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Submitted by Fishy Fingers 2821d ago | interview

CVG Exclusive: Tomonobu Itagaki Interview On GTA, violence, DOA and smoking

From our little one-on-one with Tomonobu Itagaki last week, it looks like the man mainly responsible for the DOA and Ninja Gadien series is at a crossroads in his career. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto IV, Industry, Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, PS3, Xbox 360)

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CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2821d ago
You are an EPIC ARSEHOLE! Every occasion you bash other games other compains and mainly sony. You're worse then Kim Shane and that fat pig who loudmouth all the time.

You also insult and downplay Tekken and Virtua Fighter series, which scored way better then all your lame DOA games and sold more then all your games put together

Go back making big boobs women playing volleyball
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Breakfast  +   2821d ago
i like your said nothing bad about Ninja can go trash him and his other games any day of the week...just not NG
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KILLERAPP  +   2821d ago
I lost Tomonobu Itagaki respect when he rape that woman he should be stop this man is a rapist just look at his face.
Alexander Roy  +   2821d ago
No new DOA? Not even a DOAX? Not even a port of any of both for PS3? Damn you, Master Ninja, damn you. I wanted to see big bouncy breasts on my TV and 40GB worth of bikinis to unlock, with even more to come via DLC... ****, that interview dragged me down.
Before anybody thinks I'm bashing or making fun of any console: Nope, I am dead ****ing serious. Yes, I would have invested two bazillion hours worth of playtime to unlock every bikini. **** you Itagaki for killing my dreams.
(Yes, I am aware of the fact that I can buy an XBox360 and DOA, but first I need the money, so that has to wait.)
Fishy Fingers  +   2821d ago
Buy a Japanese version of DOAX, I believe there is a cheat that allows NO bikini's at all o_O
Alexander Roy  +   2821d ago
If you mean the first DOAX, no, that's a patch AFAIK that you can apply to the game, but that would mean you have to rip it first and somehow make the XBox read your backup afterwards. Hey, of course I knew about that! ^_^
Fishy Fingers  +   2821d ago
ah, I didnt realize it required so much work. I only heard about it, honest. Yeah that's to much effort to look at some pixelated m**f.
juuken  +   2821d ago
That an asshole.
That is all.
Why is there so much hatred for the PS3 and Sigma? Sigma was a really good game, and it was a good effort by the Junior team overall.
He's a talented developer but his attitude rubs me in the wrongest ways.
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pwnsause  +   2821d ago
because he hates Playstation, period.
White-Sharingan  +   2821d ago
"What did you think of the PS3 game Ninja Gaiden: Sigma? I'm told you won't even sign copies of the game...?

Itagaki: It was no good."

seriously it was a remake of your own game wtf?

Its funny, he said he didnt make the game for the Ps2 because he only works on the most powerful consoles

yet he makes it a DS game (which flopped)and not a PSP?

He doesnt work on Sigma (which sold ok) and he then says its crappy?

oh well at least we have Kojima on our side

-btw cant wait to pick up NG2, great game
End Of war 2  +   2821d ago
well ps3 owners you better keep playing sigma again and again and again as that will be the only decent actiong game that will come out ion the ps3 lifetime but 360 owners get ng2 im getting a 360
juuken  +   2821d ago
I would love to borrow your crystal ball then!
I might get a 360 down the line as well but you're talking pure rubbish.
Shaka2K6  +   2821d ago
I like this guy.
To bad he has only made nothing but flops DOA and Ninja Gaiden.
PirateThom  +   2821d ago
Well, God of War 3 will soon come along and make everyone realise that Ninja Gaiden isn't really all that good anyway. I think that's this guys problem. His games have been surpasses by everything else.
CertifiedGamer  +   2821d ago
It is the battle of Ninja Gaiden 2 vs. Metal Gear 4
Tomonobu Itagaki vs Hideo Kojima
Xbox 360 vs. PS3

Solid Snake will tear the ass out of Ryu and then show raiden to show him how a next generation ninja looks like.

Metal Gear prevails in sales gameplay graphics fun factor and everything.
Ninja gaiden 2 is inferior.
7h3ultim8p00  +   2821d ago
"Ninja Gaiden 2 is Inferior"

Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.
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pwnsause  +   2821d ago
its inferior.
PLiPhaze  +   2821d ago
That probably wasn't the best example to plead your case. Just Sayin is all.
Bnet343  +   2821d ago
How the hell can the two even be compared? Go back to school kid
Jamaicangmr  +   2821d ago
Honestly why does this guys comments even matter? His only real claim to fame is the NG series which he's even bad mouthing in this interview saying it was no good. Do you really think Mr. Kojima would say anything bad about "MGS Twin snakes" because he didn't make it personally? Better yet you think Mr. Kojima would sit idle while Twin snakes shipped below his standards? Shows that Mr. Itagaki is not a good leader because if he sat there and watched his "Sub ordinates" make a game which he thought was crap and still allowed it to be launched says to me that he either wanted him to fail (which he didn't) or he really hates the PS3 that much. Either way it just shows that he's just a @sshole.
juuken  +   2821d ago
This man pisses me off every time he talks. I won't deny that NG is a great series but to attack his own team for trying out something new...that's below the belt there.

