed on the game.

I know I would have, especially if planning to buy a PS4 as well at a later time.
#11.1 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Ko_Uraki  +   369d ago
Titanfall is #3 after a -73% drop? Impressive.
TristanPR77  +   369d ago
Not impressive at all. Such a big drop in just it's second week is a bad sign. The game was supposed to be the xbone Savior.
#12.1 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
mediate-this  +   369d ago
Okay genius what spot should titanfall be right now? After two major releases being mgs:gz and if:ss two big releases and you think titanfall should be number one still? Third is still good after that, in two weeks we shall see where these games are in the top ten, then will be a better sign. Cause if tf was number one, then if:ss n mgs:gz would not sell as good, i have both systems i bought if:ss and T.F .

Only people calling tf the xb1 saviour are fanboys and fanboy journalists. I have never heard a gamer call it that, tf is selling great, whats the problem? Is it suppose to sell to the whole install base? If tf sells 1.5 mill just on xbox thats a massive success but it will definitely do that for sure.
#12.1.1 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(12) | Report
kayoss  +   369d ago
Did it break any records?? Microsoft like to tout record breaking achievements.
Ezz2013  +   369d ago
yes, it did break records :

*the biggest drop in gaming history*
sebzhd  +   369d ago
OMG, in your face M$.
Hey Kojima, you know where you put MGS6 exclusive now, a real full PS4 version not downgrade because of the poor hardware xone.
Fishy Fingers  +   369d ago
If anythings holding back the PS4 version wouldn't it be the last gen systems.

Also, even outselling by 3:1 why would you make it exclusive and lose 25% of your sales?

This is no place for common sense.
hkgamer  +   369d ago
you mean in your face Sony,
MS just stole 27% potential sales from a game that could have been a sony exclusive.
kayoss  +   369d ago
EA is probably kicking themself in that butt right now seeing how well software are selling on the PS4. If they released Titanfall on the PS4 and PS3, they would be rolling in money. They could have taken over COD throne.
#13.3 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ananas  +   369d ago
because on x1 we have what to play...:)

sorry i dont want buy tutorial ... :)
Applejack  +   369d ago | Well said
So why don't you go ahead and play it instead of stealth trolling? That'd be great for all of us... :)
ananas  +   369d ago
i just saying true... :)
kayoss  +   369d ago | Funny
I bet he got bored. Becasue we all know Xbox users dont know how to play any other type of games except for FPS.
Xbox Daily routine
8am-11am: play Titanfall
Take a break and go on internet to troll
MOM! my friends and I would like some Totinos pizza rolls and a glass of milk.
Play titanfall.
WayneKerr  +   369d ago
#15 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
cfc78  +   369d ago
Wow!!! where are all the defenders of titanfall today i didn't see them having a problem crucifying me over a comment i made yesterday, for those who twisted my comment i do not hate titanfall, i don't want titanfall to be exactly like cod ,i don't hate xbox or microsoft either as i have an xb1 and an xb360 and i could go on but i won't. on topic list looks as expected bit surprised though about 2 and 3 but i guess people make their own decisions on what they like.
OiNioB  +   369d ago
Playing Titanfall,

only Reason there's so many defenders is because there's double the haters, you must have noticed this by now,

600+ negative(mostly troll)reviews on metacritic lol
jimbobbeers  +   369d ago
Too busy playing PvZ and Titanfall. No care for MGS, its a rip off.

Well done to Infamous, however, I feel it may drop off massively.
#17 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(39) | Report | Reply
Hellsvacancy  +   369d ago
"No care for MGS" yep, MGS didn't sell ANY copies did it?
jimbobbeers  +   369d ago
I said I don't care for MGS. What an irrelevant and pointless post.
Applejack  +   369d ago
It's ironic because downplaying MGS by saying it is a rip off and saying Infamous will drop off massively because Titanfall did isn't very necessary or relevant is it?
jimbobbeers  +   369d ago
Course its relevant. Infamous will be below Titanfall next week for instance, come back to me then.
#17.2.1 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(21) | Report
infectedaztec  +   369d ago
Well said Jim Bobbers.

I will never buy the MG game unless theres a serious price drop. Does anyone remember the 'half a game' stick Titanfall was getting? Now MGS sells loads with an hour long game.

