iOS/Android Injustice Breaking Rumor: New Arkham Asylum Pack Coming?

WASDuk's Chris Patton breaks the rumor that a new Arkham Asylum pack will accompany the iOS/Android multiplayer feature:

"Today, one of the hoi polloi sent WASDuk’s Chris Patton the following message:

'I am 90% sure that there is supposed to be an Arkham Asylum pack for the iOS/Android in the near future. I know this [because of inside information] from NetherRealms studios. [A person] was saying an Arkham Asylum pack and the Multiplayer [option would be] coming in future updates. I am not sure which 3 characters are in it but I will look into it. This is 100% credible and I will keep you updated.'"

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CursedHero1365d ago

Who would you want to see in an Arkham Asylum pack?

CursedHero1365d ago

I think what you're trying to say is Kite-Man...