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The Coming PS4 And Xbox One TV Channel Experiment

The definition of what exactly a “television channel” is has been changing for quite some time now. The highest quality shows have slowly shifted from the big networks (NBC, ABC), to expand to cable (AMC, FX), pay channels (HBO, Showtime) and most recently, to streaming services that don’t need cable boxes at all (Netflix , Amazon). (Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

avengers1978  +   160d ago
If they can offer the right content at the right price, consoles could put cable companies in a real bind, and hopefully the cause the cable companies to lower the prices or give more value... Instead of constantly jacking up the prices. If done correctly this could be a huge win for all consumers.
Butters360  +   160d ago
It's going to be interesting between the two. Sony has their hands in everywhere in the entertaining business. They own a lot of IP. I wouldn't be surprised if they go along with a Zombieland TV show etc. There's a lot of potential there.

Hoping the production value for the HALO series is premium.
TAURUS-555  +   160d ago
xbox1 RIP
Godmars290  +   160d ago
The only thing that could be interesting is if Sony can offer an A la carte channel option. Let people save upwards to $100 a month or the difference between what they want to charge and a normal cable bill.
kingdip90  +   160d ago
If net neutrality isn't set straight cable companies could kill this idea in the water. Sure Sony could undercut cable companies with a la carte channels and that would be awesome but the cable companies could charge extra for use of their internet at such high usage and make the savings null and void. Just like they want to do to netflix.
Drewidian  +   160d ago
I agree. This is why the Xbox One has a huge advantage over the PS4. Any of the cable or satellite companies could make a deal with Microsoft to offer Xbox Ones On a subsidized contract for $99 down and it would not affect their own offerings since the Xbox One would use the HDMI input and not use large amounts of I.P. bandwidth that streaming uses. The cable companies wouldn't have to worry about multiple devices in a home all streaming unlike the PS4. It also could be tied to a package deal for those two year contracts thus stemming the tide of cord cutting. The PS4 does nothing to help those cable companies. It would only hurt them.
Jeff257  +   160d ago
It is definitely interesting seeing both companies going after more entertainment ideas. I for one am really interested to see what Powers will become. I also wish Sony would develop some of their other franchises into possible series for their service. An inFamous animated show or even live action serial show would be awesome. It would be a good way to expand the world and they could even use it to maybe come up with more characters or scenarios to happen in a future game. Even have what people do in their game influence plot for newer seasons.
Julion0715  +   160d ago
O so now Sony wants entertainment I thought it was jus a gaming machine? What happened to that
ColonelRex  +   160d ago
The PS4 was never meant to be "just a gaming machine". But, the PS4 is a gaming machine first and foremost just like its supposed to be. There is a difference.
Joe913  +   160d ago
They said it will come out as a game machine and add the entertainment feature later fanboys took it as a jab to the Xbox but really it was a learned lesson from the PS3 it came out as a multimedia device and got a lot of crap for it if you are going to try and make ppl sound like hypocrites then do it right both sides are because when Xbox 360 came out those fans talked crap like the Ps3 wasn't a true game machine now it is reversed so everyone looks like a hypocrite your attempt to make Sony fans look bad just tell ppl you are a fanboy yourself oh yea not all Sony fans think the Xbox one features are point less me being one.
medman  +   159d ago
The difference is the ps4 was designed to be a gaming console first, the rest of the stuff to be patched in later. Xbone focused on tv, and gimped their system in the process. When Greg Williams, a Microsoft engineer who worked on the xbone's design, comes out and says "xbox does not target high end graphics", that pretty much sums it up. They went for an all around performer, Sony hit the gaming functionality much harder. And the simple fact of the matter is this...the ps3 and the 360 are completely different machines in 2014 than they were at launch, and the ps4 and xbone will be no different. They are ecosystems with tremendous growth potential.
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Julion0715  +   160d ago
Before you call someone a fanboy know who ur talking too. Idc about this whole gaming war thing I jus want it to be fair dnt talk shit about the x1 for doing something other than gaming then praise ps4 for getting something other than gaming. Both sides need to grow up and share gaming experiences instead of arguing about gaming experiences then this site would be a lot better it's crazy bcuz the companies are suppose to fight and argue not us gamers we are suppose to benefit from the companies fighting but the companies are benefiting off us we are doing their jobs for them!!!
halfblackcanadian  +   159d ago
I think the biggest thing that the author gets wrong is that both companies can offload the TV to other devices as well. MS has anything running a browser (if Xbox Video can be played over the internet like Xbox Music does) and Sony is planning to stream games direct to TV so why not TV shows? I imagine there will be "value packs" when you go all-in (PS+, TV, Music Unlimited) but both don't have to rely on console owners entirely.
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