Wii U Weekly Deals: B2G1 Preowned, Mario Kart 8 Preorder $55, MH3U $20, Rayman Legends $25 and more

Wii U deals and sales at Nintendo, Amazon, Costco, GameStop, Newegg, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Groupon, Dell, Walmart, Target, Square Enix and Capcom Stores.

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dannygamer1460d ago

Anyone used Costco before? Will I get the game on release date?

timothyckeegan1460d ago

Delivery is 5~7 days
Also written on page:
"This title is scheduled to release May 30, 2014 and will ship as soon as it becomes available. To ensure delivery on the release date please choose express delivery at check out."

dannygamer1460d ago

An additional Shipping and Handling fee will apply to express shipments. This fee will be quoted at checkout.

Will keep it on my Amazon cart then.

lebr0n1460d ago

Just submitted Rayman Legends and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Amazon Price Match. I hope they will.

Apollo11460d ago

I also did this morning, I don't think they will PM Rayman Legends.

jacobvogel1460d ago

This might be the time to get AC4 :)

Tom871460d ago

Why do Ubisoft games get on sale fast?

Plasticgearsolid1460d ago

that wii U deal kind of has my eye