New Dragon Age: Inquisition Details revealed, 2 new characters, select your voice actor and more

New details about Bioware ‘s upcoming RPG video game “Dragon Age Inquisition ” has been unveiled in a new preview made by the German magazine “GameStar”.

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nope111853d ago

Nice. One of he reasons i loved DA2 was because my character had a voice.

Roccetarius852d ago

Seems like they'll reveal the whole thing, before it releases. That leaves little surprise when meeting new characters.

AnEwGuY852d ago

Select my voice actor?!?! Coooooool! I'm going with Sean Connery.

MWH852d ago

cool isn't it? as far as I can remember this is a first.

AnEwGuY852d ago

Someone's sarcasm detector is broken. ( つ﹏╰)

Eamon852d ago

I think it's likelier 4 voices rather than 16. The amount of recording and time and GB for 16 would be ridiculous.

Still, I think it's great we can choose between 2 voices for each gender. More variety in a Dragon Age game is for the better.

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