I don't care if he was being sarcastic or not. That remark was way out of line.

I had a lot of fun with Sigma and I was hoping NG2 would have came on the PS3. But it's not so oh bloody well.
Vino  +   2821d ago
I like Ninja Gaiden as much as the next person, but how could anyone badmouth their own company and other game companies like that. I respect developers but I've kinda lost some respect for this guy.
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7h3ultim8p00  +   2821d ago
Lol Itagaki sure is entertaining to say the least.
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Lord_Ash  +   2821d ago
Would some one kill this Itagaki idiot and get it over with, jeez he is such a lame developer that thinks he's some master of gaming while he's games are average at best and sell because they have bouncing boobs, looking at his face make me want to vomit.
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2821d ago
I've been saying this for years, that Itagaki is a total c*m-guzzling @sshole, he's right up there with Gabe Newell on the "I'm better than everyone and I know what's best for gaming" meter.

"If it (NG2) went on PS3 it would be a loss of face for eveyone"...what a total douchebag, I mean, seriously, I like the 360 and what it's capable of, but it's people like him and the hostile 360 community that just COMPLETELY turn me off to the system and wanting anything to do with MS.

Hopefully, this guy just disappears after this game. Who's he trying to impress with the whole 90s-grunge throwback look?

He and Gabe Newell should have a contest to see who can love the smell of their own farts more.
3sexty rulzzz  +   2821d ago
read what itagaki says about the ps3 and NG2
Itagaki Rags On Ninja Gaiden Sigma
While Tomonobu Itagaki adores Grand Theft Auto IV, he totally despises Ninja Gaiden Sigma. And Itagaki's own Team Ninja made it! From an interview with website CVG:

What did you think of the PS3 game Ninja Gaiden: Sigma? I'm told you won't even sign copies of the game...?

Itagaki: It was no good.

Why's that? I thought it was pretty good.

Itagaki: All you need to do is play Ninja Gaiden II and then try and play Sigma afterwards and you'll see why. Despite the fact that it's on a 'next-generation' console there's no evolution whatsoever. That was made not by me, but one of my sub-ordinates who basically tried to copy the success of Ninja Gaiden.

Ouch. We thought it was pretty good! Elsewhere in the interview, Itagaki confirms that Ninja Gaiden II will never appear on the PS3, and if it ever did that would be "a loss of face for everyone involved."
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2821d ago
ah yes, it will only be a matter of days before you become an offical fanboy member of the "one-bubble brigade"...enjoy it.
CertifiedGamer  +   2821d ago
7h3ulti8p00 Ninja Gaiden 4 is inferior to metal gear 4
Ninja gaiden 4 has already been said that it has bad camera

Metal has been reviewd and called the best metal gear ever.

Common how are you going to compare the miles that kojima has had on the douch bag
Kojima is a Legend is immortal his work will be copied by generations after he is gone Stealth is copied from Syphon to everyone.
Miyamoto is a legend is immortal his work will be copied by legends of next generations after he is gone if originality had a name his work could not be defined.
Itagaki is a Legend but not immortal his work has been done by everyone even before he was around Side scrolling was not originated by him, neither was fighting games.
Vespertine  +   2821d ago
Ninja Gaiden 4?
When was this?
PirateThom  +   2821d ago
Well, going through the Ninja Gaiden games:

Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden II

So yeah, "Ninja Gaiden II", is really "Ninja Gaiden V", and "Ninja Gaiden" is really "Ninja Gaiden IV".

Itagaki - creative with names.
Kaneda  +   2821d ago
Shane Kim and this guy
They should hang out and live together..
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2821d ago
Ah yes, I forgot to include Kim in the contest between Itagaki and Newell to see who loves the smell of their own farts more.
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Vespertine  +   2821d ago
No more DOA? No more DOA!?

What about DOA: Code Chronos? What about DOA5?
This pisses me off, I hope he's joking.
Bolts  +   2821d ago
Now I hate the NG franchise even more.
Reibooi  +   2820d ago
That sucks so much he says there will be no more DOA. They never said that right after DOA4 was released. It also sucks that this will be the last NG however I get a feeling that after his next "new" game comes out he will most likely go back to DOA if not because he wants to then because Tecmo will want to and he will refuse to let anyone else work on a DOA game.

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