Should I buy PVZ or Titanfall..... I'm a big BF fan and PVZ appeals to me more than Titanfall but there is the hype around it to consider.

I will of course get 100% disagrees but for me, PVZ looks like the most fun exclusive on either platform....am I right (genuine question)?
#17.3 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
T2  +   369d ago
too busy playing a free mobile app game to care about next gen? wow thats good thing for you, hope you got pvz free just like on the android store.
R3ddBuddah  +   369d ago
"What an irrelevant and pointless post."

Then why did you both posting?
OiNioB  +   369d ago
Well Deserved for infamous

not so much for metal gear, no matter what side of the next gen war your on
#18 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   369d ago
Good for infamous but if you are starved for games anything new that comes out will do well.
Bathyj  +   369d ago
Pretty much sums up Microsoft's whole 1st party philosophy.

Treat em mean, keep em keen
#19.1 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   369d ago
Wow bubble man you can spread your knowledge on me any day.
jay2  +   369d ago
Titan who? Call of duty mastermind's game beating by a SP only game and a rip of demo, says it all really. It would have been interesting to see if at least 1 of the 2 games came out on the same day as TF if TF would have got any time at 1.
#20 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
OiNioB  +   369d ago
"It would have been interesting."

Only to overly attached fans,

because games can't simple all sell/do well in this problematic industry, that would be devastating
jay2  +   369d ago
No, to see if because the main guy Vince did a COD game if that info would be enough for a new series with a bit of competition to be top. Last week it had none so if it wasn't time they'd be some serous issues so I was expecting top and 3rd this week, what I'm saying is if MGS or Infamous or both came out a week early what it beat either or both the games then. would it have been 1.2 or 3 it it has something/s to fight against on day one, which it didn't.
Father__Merrin  +   369d ago
its all over
Visiblemarc  +   369d ago
If these numbers are indicative if a trend (I believe they are) then MS must have a very strong showing of exclusives at E3 or momentum will send them into a spiral, for sure.
mhunterjr  +   369d ago
There are a number of factors that would lead to this. Ps4 has a higher install base, core PS users are likely bigger MGS fans, the PS version is superior.

The biggest reason I didn't purchase it is because I don't feel it's worth the money. I'm content to play the other recent releases on xb1. I'm sure many xb1 users felt this way.
infectedaztec  +   369d ago
Nail on the head my friend.

If I'm buying a game today it will be Titanfall or PVZ. MGS never appealed to me BUT all the hype would have swayed my interest. I will not however support their shameless exploitation of MGS starved gamers.
T2  +   369d ago
wow another pvz comment... just laughable. am i seriously missing something or are you referring to the free mobile game plants vs. zombies? you would BUY a free mobile game but wouldn't pay for mgs?? LOL

personally i would wait for mgs gz to hit ps plus or get a sale on there, but at least I am reasonable...
mhunterjr  +   369d ago

PVZ: Garden Warfare is a 3rd person, class based, multiplayer shooter... A spin off of the mobile game. When you make ignorant comments like this one, you look silly.
Realplaya  +   369d ago
The question is will Second Son be top game next week?

Also will their first day sales be more than Mario Kart 8 when it drops?
True_Samurai  +   369d ago
And at the end Titanfall still sold more :-) plus second son JUST came out of course it's gonna be on top but after this week there will be many returns happening
#24 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(28) | Report | Reply
Bobets  +   369d ago

just kidding Infamous SS does great as expected and Titanfall seems to drop off pretty big -73% but its normal its just the fanboys overhyping this shit like it will magically dissolve ps4 sales lead.
kenshiro100  +   369d ago
Sure...whatever you say. I predict Ryse is gonna end up in the bargain bin before that happens.
GTgamer  +   369d ago
I have 6.4 million reasons and counting why you salty lmao of course TF sold more its on PC and Xbox :/ its gonna be soooooo funny when TF2 gets announced for PS4 and watch you Xbox fans jump and say Halo is Better I promise its gonna happen.
#24.3 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TRD4L1fe  +   369d ago
right just like when TF2 comes out on ps4 and all the now haters are going to all of a sudden love Titanfall?

sadly hypocrits are all over this community
Xsilver  +   369d ago
"right just like when TF2 comes out on ps4 and all the now haters are going to all of a sudden love Titanfall? "

Shit I wont that's a promise :/
GTgamer  +   369d ago
Hypocrites please TF was gonna be on PS4 before MS did what they did but did that stop Xbox fans from trying to hold TF over Sony fans head like it was a first party exclusive so if people like TF2 on PS4(especially if its bigger improvement than TF1) then what's so hypocritical about that its not like their saying they love TF1.

