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TrueTrophies "The latest iteration of this super powered franchise from Sucker Punch is finally here and we finally get to step into the shoes of the new protagonist Delsin Rowe. I will try to keep this as spoiler free as I can."

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arika1364d ago

Mama got your message! And shes lovin it!

Fishy Fingers1364d ago

Played a decent amount over the weekend and IMO it's easily the best of the series so far. Of course largely because of the hardware.

Lead protagonist is the weak link.

IRetrouk1364d ago

I actually like delsin, not as cocky as he looks, evil ending is actually really evil lol

bloop1364d ago

I thought Delsin would really annoy me but he grew on me. My only problem with the game is that damn dynamic contrast effect they have in it. If I swing the camera to look up towards the sun or a bright light source the whole screen goes so dark I can lose sight of enemies and completely lose orientation. Cinematically it's a cool effect, but it's just too drastic and wish they had an option to either tone it down or just turn it off completely in the settings. I'm amazed no one else has mentioned this. And before anyone says, it's not my tv settings!! That's my one gripe about the game. Other than that, triple A!!

IRetrouk1364d ago

Yeah I noticed that too, it can definitely put you off, especially in confined spaces, maybe they will tone it down in an update.

No_Limit1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Good job Maria for finding this 5/5 infamous scores right after the hard work it took you to find the 7/10 Titanfall reviews from somewhere in Southeast Asia. :-). Having said that infamous is not a 5/5 in my book but I'll give it a very great 4.8/5. It is that good and fun!!! I actually enjoy it more than Titanfall, believe it or not.

MasterCornholio1364d ago

In my opinion Infamous and Titanfall are equally good games. Both have their issues but they are worth buying.

Im thinking about buying Infamous but im a bit busy now with exams so ill probably buy it in one or two weeks.

alb18991364d ago

I'm playing this game actually and FOR SURE IS NOT EVEN A 9!
But I respect opinions because everybody can think WTF they wanna think!!!

joab7771364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

9 is just what I would give it. It does what it is supposed to at this point in the new console's life. It shows off its capabilities while continuing the story and gameplay that we loved from Infamous.

You cant fault it for being a better playing better looking version of its last gen counterparts. Does it have depth? No. But few open world games do anymore...and its sad.

Heres to hoping they do another one and add some complexity to one of the best playgrounds to date.

alb18991364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Totally agree with you but I give it an 8 because in my case I know that in less than a month I won't play it again.
I haven't play any infamous before just a demo of the first.

MasterCornholio1364d ago

Anyone can make up BS.

I played Titanfall the other day on my Xbox One and its absolutely garbage. I don't know why I even wasted my money on that game. Ignore the critics don't buy the game which in my opinion is a 2/10.

P.S All I said above is absolute BS. I don't even own an Xbox One or Titanfall so I don't have a valid opinion on the game. Anyone can claim to own one system or another without any proof. Or even post fake proof.

pivotplease1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

My roommate has it. It is more COD-like than I expected (and even more simplistic in some ways). It's a cool game overall, but like Infamous, it has it's faults and I don't see either game having much longevity. Infamous you might play through twice to net you close to 30 hours and Titanfall you would probably be done in 20 to 30 hours. It just depends on if you're that person on my friend's list who plays COD every day of the year. What is wrong with those people btw?

Edit: I think Titanfall has the potential to be crazy. Especially if they dial back the bots or dispose of them and make it more like a huge 32 player battlefield filled with mechs and other vehicles. It also sounds like Infamous can look forward to offering a deeper open world in the next iteration. Things to look forward to I hope.

Jughead34161364d ago

IMO, this is a score that those who actually played Infamous can agree with. Parts 1 and 2 were great games, and this one blows it away. I'm about 7 hours into it and it's amazing.

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