3GEM Review: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Dan Reintijes from 3GEM writes: 'Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a tantalizing tease of a much, much bigger picture. The combat is both familiar and fun, the visuals and sound design are top-notch and are what I expect from next-gen titles, and the story is as crazy and interesting as you would expect a proper MGS title to be, all while taking on a darker tone than usual. Ground Zeroes has succeeded in hyping me up for the future even more!'

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O-D-C1552d ago

Such a good game, cant for the Phantom Pain.

Allsystemgamer1552d ago

Yea man. I finally got the change to order a ps4. In canada apparently won't forgot we have millions of people here lol. 2 ps4s went on sale on amaZon canada and I was lucky enough to get one. It comes Tuesday.

That being said, I already got ground zeroes for my ps3 and am going or trade it for the ps4 version when my new baby arrives on Tuesday :)

Allsystemgamer1552d ago

Who's disagreeing? Seriously. Phantom disagrees irk me

No_Limit1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Dude chill out man. LOL. You only have 2 phantom disagreed, no need to go into panic mode. I gave you an agree because you sounded upset.

Allsystemgamer1552d ago

Wrong. Mass effect went mediocre. Mass effect 2 i can sum up pretty easy.

Go recruit this guy. Cover shoot everyone. Go recruit this guy. Cover shoot everyone.

I love mass effect as much as he next guy but they told everyone what ground zeroes was long before release. To call it mediocre is ridiculous. All reviews have said the gameplay is incredible.

Sclavius1552d ago

I can't wait til more companies realize people will pay 30 dollars for a long demo.

Allsystemgamer1552d ago

Difference is they said ground zeroes was a prologue/intro to the mgsV game. People buying it as long as they're not dumb knows what it is. It's a fan service.

TheDarpaChief1552d ago

jealous metal gear haters are ignoring this fact on purpose. dont let it bother you

Sclavius1552d ago

Every time someone criticises something there's always gonna be someone out there saying awww they're just jealous. For the record DarpaChief I am a fan of metal gear but the value isn't here, and them advertising this as a prologue doesn't excuse that. I wouldn't buy this but I'll sure as he'll rent it off gamefly. Just a question though when was the last time we had to pay 30 dollars for a prologue?

No_Limit1552d ago

It is avaialable on Red Box, so no worries. Going to rent it for $2 on my X360 and return it in an hour after I am done with it and do my grocery shopping at the same time.

Adolph Fitler1552d ago

The game looks unbelievable, no doubt....BUT, it definitely deserves flakk for being an overpriced, glorified demo....ANYONE can buy this thing, whether PS3, XBOne, PS4 & wherever else it is available for....but, as a PS3, PS4 & 360 & Wii-U owner, I see no point in spoiling what will be a 10/10 title, when the full game drops....Prologues, are a rip off, if charged for.....GT5 on PS3 was ok, as it was just a free demo, & it is a racing game that EVERYONE knows about, from gameplay to graphics, people know exactly what the GT franchise will that is definitely fan service..... This MGS demo is hardly fan service, in fact, it is a fan disservice, as it is spoiling the real deal, & will take the wow factor & shine off the real McCoy when it finally drops... I will wait....As a fan, it is not a fan service, if it were FREE, it COULD slide into that category, but I say could, as it is still going to spoil that initial WOW factor if you play this first, then get the Phantom Pain when it releases.

Each to there own, I guess. I just don't see demo's & parts of an MGS game as a fan service....more a fanboy service for fools that can't wait.....But, I will wait & play Infamous, Outlast, Lego Marvel, NFS:R, BF4, COD:G, Dead Nation (again), KZ:SF, AC:BF & the other games I am GIVEN FREE for having PSN, plus I have a tonne of PS3, 360 & Wii-U games to plough waiting for MGS:TPP is doing myself a fan service, rather than washing it down with a bit now, & the rest later....I will get MGS:TPP home on launch day, & fire it up, & be genuinely blown away, whereas people that have played Ground Zeroes, will just be, "oh yeh, this again,"....It won't give them that initial shock, wow, & joy that new unseen & played AAA+ games generally do.

moujahed1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I play Ground Zeros everyday and I had it since launch. Yes I have Infamous 2nd Son too... This game has replay value and it grows on you. It's something that can't be explained unless you own the game which you obviously don't, haven't played nor have any intention on playing. So much like how they say If you dont vote you can't complain. Well that kinda applies here also.