I Second That.
gnothe1  +   369d ago
I bought MG on the PS4 just to have a reason to use the system...I only played about 2 minutes(looks gorgeous)but all my friends wanna play is titanfall an madden an neither have the PS4....but I might really get into it tonight.....not interested in infamous second AT ALL....never liked the other 2...
ger2396  +   369d ago
Why did you buy it? Impulse purchase?
Clarence  +   369d ago
Stop lying.
gnothe1  +   368d ago
got no reason to lie fool...go check my news feed on both systems....gnothe1 on PSN an Gno the 1 on xbl...that's what you guys do...I have NO NEED TO LIE....I guess I would be lying if I said my systems were hooked to a sony 850A 4k tv also...lmao
Clarence  +   368d ago
Nice name drop but stop lying!
gnothe1  +   368d ago
I gave you BOTH gamer tags for you to check for yourself which you wouldn't an you still have the audacity to call me a liar..lol...like a true sony fanboy..lol
BakPAin  +   369d ago
I dont why the fanboys are making such commotion, Metal Gear fanbase is bigger than TF. Its been established since 80s Titanfall is new IP trying to find its way to the gamers! You guys act like this is some huge Triumph!!

I always assumed that both Infamous and Metal Gear would dk better do to fact that you also have single player mode and are already popular in their own right!

BTW- Infamous is one of the best looking games I have ever seen and cant wait to play it!
corvusmd  +   369d ago
This isn't surprising at all, XB1 owners are still playing TF as evidenced by the fact that it's still number 3 on the list, and like Phil Harrison said last week, TF gets played an average of 5 hours a day....XB1 owners don't have time to play MGS (I bought it, but have spent a total of MAYBE 20 minutes playing it). PS4 owners on the other hand were in the middle of a little games drought and looking for a game to play when these two came a long....these sales aren't really that surprising at all.
Bobets  +   369d ago
LOL!!!!!! ahahahahaahaha!!! them tears! I love it this is why I love this gen because its the xb1 fanboys turn to make all sorts of BS theory to explain why PS4 dominates their favorite console.
#27.1 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
kenshiro100  +   369d ago
Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Btw, Playstation fans are not in the middle of a 'game drought' as you so claim.

That's just your poor man argument speaking.
#27.2 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GTgamer  +   369d ago
Lmao PS4 has more games than Xone fact and PS4 gamers get free games every month and we have free to play's and the better version all multiplatform games so that imaginery drought in your head needs to go away but hey whatever makes sleep at night and its funny you say PS4 has no games but all you guys talk about is Titanfall so apparently you only have one Game (•ิ_•ิ).
#27.3 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Clarence  +   369d ago
Lol the sales have fallen off for titanfall. Face it, titanfall was not the system seller that EA and M$ thought it would be.
As far as games go, xbone launch games were supposed to be on the 360, but Sony forced them M$ to move th to the xbone. Which explains why their 720-900p.

It's cool though go ahead and keep being mad. It's quite comical.
DeadManMMX  +   369d ago
I have both I bought the PS4 one because it just felt right. I was a bit tempted to try it out for that body snatchers mission I might still if the price drops. Many years ago I started my Metal Gear journey with MGS Solid on Ps1 and it felt weird playing the hd collection on my 360. Just like it would feel weird playing a online first person shooter of any kind on my ps3 or ps4.
NeloAnjelo  +   369d ago
I'm happy for Infamous and Suckert Punch. Well deserved for a great game.
mcarsehat  +   369d ago
more people won ps4's so how does stuff like this constitute as news every day?
Hicken  +   369d ago
More people don't "won" three times more PS4s, though.

And the big news is that the XB1's big seller, Titanfall, had a massive dropoff in sales AND was beaten by both inFamous and the "ripoff demo" called Ground Zeroes.
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