The Last of Us Real-Time vs Pre-Rendered Models Tease The Graphical Jump For Uncharted On The PS4

GearNuke: "A few weeks ago, we heard about how Uncharted on PS4 will offer the visual fidelity of the cutscenes of The Last of Us on PS3. This sounds pretty good, right? But how big of a jump are we talking about here? We can see this by taking a look through the gameplay and the pre-rendered cutscenes of The Last of Us on the PS3."

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mysteryraz111548d ago

it better look better then last of us cutscenes infamous second son and order1886 have superior graphics to the last of us pre rendered cutscenes

MidnytRain1548d ago

The main thing that held back TLOU was all those awful jaggies. Wonder what anti-aliasing they'll be using in their next game.

mysteryraz111548d ago

no the game was still very pretty

MidnytRain1548d ago


I'm confused: You don't like anti-aliasing?

plaZeHD1548d ago

Why are you getting dislikes? It's true The Last Of Us suffers from outdated hardware, both in graphics and gameplay.

Ezz20131548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


you and him getting disagrees because people can have different opinions
since non of what he said and what you said are facts..just opinions

me and most Gamers/Developer/Reviews don't find TLOU suffer anything
and it's a Classic that no one will forget
no wonder it won most awards in history from both gamers and reviews ...and developers
and no wonder most gamers don't want sequel for it because they view it as another ICO/SOC Type of classic
i wouldn't mind a ps4 version though with Next gen gfx though with that new gameplay with clickers and hunters in the same area from TLOU Story DLC and that's it

MidnytRain1548d ago

Anyone who disagrees with me is a probably a fanboy or doesn't see the shadow aliasing EVERYWHERE in this pic (from the article)

OpenGL1548d ago

I think an even bigger issue with the image quality in TLOU comes from the low-resolution particle buffers, and some shadows being extremely blocky in certain environments.

Overall though I still think TLOU looks great, probably the best looking game on 7th gen consoles. Had you showed me TLOU in 2006 and said it was a PS4 title I probably would have believed it when comparing it to stuff out at the time like Resistance.

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jhoward5851548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Can't wait for E3.

e-p-ayeaH1548d ago

E3 will be bound in hype

Ipunchbabiesforfun1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

off topic: I saw my first PS4 in a store yesterday at Best Buy, unfortunately i was looking for a GTX 770 for my PC lol. The only one I'd seen so far is the one I ordered from Amazon on launch day, i was shocked, it was on the front table and they only had 1 haha next to like 8 xbox ones. Wanted to buy a 2nd one so bad but couldn't afford $900 between that and the new GFX card.

On topic- i can't wait for this game!

WeAreLegion1548d ago

Dude. You're buying a graphics card from Best Buy? NewEgg and TigerDirect, bro! Save yourself some money!

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